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Social Media Marketing For NGOs

Social Media Marketing - Basics and How To for NGOs. A presentation made to NGOs at a workshop conducted by the NASSCOM Foundation. Slides made in collaboration with Sreeraman Thiagarajan.

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Social Media Marketing For NGOs

  1. 1. Namrata Balwani 19 Feb, 2013 @mysti
  2. 2. Strengthen Relationship with Existing Supporters
  3. 3. GainNew Supporters
  4. 4. Get Help
  5. 5. Raise Funds
  6. 6. AmplifyOffline & Online Initiatives
  7. 7. Indiahas 130million+ internet users Ofwhich70million+ usesocial media
  8. 8. That’s where people are now talking toeach other When you do something good, it used to be that you had to buy a bunch of media and tell people, or do PR. Now, the potential is for people to tell each other that you do good.
  9. 9. It’s not a fad It is a fundamental shift in the way people communicate
  10. 10. Well, at least the medium is
  11. 11. It’s not a MONOLOGUE
  12. 12. It’s a Dialogue
  13. 13. Most popular social network Large potential audience Targeted advertising Easy to communicate Supports rich media Great for generating buzz (contest, apps, etc) Opportunities PostVisibility not 100% Not easy to connect with influencers Little control over platform Changing privacy rules Limitations
  14. 14. RealTime Communication Great customer service tool Easy to connect with influencers Online conversation for offline events Target relevant conversation with #tags Opportunities Limited message size Low shelf life of a tweet Can’t host apps or tabs Limitations
  15. 15. Search & SEO priority Personalized engagement via hangouts, integrated toYouTube Audience segmentation (circles) Clutter free design Opportunities Higher user base, but low on activity New channel, social media fatigue Limitations
  16. 16. Great corporate networking Powerful recruitment tool Rich content about company & professionals Local & global access Can showcaseThought Leadership (Q&A) Build credibility (recommendation) Opportunities Depth of usage by users is a question Slow communication cycle Limitation
  17. 17. Great tool to sort, save & share photos Can tag photos with location and rich meta data Groups are a great way to talk to peer with similar interest Opportunities Limited to sharing photos Most used for hosting here and sharing else where (blogs) Limitations
  18. 18. Great tool to tell interesting stories Convergence of different social tools SEO friendly Guest blogging & great PR mileage Opportunities Existing clutter in the blogosphere Establishing a follower base is challenging Dependent on other medium to promote Limitations
  19. 19. Powerful source of referral traffic Great for products with visual appeal High reach globally & appeal to women audience Opportunities Challenge for non-visual category Re-pin does not guarantee click to original site Limitations
  20. 20. The leader for video content Search Priority (the Google effect) Brand friendly channels & customization Global reach The newTV of this generation Opportunities Comment wars leading to negative sentiments Tough to measure results Limitations
  21. 21. Listen Converse Energize Measure
  22. 22. LISTEN Gain insights from listening to your audience There are many free tools that helps you monitor what people are talking about the cause your are addressing Peg your strategy on insights culled from listening
  23. 23. CONVERSATION CAMPAIGN Stop thinking Campaigns, start thinking Conversations Strengthen Relationships Converse
  24. 24. Identify Influencers & Enthusiastic people Energize Use them to persuade others
  25. 25. Measure Metrics that maps the goals set Audience, Engagement, Loyalty, Influence, Response and Action
  26. 26. Social Media Tools
  27. 27. Native Measuring
  28. 28. Tracking
  29. 29. Management
  30. 30. Listening and Measuring
  31. 31. Social Media: Where to begin
  32. 32. DefineYour Goals DefineYour Specific Social Media Objectives
  33. 33. KnowYour Audience Understand why they ‘like’ & ‘follow’ you Make your audience cause ambassadors
  34. 34. Content is King Formulate a content strategy Focus on the message as well as the medium
  35. 35. Define a tone of Voice and Maintain the Appeal Use what matters to people to engage them
  36. 36. Start with a nimble approach Use 1 or 2 channels effectively
  37. 37. Don’t depend only on the social team Have cross functional participation Identify digital champions in other teams
  38. 38. Initiate aTraining Program Have consensus & assign roles Think digital from the start, not as an afterthought
  39. 39. We don’t have so much content for posting everyday!
  40. 40. • Campaigns • Demonstrations • Information • Support/ pledge • Where? • When? • How? • Donors • Supporters • Beneficiaries • What are the issues? • What are the solutions? • What is the call to action? Message Target Audience Activities Geography & Segmentati on
  41. 41. An org aiming to provide reliable information and solutions for Breast Cancer in India They are organizing a marathon followed by monthly screening camps They need to reach out to Donors, Supporters and Beneficiaries How can they leverage the social media
  42. 42.  The Big Issue: Breast Cancer  What are the issues (macro) ◦ Lack of awareness ◦ Myths ◦ Victims can’t afford the cost of medical treatment  What are the solutions (to the macro issue) ◦ Early screening ◦ Periodic self examination ◦ Diagnosis & treatment by Doctor ◦ Staging analysis  Solutions to the Big Issue ◦ Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy, etc  What is the call to action ◦ Donate /Volunteer ◦ Participate (run in a marathon, offer to help in a rural screening camp) ◦ Spread the good word, signup/share
  43. 43.  The Donors:Whether to existing or newer members; Communication intended for donors should be tailored as to what is expected out of them – their time, money, in kind, etc.  The Supporters:They are the purveyors of the cause in social media; they make campaigns go viral, bring in success and endorse our appeal to hundreds they know and so on… defining the support (run in marathon) needed is the key  The Beneficiaries:The very reason of existence of the org is to help the needy, how will they know we exist?Also showcasing the success stories will increase the trust in the org
  44. 44.  Campaign:What kind of campaigns (marathon, screening camp) are in the pipeline, what are the objectives of each of them? Disseminating these in a structured manner will have sustained engagement in the social media channels.  Demonstrations:What do you want your fans to demonstrate to their friends & network?  Information: About the planned activities, the cause for which the activity is planned, how the proceedings will be treated, past success stories, need of the hour… all the information pegged on facts and stats that can build engagement in the channels  Support / Pledge: Why support your cause? How to support?What is the need, what is the gratification for the supporters?
  45. 45. Social Media Best Practices
  46. 46. Be visual as much as you can. People have short attention spans online
  47. 47. Tell stories Use impact stories that are hard hitting
  48. 48. Avoid auto response Better to auto respond than not to respond at all!
  49. 49. Respond within reasonable time to comments and tweets 24 hours turn around is acceptable
  50. 50. Engage people in contests Gratify with nominal awards if you cannot afford bigger ones
  51. 51. Do Not Duplicate Content Across Channels Customize Before Posting
  52. 52. Have an editorial calendar Ideate on content pillars
  53. 53. Set a governance framework Course correct before its too late
  54. 54. Content should be Social & Sharable
  55. 55. Case Studies
  56. 56. inyourhands
  57. 57. a glass of water
  58. 58. charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations Users can ask friends and family via Social Media channels to participate & donate. Users can pledge their birthday, ask for donations, run a race or do something quirky a microsite where users create their own campaign page
  59. 59. The Result? >400,000 people will get clean water >$21 million raised How? Done right in social media, The appeal with crowd sourcing & user generated content which has intrinsic viral potential The Effect? >140,400 members active in the microsite This amount reflects only what’s raised through fundraising campaigns on It doesn't include donations made directly to
  60. 60. onTeacher’sDay
  61. 61. Questions
  62. 62. Let’s Connect Twitter LinkedIn