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Support staff conference presentation1


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CLASS Support Staff Conference Fall 2011

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Support staff conference presentation1

  1. 1. The role of leading from a support staff positionCLASS Professional Development for Support Staff Conference University of Hartford, West Hartford, CT November 18, 2011 Tracy Sutherland Public Services Librarian Eastern Connecticut State University
  2. 2. • Defining Leadership• Library Leadership Philosophy• Background • Smith College • Amherst College • Eastern Connecticut State University• Vision/Focus • LLMA • ALA Emerging Leaders• Relationships• Negotiating• Speaking Up• Learning More• Resources - Handout
  3. 3. • Lead: The action of lead v.2; leading, direction, guidance. to take to lead : to take under ones direction or guidance.• Leadership :The dignity, office, or position of a leader, esp. of a political party; ability to lead; the position of a group of people leading or influencing others within a given context; the group itself; the action or influence necessary for the direction or organization of effort in a group undertaking. Also attrib., as leadership behaviour , leadership school, leadership skill.
  4. 4. • Leadership is one of the most important aspects of an organization, and with leadership comes continuous learning.• Being a leader takes great communication skills and empathy.• Past experiences fueled my passion both to be a librarian and to develop into a leader in my professional and personal environments.• It’s important that a leader know when to ask for assistance as well as identify areas for growth for the team and his/herself.• Never ask anyone to do something you aren’t prepared to do yourself.• CYOA!!!
  5. 5. • Born in Southwestern Ohio• Youngest of 8• Held back in 3rd grade• Always stuck up for friends• Co-Captain of the Drill Team• Homecoming Queen• 1986 first attempt at College Undeclared for a year• Decided on Dance major• Dropped out in 1989• Worked retail into the early 1990’s• Moved to New England 1992
  6. 6. You are a TEAM and you’ll like it!!!
  7. 7. Eastern Connecticut State UniversityPublic Services Librarian 2009-present • Assistant librarian (tenure track) • Manage Interlibrary Loan • Unions • Photographer • Committees • Facebook Library Page
  8. 8. • Bachelor of Arts in 2003 from UMASS Amherst• Masters in Library Science in 2005 from Simmons Better librarian leadership is needed!
  9. 9. • Library Leadership of Massachusetts Association• American Library Association (Emerging Leaders)
  10. 10. • Interests • Common or uncommon• Communication • One on one• Commitment• Reliability• Respect • Become a change agent • Pilot Programs • Be innovative • Be creative
  11. 11. • Showing Initiative • Getting NO as an answer shouldn’t surprise you • Don’t take it personally (usually the process is the problem) • Write proposals• About the library• About the organization • To further its success and yours
  12. 12. • Working on projects• Managing students• Suggesting ideas• Implementing ideas of others There are many ways to lead
  13. 13. "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then isnot an act but a habit" ~ Aristotle
  14. 14. THANK YOU!!!! Tracy Sutherland Public Services Librarian Eastern CT State University 860-465-5719