Facebook Marketing Case Study: Monte Dessert Brand


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This is case study about Facebook marketing campaign of Monte Dessert brand in Vietnam. Campaign is run by Mix Digital Agency

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Facebook Marketing Case Study: Monte Dessert Brand

  1. 1. t   CASE STUDY FACEBOOK MARKETING Monte Dessert Brand
  2. 2. The Brief MONTE in Vietnam 1
  3. 3. Monte dessert is a product imported from Germany which implements nutrition for baby, including 3 types: Monte Vanilla, Monte Chocolate, Monte Drink by Delys Investment And Commercial Development Joint Stock Company.
  4. 4. Monte is now leading Vietnam dessert market.
  5. 5. Before campaign starts: Brand awareness is good but social media activities are bad. Building customer relations badly, engaging to customer slowly, being competed strongly by other competitiors.
  6. 6. Target audience: The main target audience is mother who has baby in 6 months-10 years of age.  Potential audience: pregnant women, get married, under 36 years old.  Parents who give priority for nutrition and quality products.
  7. 7. Campaign Objectives:  Improving the brand awareness of target audience Increasing the target audience favorite. Building customer community who interests in Monte product
  8. 8. Our solutions2
  9. 9. Fanpage “Váng sữa Monte” is a key communication channel of the brand.
  10. 10. Lựa chọn những thực phẩm tốt nhất cho bé Confirming  Monte  is  the  best  product  for  weaning Improving  product  awareness   We respectively give different messages for target audience by creating contents with high engagement rate. The fan-page ‘s contents are followed by the message of each week. Building brand characteristic
  11. 11. Building content: Giving target audience helpful information as much as possible through by knowledge, experience about taking care children. We crafted posts with eye- catching visual contents and concise captions which are able to capture fan
  12. 12. For each post, we always focus on encouraging fan to feed back. That's why we applied engaged-driven composing technique for all posts on the fan page.
  13. 13. We gave lots of informational value to fans We gave useful children nutritional information to moms via highly impacted Infographics, and the emotional stories which touch fans heart.
  14. 14. We rewarded to fans with gifts, coupons, and many valuable prizes to attract them participated contests on the fan page.
  15. 15. •  Creating a shared community, encouraging fans to contribute content on Fan-page •  Sharing the problems of one member to others on fan-page, then offering solutions •  Get a lot of positive feedbacks on the Fan-page.
  16. 16. t   Tìm sự khác biệt Mini Contest 4Organizing some mini-contests to improve the engagement rate. Tam giác có chứa logo Monte ?   Mini Contest 3 Đường đến Monte Mini Contest 2 Chọn hình đúng và phù hợp nhất   Mini Contest 1
  17. 17. Mini- Contest: COMMENT MAY MẮN NHẬN QUÀ 1 – 6 (1-6 GIFT FOR LUCKY COMMENT) Mini Contest 5
  18. 18. These numbers below are collected by fan-page activities: