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  • We fee nothing changed after joining this movement. Rather, we are accused by other people who don’t understand value of “messiah”.  Sometimes we wonder whether we chose right way or not.
  • Attendance

    1. 1. Internal Guidance Life of Attendance 1
    2. 2. Contents• Completed Testament Age: Age Living models are walking ahead of us• How can we feel True Parents?• Life of Attendance is the extension of view of messiah• Messiah’s Love 2
    3. 3. We are Children of God.We want to become like a god ( hopefrom conscience )Unless we understand and practice theway and life style of God (our parents), wecannot be like Him. 3
    4. 4. 1. Completed Testament Age: Living models are walking ahead of us Is it OK that I follow him True Father Absolute Love like this Life way? Obedience We Holding True Parents tightly! Kingdom of Heaven 4
    5. 5. But our way of the life of faith is not just straight.We feel we are on a jet coaster. (go up , go downand curve)Once we understand that True Parents are doingthe right things, we have to focus on them only. What we have to do is just following and uniting with True Parents .This is the standard of “life of attendance” 5
    6. 6. TPs Unite  live together Parents Direct Dominion Childrenwe After receiving Blessing, we have to live together with Messiah at least three years. (according to DP) But it is impossible for us to do it….. 6
    7. 7. 2. How can we feel True Parents closely? A. Living together  heart in our daily life Head Quarter church center house car“East Garden” etc. Your local region Wherever we go, True Parents are with us. 7
    8. 8. The feeling, “we are living together with TrueParents!!” the sense of attending True Parents The standard of “life of attendance”“TPs always stand in front of me.” “They watch me from behind with warm gazing.”“They walk beside me together”If you feel like these… Your life standard is sure to change with hope and appreciation for God & True Parents!! 8
    9. 9. Question : If we heard, “True parents is comingto meet us” How do we do?Can you come to Hook Dok Hae late?Can you commit sin in front of True Parents? We cannot do something wrong at all. Rather… We are inspired to do our mission with hope & joy, aren’t we? We may make a good result !? 9
    10. 10. But it is very difficult for us to keep our uplifted tension after meeting True Parents.%100 0 1day 2day 3day ………..-40 *This page is not included in the meeting True Parents original Rev. Sudo’s lecture. 10
    11. 11. 2. How can we feel True Parents closely? A. Efforts in our daily life •Display the picture of TPs •Carry the picture of TPs •Offer bow and food •Make Seats for TPs Attend TPs in our daily wherever we go life. 11
    12. 12. e.g. at meal…1st spoon= for God2nd spoon= for TPs3rd spoon= instead of the entire humanity•Right hand= use for receiving something from God, TPs•Left hand= use for realms of Satan (at toilet)•1st step of starting the day= by right hoot 12
    13. 13. B. Prayer & way of thinking “Please let us fulfill our mission and guide and protect us” “Thank you for being together with us. We will work instead of you again. Please take a rest. ”The heart of liberating of TPs become a daily habit Deep connection with TPs Accumulation of internal heart for many years 13
    14. 14. 3. Life of Attendance is the extensionof view of messiah God’s eyes God’s eyes on us on TPs GOD TPs We 14
    15. 15. 4. Love of Messiah Question If only those who are directly received Messiah’s love can be saved, how can entire humanity be saved?e.g. Christian, John Pope II They never met Jesus. 15
    16. 16. The essence of Messiah’s love shouldspread entire humanity. Now is the time that True Parents love us as representatives of our own nation. (not just as a individual person)Because of the Cosmic level victoriousfoundation of True Parents. 16
    17. 17. A. Essence of Messiah’s Love1) The fact that we receives truth of God•True Father taught us the method ofgetting ultimate happiness at sacrifice ofhis life.•The fact that we were taught how toperfect ourselves is the very evidence oflove. TPs are teachers of our life. 17
    18. 18. 2) The facet that we were Blessed.•They gave us the method of cutting off oursins•Is there no other happiness than eternalspouse? Question Which do you like better?• Stay with TPs for 3 weeks but no Blessed.• Missionary in Africa then die but Blessed. 18
    19. 19. 3) Tribal Messiahship•We can inherit everything from TrueParents through fulfilling our mission ofTribal messiahship .•We can go to Kingdom of Heaven throughthe victory as Tribal messiah (160 familiesblessing). 19
    20. 20. 4) We are given our ownmission.•God and True Parents need us topromote any kinds of Providence whichconnect to establish Kingdom of Heaven.•Do not see our mission just like a job. 20
    21. 21. B. Heart of Filial Piety Unconsciously shedding tears of receive appreciation for being loved. Heart of filial piety (True Children’s love) give “I want to offer everything for TPs!” “I want to do any thing for them!”This the central Shimjung in the CompletedTestament Era.If we have such a heart, we do not care aboutour position or status in our mission. 21
    22. 22. C. How to restore the Heart of Filial Piety?Once we are moved by God’s words but weeasily lost day by day.We have to keep feeding our “seed” which Godgave to us. Food, water, Sun…seed 22
    23. 23. Let us try to find a model figure who has heart ofFilial Piety We can see and learn from our Church elders about how to serve True Parents. Moreover, the best models are True Children.e.g 36 Blessed couples << True Children (Cain) (Abel) 23
    24. 24. What is the difference between Cain typeChildren and Abel type Children? Quality of Heart GOD Love for God TPs Love for TPs TC Living of model of the heart of Filial Piety 24
    25. 25. We can understand Heart of Filial Pietythrough True Children.We can enter Kingdom of Heaventhrough understanding and uniting withTrue Children. AMEN!! 25