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E Mail


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E Mail

  1. 1. eMaileMail Keep in TouchKeep in Touch
  2. 2. What is eMail • “e”lectronic mail • Digital messages • More information at Wikipedia: • How email works at How Stuff Works http://
  3. 3. What do I need? • Computer with Internet Access • Account with an email Service Provider – Can be your Internet Service provider or – Web-based provider
  4. 4. Web-Based Providers • Yahoo • Gmail • AOL • MSN/Hotmail
  5. 5. Basic Instructions • Click on Sign up/Create an Account/Free Account • Fill in the boxes with your information • Agree to the terms of service
  6. 6. Yahoo
  7. 7. Gmail
  8. 8. AOL
  9. 9. MSN/Hotmail
  10. 10. Sending eMail • Sign into your account • Click on Compose mail or New • Enter the email address of the person or people you want to send something to • Write a subject line • Write your message • Press Send
  11. 11. Reading eMail • Sign into your email account • Click on Inbox • Click on the subject heading of the mail you want to read
  12. 12. Attaching • You can attach a file or picture to your email – Click on attach – Browse to the spot on your computer where the file or picture lives – Click on the file or picture you want to attach – Send
  13. 13. Forwarding • If you have an email you want to share with someone else you can “Forward” it. – Click on Forward (in gmail click on the down arrow next to reply) – Type in your friend’s email address – Click send
  14. 14. Internet Safety • Be careful of emails that are from people you don’t know – Some contain viruses – Others try to steal your information – Banks and credit card companies do not ask you to send your information to them through email – People in foreign countries will not send you money – If someone asks you to send something to everyone in your email contact list DON’T DO IT…this is spam • If you think something is not right, check Snopes: This is a great site for checking on Internet rumors.
  15. 15. Questions?