Smart sharing - File Concept


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SmartSharing - Share & Win
Smart Endorsement of your brand on Facebook
Best Innovate way to do Social Marketing
Social Media Marketing & Mobile Marketing Tool

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Smart sharing - File Concept

  1. 1. Share & Win Smart Endorsement on Facebook Powered by Beasii “SmartSharing is the last BEST INNOVATIVE Social Network IDEA” “SmartSharing may change the concept of social mobile strategy for Brands”
  2. 2. What is it? is a SaaS - Software as a service, online available, that works in Cloud. is a Social Media Marketing & Mobile Marketing Tool
  3. 3. For whom? Marketing Professionals Leaders of brands and companies Creative agencies Communication and Marketing Consultants Business Owners
  4. 4. For what? To create Social Media Marketing Campaigns To create Mobile Marketing Campaigns Where? In any point of contact In offline & online media
  5. 5. Object Customers of your brand, product or service Goal Customers shares your brand on Facebook Social & Positive Endorsement of your brand
  6. 6. Benefit to BRAND Visibility in social networks Social reputation by recommendation Benefit to CUSTOMER Receive incentives for participating Discount - Voucher - Prize - Experience
  7. 7. BRAND Process 1 - SmartSharing Backoffice - Create Campaign - Associate Trigger (QR Code, NFC or Weblink) 2 - Campaign Communication - Implement Trigger in the Communication - Report the benefit to the consumer - Post in the middle of contact 3 - SmartSharing Backoffice - Campaign Management - Control Analysis & Metrics - Control Vouchers
  8. 8. Customer Process 1 - Point of contact - Costumer sees the communication campaign - Customer enters using the corresponding trigger 2 - Post - After using the Trigger, makes Facebook Login (Automatic after 1st use) - Authorizes publication of brand message in Facebook wall - Post published (made recommendation) 3 - Benefit - After publication, the customer gets the benefit - Customer exchange Voucher according rules
  9. 9. Concepts Backoffice Online tool where the operator configures SmartSharing campaign and associates Triggers that correspond to it. It is also where he makes the campaign management and control results & vouchers Campaign Way that allows the band endorsement on Facebook by the customers. In result of sharing, customers receive the benefit. Triggers A means of access to the campaign. Trigger participation: QR Code, NFC or Weblink.
  10. 10. Best Practise I Smart Discount Customer shares pre-defined message (defined by brand or agency) with the purpose to get an immetiate discount that can use on shop or E-commerce All shares have benefits... Recommended Triggers: In Point of Purchase - QRCode or NFC In Press - QRCode On E-Commerce / Website - Weblink
  11. 11. Best Practise II Smart Wish Customer shares his desire about a specific product in Facebook with the propose to make his dream come true... His wish is realized depending on the total number of shares (defined by brand or agency) Example: Brand can configure the offer on each 1000 shares Recommended Triggers: In Point of Purchase - QRCode or NFC In Press - QR Code In E-Commerce / Website - Weblink
  12. 12. Best Practise III Smart Instant Loto Customer is invited to find special Prize on the hidden Trigger One or more triggers have a prize among others without any prize. Recommended Triggers: In Point of Purchase or Events, Exhibitions, Stadiums and more - QRCode or NFC On an Online entertainment actions - Weblink
  13. 13. Best Practise IV Smart Causes/Donations Customer is invited to share a message in Facebook configured by brands or agencies in name of a social cause or natural disease. Shares are turned in donations and brands have a effective way of spreading a message into social networks. Recommended Triggers: In Point of Purchase - QRCode or NFC In Press - QR Code In E-Commerce / Website - Weblink
  14. 14. Best Practise V Smart Mutant Voucher Create a mutant trigger that changes every day. To find out the voucher that you are offering today, the customer has to share your brand... Recommended Triggers: In Point of Purchase - QRCode or NFC In Press - QR Code In E-Commerce / Website - Weblink
  15. 15. Best Practise VI Smart Choice Customer selects the trigger that best suits him. Each trigger can have a distinct benefit, or may have all the same. Recommended Triggers: In Point of Purchase - QRCode or NFC In Press - QR Code In E-Commerce / Website - Weblink
  16. 16. Curiosities About Backoffice - Operator configures endorsement messages to control what is shared - Operator can limit participation for hours. Example: One ID Customer/One participation/24 hours - Operator can define multiple triggers for the same campaign - Post on Facebook includes a link to the operator content (Video, Website, Facebook Page, Etc) - Post on Facebook includes an image (logo, product image, etc.) About Endorsement - The recommendation of a friend is the most effective way of advertising - One only recommendation may reach 400 views
  17. 17. Compares Facebook Campaign VS SmartSharing Campaign - Leverages social network factor - Advertising is done by the owner himself - Advertising is visible in sideband (poor visibility) - Hight Cost per contact (Average: 0.18 Dollars/click) - Contact with the campaign limited to online expose - Isn’t there a benefit to customers Facebook Campaigns uses one of the biggest trends of the current Digital Marketing: - Social Networks - Leverages social network factor - Advertising is done by users (recommendation from a friend is the best way of advertising) - Advertising is visible in the central range of the Facebook Timeline (maximized visibility) - Hight Cost per contact (Average: 0.05 Dollars/sharing; 0.0012 Dollars/contact) - Contact with the campaign done anywhere (billboards, flyers, point of sale, exhibitions, events, websites, magazines, etc.) - Benefits to customers SmartSharing Campaigns uses three of the most biggest trends of the current Digital Marketing: - Social Networks; Smartphones; Electronic Vouchers
  18. 18. Results Point of contact experience - Experience is something valued by customers Engagement - Increase engagement between brands and customers. They create an empathy based on the concept of "give to get"/ “share to win” Advertising - Endorsement of brand - By sharing, customers endorse your brand to friends - A recommendation from a friend is considered the best way of advertising - Increases Whoom energy (word of mouth) Online Presence & Reputation - Nowadays, brands can’t be out of the online way - SmartSharing contributes to the social reputation of the brand, through the positive presence in social networks
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