CCCW Presentation Good Growth Sept 2013


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Accelerate Transition to Low Carbon Economy: Through Good Growth Workstream

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  • CCCW Presentation Good Growth Sept 2013

    1. 1. Accelerate Transition to Low Carbon Economy: Through Good Growth Workstream September 2013 Update Dr Jeanette Reis (Email:
    2. 2. Roadmap for Good Growth- Progress • A roundtable discussion with CCCW and others was held in April 2013 • Followed up with a number of one-to-one meetings. • Draft proposal submitted to the working group for the (Council for Economic Renewal) CER in May 2013 • Formal submission to the Council for Economic Renewal in June 2013. • Confirmation to proceed with action plan is expected at the October 2013 CER meeting
    3. 3. Draft Action Plan for Good Growth A draft action plan has been developed that: 3. Links up existing activities 2. Leverages Funding 1. Reinforces sectoral activities …Which promotes 4 good growth stimuli: 1. Facilitate localisation of supply chains 2. Resource efficiency 3. Support of green innovation 4. Expansion of the renewable energy mix.
    4. 4. Action Area 1: Re-inforce existing sectoral activities 1. Develop an evidence base of existing stakeholders and initiatives 2. Report against a set of good growth measures building on those already included within the Programme for Government and Sustainable Development indicators 3. Further develop the national characteristics of “Brand Wales” by increasing awareness, engagement and capacity around good growth stimuli
    5. 5. Action Area 2: Leverage Funding 1. Influence expenditure of EU structural funds by contributing to core programme delivery activities 2. Facilitate the development of a green investment portfolio in Wales
    6. 6. Action Area 3: Link Up Existing Activities 1. Use international best practice to identify common objectives across sectors in order to facilitate joint and co-ordinated delivery. (Eg Common objectives- Localisation of supply chains, resource efficiency, support of green innovation and expansion of the renewable energy mix) (Eg Int’ll best practice- New Zealand and Ireland strategies for green growth) World's Largest Human Domino Chain in China set Guinness World Record- 10,267 people
    7. 7. Next Steps • Early Steps: • Get baseline study underway • Ongoing: • Continue to raise profile of the work • Keep bringing partners together to encourage stimuli • Maintain a watching brief and input to WEFO and green bank initiatives • Next year: • Manifesto on Good Growth in Wales (outlining existing activities, success stories, potential for development).