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Social media for food and beverages industry


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How to promote your bar, restaurant and lounge through Social media.

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Social media for food and beverages industry

  1. 1. How to promote your Restaurant, Bar or Lounge through Social Media -- Prepared By Apollo Irungbam
  2. 2. • Create Brand Awareness • Drive Traffic Footfall Keep up with the trends…
  3. 3. How restaurants and bars can be successful in using social media
  4. 4. Keep up with the trends… Facebook and Twitter to promote your business is old news. Everyone is doing that. Use Instagram (photos), Vine (videos), Zomato (Listening), Swarm (Location) and Trip advisor (Reviews) Add google place listing and be found on search engine
  5. 5. Identify your customer’s niche… Where do your customers hang out online? You don’t want to waste time on Twitter if your customers use Instagram. Have your waiters ak customers about their favourite platforms.
  6. 6. Be consistent and cross promote.. Make sure to have the same message across all your social media pages. Keep the same designs and information, so you don’t confuse customers. Run a contest on Instagram, but promote it on Facebook and Twitter as well.
  7. 7. Get everyone involved and excited Let them know what is happening and how they can help you. Get your staff to share your posts on their personal pages to help you spread the word. Or profiling your chef, a short video of live cooking or the bar tender juggling the bottles
  8. 8. Initiate ongoing dialogue Ask fans/followers to share their favourite memory of being at your place or to vote on a signature cocktail, for example. Get your fans excited about the event and contest through gratification or recognition
  9. 9. Encourage participation Encourage customers who are at the store to participate in your online activity For example, run an event themed trivia contest with coveted prizes such as a backstage pass or a limo service. Promote the trivia contest on social media, have your staff pick talk it up and feature it on your chalkboard. Encourage customers to take part in the contest while they are at your store
  10. 10. Create a sense of mystery Run a “mystery” campaign to pique curiosity. For example, ask customers to guess what’s new on the menu by giving a few hints such as special ingredients or country of origin.
  11. 11. Reach out to friends of fans Run a contest that challenges social media fans and followers to capture their dining experience at your place. For example, you can award prizes in a variety of categories such as best birthday celebration or spiciest bachelorette dinner.
  12. 12. A negative review on social media could lose a hospitality business approx. 30 customers
  13. 13. Which Social Media do people use most often to share food pictures? Top 3 for Females 26.15% Facebook 23.08% Instagram 12.82% Twitter Top 3 for Males 15.9% Twitter 9.7% Facebook 6.15% Instagram 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 Pinterest Instagram Tumblr Twitter Facebook I don’t post Instagram was the top network for posting food photos for 18-20 year olds Facebook was the top network for posting food photos for 30 – 39 year olds Twitter was the top network for posting food photos 40 -49 year olds Instagram was the top network for liking/commenting on photos for 21-29 year olds Those over 40 preferred to comment on food images via Twitter
  14. 14. Platform Architecture For content distribution, engagement and promotion For broadcasting, influencer marketing and promotion For visual engagement, promotion, inspiration For location based marketing and footfall For customer review sites
  15. 15. Influence the Influencers Influencers: An influencer is an individual group of individuals who influences the opinions of other customers or potential customers
  16. 16. Seek out your demographics online Remain objective when looking for influencers Utilize social review websites to your advantage Find out who bloggers are in your area and run a bloggers outreach program How do we identify and engage the influencers online?
  17. 17. Leverage your niche Show them your restaurants offers something unique such as friendly and fast service, quality menu items or a focus on fresh food resource. Leverage your niche offerings
  18. 18. Personalization Target specific online groups for a limited time of period Create an exclusive event for a limited number of guests Bridge a connection between your business and your customers through stories Post humour/funny story(related to your restaurant)
  19. 19. Integrate online/offline Your print ads can include social media links and when a user visits the page they can unlock some coupons or deals Likewise a Radio- Twitter campaign can run. RJ asking a question and users responding by tweets Or an offline event such as new outlet launch can be shared online. All offline media coverage can also be posted online
  20. 20. Live Webcast An live video of the chef making a particular item can be live webcasted The chef can give out tips, recipes etc. in the video The recorded video can be used for other social media channels
  21. 21. Crowd-source Crowd source ideas and information from the users/customers. Ask them what they would like to include in the menu? Or when a new item is launch invite them to suggest the name of the new dish.
  22. 22. Food Reviews Invite guests, bloggers, your most active fans on Facebook, Twitter for a food review event specially run for them. Let them be the brand advocates and write about you.
  23. 23. Leverage Instagram Now we know that people love to share food pics online. Encourage users to share your food pics and hashtags. Give rewards and gratification for taking the action
  24. 24. Use lots of photos of your food – being in food industry, and food is a very visual thing Thank people with positive feedback but do not ignore negative comments [they are more important] Think social/local/mobile and think like a publisher BEST PRACTICES Create effective offers, know what will excite your customers. Involve customers – could be naming of a new item or offers Always list your business with local directories
  25. 25. Lets Connect: @Introvertissue on Twitter