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  • Heavenly constitution  protect personal sin Public money/ personnel / all things Even True Father decide personnel by lottery.
  • Before Blessing Cain means= Man= repent arch angel=from the viewpoint of God’s will Woman=restored archangel=Cain Jesus “Love more than anybody else.”
  • We are not children of God before receive Blessing. We are in the mother’s womb before Blessing. Everything can be acceptable. DO we need the boy friend and girl friend during mother’s womb? NO Never make sexual relationship  if so we must repent. Even condition for receive blessing was lighten but we still need the training as indemnity course. Hundreds of thousand of leader’s is necessary.-  establish the training course.
  • Inherit Victory of True Parents
  • Blessing

    1. 1. Internal GuidanceThe Meaning and value of Blessing 1
    2. 2. Contents1. Messiah and Original Sin2. Qualification of Messiah3. What is the Blessing?4. Changing of Blood Lineage5. Two Stage of Change of Blood Lineage6. Difference between man / woman in restoration7. What do we have to do after start family? 2
    3. 3. 1. Messiah and Original Sin How can we cut off Original Sin? by 40 days fasting? by Death? by money? ????Love is prior to lifeLove is deeper than life Fallen man is hopeless by himself We need Messiah 3
    4. 4. 2 .Qualification of MessiahSinner cannot feel & know the existence of Original Sin. The person who disconnected with Original Sin can find Original Sin and cut off it. True Father Hereditary sin and collective sin are cut off by…. Heung Jin Nim and Hun Mo Nim Who have to get rid of our personal sin, fallen natures? No body can do this except “I”. 4
    5. 5. 3. What is the Blessing?Original Sin occurred through false sexualrelationship. We cannot solve by ourselves. Cut off Original Sin Rebirth =Change blood lineage Marriage 5
    6. 6. 4. Changing of Blood Lineage Jesus said, “Unless you are reborn you cannot see the Kingdom of God.” (John 3:3)Original Sin Pass down through parents-children relationship Sin of Father Sin of Seed Mother || multiplyContaminated I by Sin ( sinner) Womb = Contaminated by Sin Fallen man in born 6
    7. 7. We must cut out off false parents-children relationship.Before rebirth, we must go to “O” (zero) point. The way of religious people (by the completion level in the growth stage) We must find new parents without Original Sin. 7
    8. 8. 8
    9. 9. Process of Fall Satan Eve Seed AdamAbel Restoration is reverse way of process of FallCain 9
    10. 10. Process of Changing of Blood LineageMrs. Che (’70s) GOD Restored Eve True Mother= Sinless after Holy WeddingTrue Mother New (Now) Mother LSA Bride Abel Center of Seed of center MessiahReverse =Shimjung way of Messiah sinless Abel Cain Cain True Children Reborn self Man/ woman 10
    11. 11. 5. Two Stage of Changing of Blood LineageA) Spiritual Change of Blood Lineage Holy Wine Ceremony (Agreement by God & Satan) *Woman becomes restored Eve. Man still is in the position of Archangel.Holy wine made from 3 types of wine and 21 types ofherbs.No matter how great you are like a St. Augustine, youcannot be engrafted by God without this ceremony. 11
    12. 12. his page is not included in original Rev. Sudo’ “Warning” After holy wine ceremony, we have to have separation period for preparing three days ceremony. But during this period, there is possibility to fall. Up Elder Front Abel Check 6 directions bro/sis Left centering on YOU!! Same Opposite sex I sex Right Younger bro/sis Cain Ask you conscience!! Back Down 12
    13. 13. B) Physical Change of Blood Lineage Three Days Ceremony1st -2nd days= as a mother, woman let man reborn.3rd day= man become from archangel to Adam. Past life is nothing after 3days ceremony. God can recognize you as true son and 13 daughter.
    14. 14. 6. Difference of man / woman in restoration GOD GOD New Bride Adam Eve Mother LSA Bride concubine New seed BC Abel New seed Younger Younger sister brotherGood CainArchangel Mother-sonRestored Daughter son cooperation Eve 14
    15. 15. 1st 3 years = wife take the position of mother to raiseup man to become restored Adam from Archangel. Mother- son cooperation True Children & Blessed family We have to purify our self continuously. Then we can be like True Children. True Children (our elder brothers & sisters) How precious but how much they suffered. We are Cain children we must repent 15 ourselves.
    16. 16. 7. What do we have to do after start family?A. Perfection of Four Great Realms of Heart (The 2nd Jardim declaration) “To make absolute,unique, unchanging family…” 16
    17. 17. Direct Dominion follow TPs’ 1st 7 years course in ’60-’67 Course of restoration through indemnity Fallen man We are not children of God before receive Blessing. We are like in the mother’s womb. 17
    18. 18. Woman [Symbolic way] As a reborn daughter = restore Children’s heart (the 1st heart )by longing for TP’s love. “Life of attendance” As a younger sister = restore sister’s heart (the 2nd heart) As a bride = restore heart of wife (the 3rd heart) through True parents. As a mother = restore heart of mother (the 4th heart) give birth to Archangel (reborn as Adam) 18
    19. 19. Though relationship with the spouse (husband) as younger brother of TrueFather, woman can experience For Great Realms of Heart substantially. 19
    20. 20. Man As a reborn son= restore Children’s heart (the 1st heart )by longing for TP’s love + wife’s love. As a younger brother = restore brother’s heart (the 2nd heart) As a Adam = restore heart of husband (the 3rd heart) through relationship with wifeAs a Father = restore heart of wife (the 4thheart) toward his own children 20
    21. 21. Goal Reaching the perfection of Blessed family and gaining dominion of all things. Realize Ideal Creation Ultimate perfection of Four Great Realms ofHeart can be realized after the registration of the Kingdom in Realms of God’s Direct Dominion. 21
    22. 22. B. Registration Can we automatically enter the Kingdom of God after blessing? NO!!Still Cain camp remained in Satanic side.(our physical family and relatives)Restore Parentship=bless our parentsRestore Kingship=offer all things from ourfamily 22
    23. 23. We cannot enter the realms of God’s DirectDominion with Satans accusation. Victory as Tribal Messiah Let us bless our 160 families•Jardim 40 D w/s(connect Messiah’s family),•Total Living Offering(return ownership),•Chong Pyong 21 D w/s(rebirth as bride),•The “Transition of Three Ages Realms of OnenessFour Position Foundation Unification BlessingCeremony” 23
    24. 24. Let us go to Kingdom of God in hand in hand!! AMEN!! 24