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Nayla jimbaran boutique villas


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Nayla jimbaran boutique villas

  1. 1. A Tribute From!
  2. 2. Island of Gods -Bali
  3. 3. ! Bali History! !   Bali inhabited by around 2000 BC by Austronesian people who migrated originally from China and Oceania through Maritime Southeast Asia !   Balinese culture was strongly influenced by Indian, Chinese, and particularly Hindu culture, beginning around the 1st century AD. !   The Hindu Majapahit Empire (1293–1520 AD) on eastern Java founded a Balinese colony in 1343. !   In 1585 a Portuguese ship foundered off the Bukit Peninsula known as Jimbaran Bay now. !   In 1597 the Dutch explorer Cornelis de Houtman arrived in Bali.
  4. 4. ! Bali History! !   In the 1930s, anthropologists Margaret Mead , Gregory Bateson, and artists Miguel Covarrubias and Walter Spies, and musicologist Colin McPhee created a western image of Bali as "an enchanted land of aesthetes at peace with themselves and nature", and western tourism first developed on the island. !   On 19 February 1942 the Japanese forces landed near the town of Senoer [Senur]. !   On 20 November 1946, the Battle of Marga was fought in Tabanan in central Bali lead by Colonel I Gusti Ngurah Rai when he was only 29 years old.
  5. 5. Bali Vintage Map!
  6. 6. ! Bali Geographic ! •  Situated between the islands of Java and Lombok •  Stretching approximately 140 km from east to west, and 80 km from north to south. •  The tallest volcanic is Gunung Agung •  Located just 8o south of the Equator a tropical climate with just two seasons (wet and dry) of around 28oC.
  7. 7. ! Bali Culture ! •  The People Organization of villages, farming, the first, Subak, concerns the production of rice and organizes fairly the irrigation system. Second, the Banjar, all village festivals, marriage manage from Banjar. •  Religion Worship the Hindu trinity Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu •  Painting Until the start of the 20th century, the dominant form of painting was the portrayal of Hindu epics by painters and illustrators called ‘Sangging’. Paul Gauguin, Toulouse Lautrec and Camille Pissaro, created a new trend for Asian-influenced art and for European painters to move to Bali. Ubud’s fame regarding art can be traced to the arrival of the German painter Walter Spies and the Dutch Rudolf Bonnet. Ubud style is one of the most ‘expressionistic’.
  8. 8. ! Bali Culture ! •  Stone and Wood Carving were mainly used to decorate temples and palace. Stone carving famous village known in Batubulan and Ubud •  Textile Songket fabrics, Endek, or weft ikat. The least common, Bali is the Geringsing or double-ikat, and it is sought after. Dyed to their final designs before being woven together, from the unique Bali Aga village of Tenganan, East Bali. •  Dance & Drama Dance and drama have played a historically important role in Balinese society. Ramayana, Mahabharata
  9. 9. ! Bali Culture ! •  Baris, This is a warrior’s dance. Barong & Rangda, This is a story about the struggle between good and evil. •  Kecak, The most famous of the Balinese dances, originated from the Sanghyang dance choirs, holds its uniqueness in the entrancing ‘kecak, kecak’ chant. The Kecak as a dance developed in the 1930s, in the village of Bona, where it is still performed regularly. •  Legong, This dance tells a story princess Rangkesari being held captive by King Lakesmi. The Legong is a very classical and graceful dance, always performed by prepubescent girls. •  Wayang Kulit (Shadow Puppet), Wayang Kulit is one of the great story-telling traditions of the Javanese and Balinese people
  10. 10. ! Bali Property Report ! •  In Bali, rich foreigners are sparking a property frenzy, but who benefits? “Luxury property prices in Indonesia are rising faster than anywhere else in the world, according to a new report.” The Observer, 9 March 2013 •  Limited land in Bali drives investors northward According to research and field observation conducted by Elite Haven- Knight Frank, land prices in Bali are expected to continue increasing to around 28 percent throughout the rest of this year, having recorded growth of 25 percent during the first half of this year.” The Jakarta Post, 14 November 2012
  11. 11. ! Bali Property Report ! •  Property exuberance is reborn in Indonesia “Fifteen years after the Asian financial crisis sent overheated Indonesian property markets tumbling, the archipelago nation’s real- estate markets are soaring again–just as economic storm clouds gather across the world The Wall Street Journal, 15 October 2012 •  Property buyer lured foreign affairs “In Bali, Elite Havens and Knight Frank research shows hotel and villa supply is projected to increase by 22 per cent, or 4508 rooms, this year, while foreign tourist arrivals in Bali will continue to grow.” The Australian, 10 March 2012
  12. 12. ! Bali Property Report ! •  Property investor at home abroad “The long-held dream of buying a second home in Bali remains alive, according to Matthew Georgeson, director of Elite Havens. "Australian interest remains robust, we have not seen any dip in inquiry levels in 2012 over 2011". The Australian, 28 July 2012. •  Market Focus: Why Buy Bali? “After some real estate challenges and a few melt-downs in 2010, a regrouped real estate sector is now looking better than ever.” The Australian Financial Review, 25 August 2011.
  13. 13. Dedicated Specially to You Bali premier investment opportunity Privileged and prestigious location Between Ayana and Four Season Resort Green concept development
  14. 14. Sunset in Jimbaran Beach, 2 Minutes away from Jimbaran
  15. 15. 2 Bedroom Villa Living
  16. 16. 2 Bedroom Villa Kitchen and Dining
  17. 17. ! Why Nayla Jimbaran ! Nayla Jimbaran is a boutique lifestyle living, present you a unique and exciting opportunity owning your own little paradise in the magic of Bali cultural richness, with an option of 2 or 3 Bedroom villas. Designed by world experience architect who is already more than a decade in the industry, The Original Idea of Nayla Jimbaran is inspired by the Balinese Unique and famous Subak Irrigation system. The design is modern, contemporary, luxury, with smart green concept development which is rarely to find in Bali
  18. 18. ! Why Nayla Jimbaran ! Nayla located in prime Jimbaran area, between world best hotels , Jl Karang Mas Sejahtera, next to the dry riverside, which allow you to be close to nature and still amongst few other developments, luxurious hotels and worlds awards winning Hotel ( Four Season ) ,Bar ( Rock Bar ) and Spa ( Thalasso ), with only 10 minutes away from the Ngurah Rai Airport of Denpasar, and only 2 minutes away from famous Jimbaran Bay which is known as the Bali Golden Mile.
  19. 19. ! Why Nayla Jimbaran ! Nayla Jimbaran is a distinctive investment in Bali ,offers you the most attractive investment opportunity, free hold ownership with Guaranteed Rate Return which is given to you before the unit is ready. With only Limited units avaible for sale , build your property investment portfolio with Nayla Jimbaran.
  20. 20. ! Why Nayla Jimbaran •  Nayla will operate soon in 2015 , manage by professional hotelier, Your villa is operated and staffed by a full service property management company, which will undertake painstaking chores to ensure that your villa is always in fabulous condition. By only paying for the time you need and sharing the cost with a maximum of 18 other partners in the villa. You will enjoy the benefit of rental yield and capital gain from your investment. This is called a smart Buy, you will enjoy your holiday and yet make some profit.
  21. 21. Who We Are ? DEVELOPER WITH 40 Years experience with project such as Office Building, Apartment, Real Estate, Villa , Hotel, Office Park, Commercial in Indonesia and Overseas.
  22. 22. Who We Are ? ! Our Previous Project •  Panin Centre Building JKT •  Hotel Sriwijaya JKT •  Hotel Pecenongan JKT •  Hotel Bukit Indah Bogor •  Double Investment LA •  Wisma Mampang JKT •  Antapani Real Estate Bandung •  Fountain Park Apartment JKT •  Villa Stefan Anyer •  Cikini Plaza JKT •  Menteng Aarden Residence JKT •  Pengumben Aarden Office Park •  Tebet Aarden Office Park •  Graha Anugerah •  Cahaya Garuda Mansion •  Pajajaran Office Park
  23. 23. ! Who We Are ? ! Our Coming Project! •  Seminyak Blue Ocean •  Sudirman Trade •  Jimbaran Village •  Margonda Aarden Office Park •  Kebun Jeruk Arden Office Park •  Cibubur Arden Office Park •  Pasar Baru Aarden •  Joe Residence •  Kranggan Real Estate •  TB Simatupang Trade •  Kranggan Real Estate •  Sriwijaya Mansion •  Senayan Village •  Fae at MT Haryono •  Pancoran •  Casa Da Canggu •  Casa Da Dalung •  Love in Ubud •  Prambanan River
  24. 24. ! ! ! ! Thank You ! ! ! Copyright Ayla And Associate 2013