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How to beat Amazon in e-commerce


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How to beat Amazon in e-commerce

  2. 2. 1 Sell stuff they don’t 2 Have a better Products discovery & Browsing 3 Go Mobile 4 Make shopping social 5 Make it Fun. Coforful. Emotional 6 Make Markets 7 Build a branded platform
  3. 3. 1 Sell stuff they don’t
  4. 4. “If it has a UPC code, Amazon will beat you” INTERNET QUOTES
  5. 5. Lower price is just one search away. Your choice is selling your handmade/ crafts or your old/ used stuffs.
  6. 6. 2 Have a better Products Discovery & Browsing
  7. 7. Amazon is a catalog. You know what you want when you come to it.
  8. 8. So…
  9. 9. Make your site a discovery engine…
  10. 10. A place where customer discover things they don’t know they need
  11. 11. 3 Go Mobile
  12. 12. Plan accordingly!
  13. 13. 4 Make shopping social
  14. 14. People don’t shopping alone, anymore
  15. 15. They shop with family, friends, colleagues, and strangers too.
  16. 16. 5 Make it Fun. Coforful. Emotional
  17. 17. Online shopping, From this ...
  18. 18. To this.
  19. 19. WTF?!
  20. 20. WTF?! Where’s The Fun?!
  21. 21. Make it fun, really FUN.
  22. 22. 6 Make Markets
  23. 23. Market
  24. 24. Thai Market
  25. 25. Super Market
  26. 26. Floating Market
  27. 27. Flea Market
  28. 28. There’re so many markets. Make your own market.
  29. 29. 7 Build a branded platform
  30. 30. Like this Coca Cola - Happiness Factory
  31. 31. Brand All in one Platform Like this Coca Cola - Happiness Factory Emotional experiences
  32. 32. BONUS E-commerce Startups to Watch!
  33. 33. Wanelo, a blend of the words “want, need, love,” is a combination of product-inspiration and social shopping sites such as Pinterest.
  34. 34. Etsy - A place to buy and sell all things handmade, vintage, and supplies.
  35. 35. Lyst is a social shopping and product bookmarking site specifically targeted to fashion
  36. 36. Svpply – allows site members to keep track of the things they want to buy, and to browse a personal feed of products from across the web, curated and filtered by the people and stores they find interesting.
  37. 37. Nuji - A hybrid of Lyst and Svpply, allows users to save items they like from any online store using the platform's web bookmarklet tool. Users can clip apparel from retail websites they like and purchase the items later. Plus, they can follow interesting users and earn rewards and discounts from retailers by tagging their favorite items.
  38. 38. Flit – wherer great shopping begins
  39. 39. Buyosphere is the Quora for fashion, interiors and retail.
  40. 40. Slides inspired by Jason Goldberg Founder – CEO of
  41. 41. DIY! Do it your way!
  42. 42. Credit In this deck, I have used some pictures that I, myself, couldn’t identify the right owners. I respect these awesome works and their original owners. By using these photos, I might break some copyright laws that I didn’t really aware. Please let me know if this act makes you uncomfortable. RESPECT. No Bears were harmed in the making of this slide.
  43. 43. Photos credit (known sources)  htt:// p
  44. 44. Tri Vo is a communication designer who hates Death by PowerPoint, loves beautiful things, and creates Slides for FOOD. Started SliDesigner to help people create slides in Tiếng Việt and English. Work in HCM City - Vietnam.