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Ayopa product walk thru


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Ayopa product walk thru

  1. 1. Solving the Price Wars
  2. 2. Problem consumer loyalty has gone to “The Deal” not “The Brand”
  3. 3. Cause Brand promotions are less compelling than innovative 3rd party models Brand or CHOICE Specialty Retailer
  4. 4. SolutionA Pricing engine that creates compelling offerswhile protecting the bottom line.-  Engaging & dynamic promotions-  Leverage SM networks of existing traffic & buyers-  Protects margin-  Predictive analysis-  Flexible & customizable-  Analytics & targeting
  5. 5. eCommerce integrationTight Integration into ecommerce system and product catalog toschedule promotions
  6. 6. Publishes to product detail page
  7. 7. Check out experience is the exact sameAbility to Customize promotion message to customers
  8. 8. Social Media engagement Publishes “sponsored” stories on Facebook of all buyers, extending brand reach
  9. 9. facebook application to invite fanspublishes to a Facebook app to invite fans toparticipate in promotion
  10. 10. financial Model Pay for performance 5% commission on net sales Free upgrades on future releases Its your brand, your promotion, your customer
  11. 11. product roadmap Now     Future   -  Magento integration -  Paypal & Facebook integration -  Add more Social Media platforms -  Agnostic or Demandware platform -  Predictive analysis -  Flexible & customizable -  Open Graph, analytics & targeting -  Offline / Online integration