Action plan for food presentation version 16.12.13


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A presentation to the Land Use and Climate Change Sub Group of the CCCW

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Action plan for food presentation version 16.12.13

  1. 1. Corporate slide master Welsh Government With guidelines for corporate presentations Delivering Growth: An Action Plan for the Food & Drinks Industry 2014-2020
  2. 2. Where are we now Food & Farming sector Supply Chain • • • • • • • • 14,000 businesses £5.2bn turnover 45,000 jobs £1.3bn Gross Value Added (GVA) in Wales 23,300 businesses £17.3bn turnover 170,000 jobs £4.0bn GVA
  3. 3. Programme for Government • • • • Diversify rural economy Work towards CAP reform that is fair to producers and consumers Support food producers / processors / distributors; strengthen and develop the supply chain; increase value of Welsh produce Balance development – food production – energy – environ. Protection. • • • • Public procurement – small producer needs met; LAs to share best practice Apply mkt/promotion best practice more widely e.g. HCC model Support UK Supermarket Ombudsman – fair pricing throughout the supply chain Strengthen the rural economy – promote farmers markets’ new markets, cooperation and invest in new equipment.
  4. 4. Priority Sectors The sectors with the greatest potential for growth and to create jobs. This approach is broad enough to encourage a more sustainable economy, but targeted enough to ensure our support is focused on areas with growth potential. •Creative industries •Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) •Energy and Environment •Advanced materials and manufacturing •Life Sciences •Financial and Professional services •Food and Farming •Construction •Tourism
  5. 5. Food and Farming Sector Panel Recommendations 1 Supporting business collaboration – industry led Welsh Food Forum 2 Business growth – identify companies of all sizes with ambition and capacity for growth 3 Processing of agricultural raw material – benchmark and significantly increase the capacity of agricultural raw material processed in Wales 4 Innovation and enterprise – via mentoring support, management training, marketing and other specific programmes. 5 Business infrastructure – suitable industrial premises and simplification of planning 6 Technical support – Food Business Development Centres; effective collaboration with employers and business mentors 7 Baseline of evidence – on procurement of food and drink from Wales 8 Re-establish the Food Group of Value Wales and apply best practice in other sectors to food and farming. 9 Prioritise resources to provide an appropriate level of qualified procurement professionals. 10 Establish a Welsh Supermarket Forum 11 Minister to chair a Cross Government Working Group on Food – develop policy and work on key drivers and indicators across Government. 12 Develop a set of KPIs and publish as part of a delivery plan to give direction to the Food and Farming sector.
  6. 6. Action Plan Timeline 24 Sept 22 Oct 2 Dec to 3 Mar Spring 2014 - Oral Statement Cabinet paper Consultation Launch of the Action Plan
  7. 7. Delivering Growth: An Action Plan for the Food & Drinks Industry in Wales 2014-2020 Welsh Food and Drink Federation Training and Skills Development , o i a r g e t n I Fisheries, Food, Tourism, Environment l a i c o S & h t l a e H s t c a p m I & e c n a r u s s A d o o F e c n e i l i s e R y l p u S & t m n r e v o G t r b l o n i a h C y c n e i c i f f E n i a h C y l p p u S e g n a h c e t a m i l C g a i H e r t l u C , d o F & m s i r u o T & t n e m p o l e v e D t e k r a M h t w o r G Agriculture,
  8. 8. Theme 1:Welsh Food and Drink Federation • • • • • Strategic direction Leadership Communications and networks Research Opportunities – identify and develop Membership drawn from throughout the food supply chain
  9. 9. Theme 2: • • • • “Food & Drink Wales” Identity Strong provenance Trade support Industry facing Domestic and international markets Bwyd a Diod Cymru Food & Drink Wales
  10. 10. Theme 3: Training and Skills Development • Skills gaps • Resource shortages (career advice in schs.) • Key partnerships and joining-up • Food & Drink Skills Project recommendations • Single access gateway and mapping • Career development
  11. 11. P1: Market Development & Growth Targets •30% increased turnover food & farming priority sector by 2020 •10% growth in GVA •Job creation
  12. 12. P1: Market Development & Growth Actions • Improved information / data • Key account management • Sub-sector mgt – SME and micro businesses • Protect Food Names’ • Export trade support, and collaboration (UKTI, Defra) • Develop new export market opportunities • Innovation focus (Food Centres, Unis’) • Foreign Direct Inv. • Food business premises incl. starter units • ‘Local market toolkit’ • Levy hub for Wales • Showcase Welsh produce
  13. 13. P2: Food, Culture, Heritage & Tourism Targets •30% increased turnover food & farming priority sector by 2020 •10% growth in GVA •Job creation •Enhanced brand image / food culture •Wider local economic activity
  14. 14. P2: Food, Culture, Heritage and Tourism Actions •Welsh caterers to use more Welsh produce – provenance •Increased and joint promotional activity – food and tourism (Visit Wales) •Identify and work with all tourism partners •Joint Action Plan – Food & Tourism •Support (incl. grant aid) to food events •Food / Food Tourism Awards
  15. 15. P3: Climate Change Targets •Reduced ecological footprint •Enhanced environmental reputation of Welsh food and drink •Water, energy, waste – carbon efficient industry •Fair trade and equality practices
  16. 16. P3: Climate Change Actions • Gov. financial support to food businesses will require an environmental commitment / aim. • Develop ‘roadmaps’ for the sub-sectors to reduce carbon footprint. • Promote the mainstreaming of Corporate Social Responsibility
  17. 17. P4: Supply Chain Efficiency Targets •30% increased turnover food & farming priority sector by 2020 •10% growth in GVA •Job creation
  18. 18. P4: Supply Chain Efficiency Actions •Tailored services to businesses •Mentoring support •Supply chain efficiencies scheme
  19. 19. P5: Integration: Government & Supply Chain Collaboration Targets •30% increased turnover food & farming priority sector by 2020 •10% growth in GVA •Job creation •Improved understanding •Increased collaboration
  20. 20. P5: Integration: Government & Supply Chain Collaboration Actions •Federated working groups under the Federation structure e.g. Innovation, training/skills. •Welsh Government ‘internal’ stakeholder group •Close working between government, the Federation and Wales Retail Consortium •Appropriate RDP 2014-2020 to industry needs
  21. 21. P6: Food Assurance & Resilience Targets •30% increased turnover food & farming priority sector by 2020 •10% growth in GVA •Job creation • Enhanced food safety standards • More resilient food chain
  22. 22. P6: Food Assurance & Resilience Actions •New Food Security Industry Food Assurance Network •Broad adoption of food safety assurances and accreditations by food businesses
  23. 23. P7: Health & Social Impacts Targets •Improved access to healthier food choices •Improved diet related health •Reduced obesity
  24. 24. P7: Health & Social Impacts Actions •Promote healthy eating in:  Schools (Healthy Eating in Schools Measure and Standards)  Public sector settings (hospitals, leisure centres, youth centres)  Workplaces and catering outlets •Improve access and affordability to healthy diet for all •Work with food business to produce healthier product formulations
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