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Case study: The Frog Family - Social media campaign


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To help Prospan - a cough relief syrup brand raise its voice to share with women’s pressures/concerns and shows support to Vietnamese women, our creative team proposed an idea: create stories telling what happens in daily life of a “frog family”. All stories are not fictional but real and may happen in all of modern Vietnamese families nowadays.

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Case study: The Frog Family - Social media campaign

  1. 1. THE FROG FAMILY Agency: Mix Digital Brand: Prospan SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN
  2. 2. OUTLINE •  Agency introduction •  The brief •  Social strategy •  What done •  The result
  4. 4. Mix Digital is a digital creative agency focused on driving sustainable engagement to help brands building strong relationship with target audience. We are proud to be a member of SMAK. Our location bases in Hanoi, Vietnam
  5. 5. A collective of esthusiastic, young & intelligent people
  6. 6. Some of our happy clients
  7. 7. THE BRIEF
  8. 8. Prospan  is  a  60  year  old  cough  relief  syrup  brand  which  is  manufactured  by   Engelhard  Arzneimitel  company  from  Germany.  This  product  has  already  been   distributed  over  91  countries.  Imported  to  Vietnam  by  Sohaco  Pharma  group,  this   brand  had  an  ambiFous  plan  to  be  the  top  brand  in  its  category.   Appeared  in  Vietnam  market  from  2009,  Prospan  quickly  expanded  its  presence  and   awareness  by  spending  major  budget  in  tradiFonal  adverFsing  acFviFes  such  as  TVC,   OOH…  However,  there  was  sFll  a  problem  in  brand  posiFoning.  The  brand  would  like   to  be  a  cough  relief  product  for  all  family  members,  but  the  audience  was  not  feeling   like  that.   Our  client  –  Sohaco  Pharma  group  reached  Mix  Digital  and  require  us  to  taking   advantages  of  social  media  to  reinforce  its  brand  image  and  make  bonding  with  its   target  customer.    
  9. 9. TARGET PUBLIC Prospan’s  target  customers  are  modern   Vietnamese  housewives  (age  25-­‐35)  living  in   urban  areas.  They  have  a  responsibility  for  taking   care  of  family  health  &  wellness.  Therefore,  they   usually  take  an  important  role  in  finding  and   buying  health  and  pharma  products  for  family   members.  AddiFonally,  in  contrast  with  Western   market,  some  popular  medicines  can  be  bought   directly  at  pharma  store  without  prescripFon.   On  social  media,  the  target  public  number  is   about  3.2  mil  acFve  users.     Photo  source:  Google  Image  Search  
  10. 10. OBJECTIVES OF SOCIAL MEDIA COMM   1.  To  reinforce  PROSPAN’s  brand  image  among  target  public   2.  To  create  and  develop  strong  connecFons  and  long-­‐term  relaFonships   with  target  public    
  11. 11. WHAT TO SAY?     PROSPAN  is  the  best  friend  of  modern  moms,  it  does   not  only  support  moms  to  caring  family’s  health  but   also  family’s  happiness!  
  13. 13. OVERALL STRATEGY •  In  Vietnam,  Facebook  is  the  most  popular  social  media  channel.  Among  of  about  22   millions  Vietnamese  users,  modern  housewives  is  a  very  acFve  group.  We  tend  to  focus   on  Facebook  as  the  best  social  pla`orm  for  reaching  Prospan’s  target  public.   •  A  lot  of  brands  have  already  noFced  the  strength  of  Facebook  and  tried  to  be  acFve  on   this  pla`orm.  However,  because  of  lacking  of  creaFve  capability,  they  had  a  problem  in   finding  persuasive  &  consistent  ways  to  engage  with  customers  in  long  term.  A  lot  of   contents  with  “adverFsing  smell”  posted  and  apparently  they  cannot  gain  public’s   interest.   •  To  be  successful,  we  need  to  find  a  different  way  to  do.  And  it  must  to  be  customer-­‐ centric  way.  We  would  like  to  taking  advantages  of  virality  to  maximine  brand  presence   on  Facebook  as  well  as  interact  with  target  public  compellingly.   •  Approaching  Facebook,  we  plan  to  reach  target  publics  by  buying  Facebook  post  ads.  For   building  fan  base,  we  take  advantage  of  Facebook  post  like  ads.  
  14. 14. THE INSIGHTS •  Vietnamese  people  have  tradiFonal  percepFons  and  expectaFons  to  evaluate  modern   women.  Women  should  sacrifice  for  her  husband,  children  and  family  life.  It  takes  an   important  role  in  evaluaFng  goodness  of  women  in  Oriental  society.   •  This  consequently  pushes  high  pressure  to  women.  In  the  modern  urban  life,  they  are   not  only  working  for  money  but  also  busy  for  doing  houseworks,  taking  care  their   children.   •  Obviously,  they  need  to  be  shared,  sympathy  and  encouraged.  And  that  is  the  way   Prospan  does  to  be  “the  best  friend”  of  them,  be  aside  them  to  taking  care  their  family   happiness.  
  15. 15. CONCEPT: THE FROG FAMILY •  Ader  brainstorming  sessions,  our  creaFve  team  came  up  with  an  idea:  create  stories   telling  what  happens  in  daily  life  of  a  “frog  family”.  Of  course,  this  family  represents  for  a   typical  Vietnamese  family.  And  all  stories  are  not  ficFonal  but  real  and  may  happen  in  all   of  modern  families  nowadays.     •  Through  those  stories,  Prospan  raises  its  voice  to  share  with  women’s  pressures/ concerns  and  shows  support  to  Vietnamese  women.   •  We  believe  that  the  best  way  to  make  social  contents  going  viral  is  bringing  emoFonal   gids  or  telling  “this  is  so  me!”  stories.  
  16. 16. The  Frog  Son    a  6-­‐year-­‐old  kid   The  Frog   Daughter   infant     The  Frog  Mom    a  loving,  hard-­‐ working  and  caring   housewife     The  Frog  Dad   responsible  but   indifferent  in   housework   The  Grandfather   a  loving  and   tradiFonal  old   man   The  Frog  Family  has  5  members   CONCEPT: THE FROG FAMILY
  17. 17. WHAT DONE Within  17  weeks,  our  creaFve  team  was  working  to  produce  stories.  We  created  1  story   per  day  and  post  it  on  Prospan’s  fan  page.  Here  are  some:  
  18. 18. An  emo;onal  appeals  content  
  19. 19. An  emo;onal  appeals  content  
  20. 20. An  emo;onal  appeals  content  
  21. 21. Children  oden  look  like  their  dad!   Vietnamese  people  tell  a  joke  that   mothers  are  hired  to  give  birth  to  her   husband’s  children       A  “this  is  so  me”  story:  
  22. 22. Taking  care  an  infant  is  so  hard  &  stressful,   moms  usually  have  to  keep  their  child  aside  even   when  going  to  toilet.   A  “this  is  so  me”  story:  
  23. 23. The  difference  in  a  woman  life  before  and  ader   motherhood.   A  “this  is  so  me”  story:  
  24. 24. THE RESULTS Ader  17  weeks  ,  here  are  what  we  got  
  25. 25. ~47.000 fans
  26. 26. 115 stories created
  27. 27. 5.400.000 impressions 1.717.000 organic impressions (31.8%)
  28. 28. 420.000 engagements
  29. 29. ~ 5400 post shares
  30. 30. ~ 12.000 post comments
  31. 31. 2.603 questions about the product asked by fans
  32. 32. The  Frog  Family  became  popular  and  being   loved  by  target  public.  It  is  going  to  be  the   brand  icon  for  Prospan  
  33. 33. THANK YOU!