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Cain abel


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Published in: Spiritual
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Cain abel

  1. 1. Internal GuidanceCain Abel Relationship
  2. 2. Contents The Foundation for the MessiahA) Foundation of Faith 1) Heart 2) Body 3) All thingsB) Foundation of Substance 1) Cain’s Position 2) Abel’s Position a. Abel’s Mission b. The course of restoration of the hearts in vertical 8 stages
  3. 3. Those who left our movementWhy? Not deny True Father and Principles. But … feel difficulties to make good relationship with members.
  4. 4. What is the purpose of our life? ????
  5. 5. What is the purpose of our life? Become like a living God Welcome True Parents inside me
  6. 6. The Foundation for the MessiahA) Foundation of Faith 1) Central figure ? “I” 2) Conditional thing? Offering Why? Our ancestor committed sin in front of God.
  7. 7. Our attitude in the Age of Settlement? Establish absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal relationship with God.1) Heart offer to God God’s hope My hope DP, Providence, Purpose of life, Vision, Ideal Vision, Plan Hyun Jin Nim I
  8. 8. 2) Body offer our ownership to God In 24hours, we try to adjust our life to God.We have to control five physical senses & threegreat desires.hands/ ears/ eyes/ mousesexual desire/ sleepiness/ appetiteWe can use them only for God’s Will
  9. 9. 3) All things offer its ownership to GodDominion of All thingsOriginally, after receiving the Second Blessing,Adam & Eve should have their children and makea true family.God was glad to see them and want to give themall what He has.
  10. 10. OwnershipWe offer everything to God from Satan’s sideAfter registration into Kingdom of God on Earth,God will return to us. Total Living Offering
  11. 11. B) Foundation of Substance 1) Cain’s Position Restore the failure of Cain through indemnity But… Cain cannot return to God by himself. What was Cain’s failure? He killed Abel !! “Murderer”,Cain’s feeling “I want to kill Abel”,toward Abel “I don’t need him”, “I cannot forgive him”
  12. 12. Why did Cain fail? He cannot find God inside Able*Don’t see only Abel’s character (fallen nature).*Don’t miss the existence of God behind Able.*Recognize that God exists behind Able.*God can work on Cain through central figure. The point is how much Cain can find God in his Abel.
  13. 13. If central figure hurts Cain’s heart…,*Cain should support Abel’s victory.*Offer prayer seriously*If Cain has some feeling, it is good to say itwith his own idea to Abel.*Suggestion is a “offering”. Whether Able acceptsCain’s offering depends upon Abel’s 5%. “Abel’s victory is my pleasure” This is Cain’s victory
  14. 14. Struggling in the relationship with Abel Reasons :*Difference between both characters*Difference between both views of faith*Difference between both opinions*Abel did something wrong in term of Principle.
  15. 15. 2) Abel’s Position Restore the eldersonship God Responsibility for Adam Adam Archangelcommandment Tutor for Adam/Eve raise & give marriage
  16. 16. God cannot give love to archangel directly. God Archangel wants to receive God’s love Fell = 60% God’s love Adam ArchangelTherefore God needs His agents : Abel God’s agent Cain Satan’s agent
  17. 17. Abel is a deliverer of God’s lovee.g.Pure gold (100%) electricity can penetrate 100%. Abel has to be an exactly mediator. Abel has to deny his personal will…. Give God’s love to Cain with adding his love alsoe.g. 100%[ God’s love] + 20 %[Abel‘s love] = 120%[Cain can receive.]
  18. 18. a. Abel’s Mission *Love his Cain (1) Take responsibility for Cain. Abel is responsible for Cain’s failure. (2) Protect Cain. (3) Guide and raise up Cain. God’s love flows from top to bottom Abel Cain *Like a flow of water
  19. 19. b. The course of restoration of the hearts in vertical 8 stagesOriginalrelationship Abel arrogant Killed by Cainelder brother elder brother Cain Abel Abel Cain Servant younger brotheryounger brother Servant of servant
  20. 20. Cain feels struggle with Abel when he sees evenhis face.Arrogant Abel killed by Cain nobody cannot follow AbelWithout support form Cain, Abel cannot survive. How can Abel catch Cain’s heart? Abel has to come down to his original position. Able comes down to Cain’s position and tries to understand Cain’s heart and situation clearly.
  21. 21. It is difficult for us to change someone’s heart bytheory, power, position, money and order. Only Love can move someone’s heart. In the Bible, Abel was proud of himself without understanding Cain’s heart.Cain cannot control his frustration and killed his Abel. Abel made Cain’s motivation to kill. Abel’s responsibility is very important
  22. 22. Abel’s victory does not come without releaseCain’s suffering heart. Abel cannot return to God by himself. He has to bring Cain to God. God Abel has to go to Cains Cain Abel Satan’s dominion
  23. 23. Abel tries to educate and raise up Cains to followhim at the risk of their life.Don’t criticize your former leader(Abel).Abel has his own position but no value. Value is much more precious than position. Cain decides Abel’s value. If Abel has his own value as true Able, his position will be given automatically
  24. 24. Day and night, Able has to invest.Give and forget it. Give and forget it.This is the only way to glow upourselves and expand our movement
  25. 25. God Bless YOU AMEN!!