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The MEM Project: an introduction

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The MEM Project

  1. 1. The M E M Project Meet , Engage, Mural! Utilizing the power of shared creativity to inspire confidence, instill pride and empower communities
  2. 2. Mission The MEM Project seeks to utilize the power of shared creativity to inspire confidence, instill pride and empower communities through collaborative mural projects. The program believes that participating in the artistic process can be inherently therapeutic. It can foster collective exploration while offering a new understanding of community partnership. This innovative, mural-based experience of community engagement builds self esteem and generates new connections as it results in a lasting visual representation of creative collaboration.
  3. 3. The MEM Project was inspired by the word Mifgash, a Hebrew word meaning “meeting place.” The MEM Project brings community members together to meet, engage, and mural - facilitating the discovery of an artistic “meeting place” to connect and explore. Meaning
  4. 4. Paths Path 1: Working with under-served populations interested in fostering collective growth and giving voice to their community through the empowering mural process. Path 2: Working with Jewish groups interested in exploring their identity and spirituality through Jewish art workshops and strengthening their collective bond through community mural projects. Path 3: Connecting Jewish groups with under-served populations in an innovative model of community partnership through the shared mural experience. There are many paths one can take to arrive at a meeting place. The MEM Project offers three:
  5. 5. Evidence What does it all look like?
  6. 6. "Group collaboration - seeing how participants can contribute in various ways according to their desires, confidences, and abilities.... [I gained] a better understanding of the mechanics of putting ideas and concepts into action.” — mural participant
  7. 12. "Participation in the mural project instills feelings of accomplishment, direction and knowledge that by taking the necessary steps, [clients] can achieve [their] goals.” — mural participant
  8. 18. "This mural inspires me because it makes me happy when I look at is about metamorphosis, change, and bringing your spirits up." — mural participant
  9. 25. "I gained a great deal in the way of self esteem. It was a new challenge and I believe I surpassed my fondest dreams as to what I might accomplish personally with the project. More importantly, it was what we as a group accomplished and gave to the community.” — mural participant
  10. 29. "How fortunate at the age of 72 to have had the opportunity to participate in such a project. I would be remiss if I didn't mention how my spirit is renewed each time I drive by the mural." — mural participant
  11. 31. "The most enjoyable part of this experience was seeing my students engaged and proud of their work." — mural participant
  12. 36. "The project became an extension of the agency, in the sense that it helped us build connections in the larger community as neighbors and others passed by and were welcomed to pick up a brush and join in." — mural participant
  13. 42. “ This is the first time I ever worked on something where I saw a project through from beginning to completion." — mural participant
  14. 47. “ The truth is that there are no words. I had a very pleasant moment in spite of the fact that I’m concerned about my daughter Catherine who just went through a liver transplant; it [the mural] was a lovely experience. The truth of the matter is that when I returned home [after painting] my mood had changed, I felt much better. You infused strength and hope in me so I can go on in the struggle for my daughter’s life. Even just with watching the mural process and what it expresses makes me feel good.” — mural participant
  15. 49. Empower… Stengthen… Improve… Collaborate… Invest… Give Voice… Create… Encourage… Explore… Spark… Discover… Unite… Inspire… Engage… Connect…
  16. 50. The M E M Project Meet , Engage, Mural! Utilizing the power of shared creativity to inspire confidence, instill pride and empower communities