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How to Get Started with the Google Marketing Platform & All New Acquia Lift


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Empowered by access to more information than ever before, consumers are driving the personalization phenomenon. They’ve come to expect brands to understand their tastes and preferences - and marketing teams must respond! With customer expectations higher than ever, implementing a personalization strategy is a critical way for marketers to build and maintain meaningful relationships with their audiences.

Hear from Bounteous & Acquia on how Acquia Lift has been instrumental in eliminating one-size-fits all solutions and enabling their team of marketers to speak directly to the individuals visiting their website and address their unique needs. Included in the webinar, they’ll cover industry best practices and Acquia Lift product tips.

In this webinar, we’ll cover steps to:
- Analyze basic visitor information to help inform your personalization strategy
- Personalize content based on marketing channel
- Launch a personalization marketing campaign
- Prioritize personalization and testing initiatives

Join Bounteous & Acquia on August 7, 2019 at 10 a.m. EST / 3 p.m. BST as they dive into their analytics-driven approach to personalization and see how they’ve improved engagement metrics and increased conversion rates, ultimately driving ROI.

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How to Get Started with the Google Marketing Platform & All New Acquia Lift

  1. 1. How to Get Started with the Google Marketing Platform & All New Acquia Lift August 7th, 2019
  2. 2. 2 AGENDA - Introductions - For Marketers: Getting Started - Acquia Lift Update - Google Marketing Platform - Example: Personalized Campaign - Tips for Success - Q&A
  3. 3. Speakers Jon Meck Senior Marketing Director, Bounteous As Senior Marketing Director, Jon helps others learn about Bounteous, their cross-functional capabilities, and the value they can bring to clients. From branding to content, Jon Meck has diverse industry experience with a technical background, designing and implementing marketing and analytics strategies. Jon’s “superhero” job is leading custom trainings for companies that want to get the most out of their tools and partners. Eric Fullerton Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Acquia Eric Fullerton is a product marketing leader for Acquia's personalization and journey orchestration products. Eric’s passion for solving for the future of digital comes from living it firsthand for the past 10 years. Eric has been navigating the divide between people, process, and technology at small organizations and global tech giants alike as he continues his journey to excite employees and engage customers through the power of digital marketing.
  4. 4. Marketing For Bounteous Bounteous attracts a variety of visitors across industries - each with different content needs and priorities.
  5. 5. Marketing For Bounteous From a B2C standpoint, our training offerings are perfect opportunities to use some of the default personalization options with Acquia Lift.
  6. 6. Our Insights section is a great traffic-driver, and allows for taxonomy-driven campaigns to improve relevant content recommendations and promotions. Marketing For Bounteous
  7. 7. For Marketers - Getting Started With Personalization
  8. 8. Marketing + Personalization As Marketers, we’re often tasked with both: driving traffic to our website & delivering a positive on-site experience. Personalization can mean everything from specific-user-based recommendations to channel-specific messaging. Start small. Take a look at your site through the eyes of a visitor, and consider which messages or options would not apply to a specific user.
  9. 9. 9 ©2018 Acquia Inc. — Confidential and Proprietary CRAWL Lower effort, fast results These are what you can start with immediately (from a content AND data standpoint). They are low effort, with varying impact and fast results. WALK Requires more content & data but higher impact These require additional content and more data for further defined segments. They are medium to high effort, with corresponding impact. RUN More time & complexity, highest impact potential These require additional content, more personalization rules, and more data for further defined segments. They are high effort, with high impact -- over an extended period of time. A 3 Step Strategy for Personalization Success
  10. 10. Geolocation Marketing Campaigns Visit Frequency Browsing Behavior Pages Viewed Known Information Device/System Completed Events CRM Integration Cross-Channel Behavior Combination of Above CRAWLWALKRUN Crawl, Walk, Run - Personalization in Practice
  11. 11. What are we currently doing with Marketing?
  12. 12. &
  13. 13. Let’s Talk About the New Acquia Lift
  14. 14. ©2018 Acquia Inc. — Confidential and Proprietary Data-first personalization tool to deliver in context experiences that drive engagement and conversion
  15. 15. Acquia Lift 3 2 1 Personalized Content Deliver personalized content to both known and unknown visitors in real-time Campaign Management Easily track and manage all your campaigns from a single UI Segment Builder Segment your visitors based on a variety of criteria in order to deliver targeted campaigns 4 Campaign Builder Quickly create and schedule A/B/n tests and targeted personalization campaigns 5 Lift Analytics Make data driven decisions based on visitor behavior Improve customer engagement by delivering a personalized experience
  16. 16. ©2019 Acquia Inc. — Confidential and Proprietary Acquia Optimizes The Customer Experience PROFILE DATA MANAGEMENT CONTENT SYNDICATION PERSONALIZATION ACQUIA Profile ManagerContent Hub Experience Builder
  17. 17. All New ACQUIA LIFT Point. Click. Personalize. ✹ Create personalization in three simple steps ✹ A/B testing & targeting with no code ✹ New scheduling capability enables small teams ✹ Superior multi-lingual personalization ✹ Real-time dashboards and improved analytics
  18. 18. All New Lift Product Overview Single unified login screen
  19. 19. All New Lift Product Overview Central overview dashboard
  20. 20. All New Lift Product Overview New campaign structure to more easily manage personalization at scale
  21. 21. All New Lift Product Overview Guided step-by-step personalization creation
  22. 22. All New Lift Product Overview New feature: scheduling personalizations
  23. 23. All New Lift Product Overview Integrated visual website building interface within a single experience flow
  24. 24. All New Lift Product Overview Simplified visual builder to focus on key actions
  25. 25. All New Lift Product Overview Point and click personalization, no code required
  26. 26. All New Lift Product Overview Calendar view of personalization
  27. 27. All New Lift Product Overview One click migration, built into the product
  28. 28. Let’s Talk About Google Marketing Platform
  29. 29. The Google Marketing Platform - Driving Traffic to Your Site - Tracking Users & Interactions - Reporting and Visualizing Data - Granular Data Analysis Includes tools for:
  30. 30. CRAWL with Google Marketing Tools Google Analytics for Research - Taking advantage of information we already know Marketing Campaigns - Utilizing best campaign practices to help GA & Lift - Personalizing with Google advertising tools
  31. 31. Google Analytics Overview Measure deep insights about the users that visit your website and the actions they take. Over 200+ reports out of the box, but especially powerful when customized for individual sites. Audience - Who Came To Our Site? Acquisition - How Did They Get Here? Behavior - What Did They Do? Conversion - Did They Do What We Want?
  32. 32. Targeting Users Based on Referral Information
  33. 33. Google Analytics Channel Report
  34. 34. Google Analytics Referral Report
  35. 35. Acquia Lift Referral Segment
  36. 36. Targeting Users Based on Campaign Tagging
  37. 37. Campaign parameters, or campaign tagging, help us give “credit” to the marketing campaigns that drive traffic to our website. Should be used for all efforts to drive traffic to our site, where we can customize the link a visitor is given. If you control the link, you can tag it. Consider traffic sources like: email, advertisements, social campaigns, affiliates and partner sites. Introduction to Campaign Parameters
  38. 38. Campaign Medium: The marketing medium. How did they get the message? For example: email, social, partner Campaign Source: More specific information about the medium. For example: newsletter, facebook, google Campaign Newsletter: A name to group marketing efforts or promotion. For example: back_to_school, new_user_promo. Campaign Parameters
  39. 39. Campaign Content: Extra information about the particular content in the ad or marketing material. For example: skyscraper, blue_version, stock_photo Campaign Term: Information about a specific term or keyword used for the campaign. For example: new customers, careers Campaign Optional Parameters
  41. 41. LINK TO SITE CAMPAIGN SOURCE CAMPAIGN MEDIUM CAMPAIGN NAME + ?utm_source= &utm_medium= &utm_campaign=
  42. 42. members email august_promo + ?utm_source= &utm_medium= &utm_campaign=
  43. 43. Campaigns & Google Analytics email&utm_campaign=august_promo These links help Google Analytics assign traffic sources to sessions, grouping behavior and conversions by how a user arrived on your website. We can also use this information to improve the onsite experience.
  44. 44. Marketing Campaigns in Google Analytics
  45. 45. Acquia Lift Campaign Segment
  46. 46. Other Google Marketing Platform Tie-Ins
  47. 47. Google Marketing Takeaways Google Analytics: Visitor reporting, personalization ideas generation Google Campaign Best Practices: Use with all inbound traffic drivers Google Ads, Search Ads 360, Display & Video 360: Utilize manual & autotagging, or custom parameters to tie in site experience Google Tag Manager: Use for advanced Acquia Lift data collection
  48. 48. Putting It All Together
  49. 49. Example: Building Personalization on a Campaign From there, we can create our Personalization Campaign on our site. We can use marketing campaign targeting to: Align on-site messaging Change navigation options Share audience-relevant content
  50. 50. Going Forward - What We Do First?
  51. 51. Tips for Prioritizing Personalization and experimentation can seem daunting, but doesn’t need to be. Looking forward, consider the following: Adopt a Crawl, Walk, Run Methodology Prioritize Using a Framework Start Slow, But Make an Impact Continue to Customize & Collect
  52. 52. Crawl, Walk, Run Remember to internalize Acquia’s Crawl, Walk, Run recommendations. Your first attempts at personalization can tackle broad groups of users and seek to improve the general experience. Crawl - Lower effort, fast results Walk - Requires more content & data but higher impact Run - More time & Complexity, highest impact potential
  53. 53. Prioritize Using a Framework - PIE
  54. 54. Prioritize Using a Framework - ICE
  55. 55. Prioritize Using a Framework - PXL
  56. 56. Start Slow, But Make an Impact When considering what to personalize, or what to test, consider the following: Fix Problems First - Identify painpoints using analytics, qualitative research, user testing, or more. Follow the Money - Where are you spending marketing dollars? How can the onsite experience be improved? Improve Experiences - Where can user experience be enhanced? How can you be more relevant? What can you anticipate?
  57. 57. Continue to Customize & Collect (Post-Crawl) Acquia Lift becomes more powerful with extra customization and collection. Using tools like Google Tag Manager or on-page JavaScript can help improve the data collected and available to use. Capture Events into Lift - Think about interactions that happen in addition to pageviews Capture Custom Information - Where do users enter information? What can be stored for later? What URL information could be reused? Integrate CRMs - Look at what marketing and personal information can help us change the onsite experience
  58. 58. Thank you for joining! Questions?