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Ambient AI, Advertising & Technology

The shrinking display ads performance leads to two distinctly different tactics for advertising, programmatic trading and native advertising, according to the PWC Global Entertainment and Media Outlook.

Yet, using the ambient presence of ubiquitous computing in our lives in combination with artificial intelligence, it is possible to enhance the quality of programmatic by offering more value, personalisation and better taking context into account.

Automated does not have to mean impersonal, and AI gives us the possibility to add quality to quantity.

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Ambient AI, Advertising & Technology

  1. 1. Artificial Intelligence, Advertising and Tech AI CAN FIX THE AUTOMATIC VS QUALITY AD DIVIDE “Divergence towards two traditionally different tactics on the marketing spectrum is a consequence of shrinking display ads performance.” - PWC Global entertainment and media outlook 2014-2018 Trading of display inventory by machines Includes real-time bidding on auctioned inventory PROGRAMMATIC TRADING Buying specific audience demographics Spending controls Providing value to customers Crafting articles and messages NATIVE ADVERTISING More targeted Quality over quantity VALUE PERSONAL CONTEXT QUALITY CLARIFYING THE AMBIENT INTELLIGENCE PARADIGM A pervasive computing principle that is EMBEDDED & NETWORKED sensing and reponsive. CONTEXT AWARE PERSONALIZED ADAPTIVE ANTICIPATORY INTERNET OF THINGS SENSOR FUSION BEHAVIORAL PROFILING AI & SELF LEARNING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AFFECTIVE COMPUTING YOU ARE HERE PRIVACY UX PREDICTIVE ANALYSIS Trust & Privacy Human Centric UX Ann Wuyts for ARGUSLABS.COM - CC BY 2.0 WWW.ARGUSLABS.COM