How Churches are Using Community Volunteer and Job Web Portals


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How Churches are Using Community Volunteer and Job Web Portals

  1. 1. Part 1:How Churches are Using Community Volunteer and Job Web Portals
  2. 2. What are Community Volunteering& Job Portal Websites? Community Volunteering Portal: ◦ Provides an online directory of volunteer opportunities for your church members to serve your city (Rescue Missions, Soup Kitchens, After-School Program, Tutoring, etc.) Job Portal ◦ Provides church members with site to find and post jobs How is this different from internal church volunteering? ◦ Outside ministry partners might post volunteer opportunities ◦ Might want to integrate with city-wide ministry volunteer directories ◦ Might want “public” volunteer opportunities to encourage non-church members to volunteer (tutoring, etc.)
  3. 3. When Are Community Volunteering &Jobs Web Portals Useful Volunteer Portal: When you have many church members that you want to connect with many community volunteer opportunities Job Portal: When you have many people in your church who could post jobs for other church members
  4. 4. Examples of Megachurch CommunityVolunteering and Jobs Websites Willow Creek ◦ Built own volunteering website with 186 volunteer opportunities placing thousands of volunteers ◦ Meet the Need ◦ Provides custom volunteer websites with 1,000+ opportunities to The Crossing, Van Dyke Church, Bell Shoals, Baptist Metropolitan Ministries and Dallas Baptist Association ◦ Imports data from’s API Needs Met / Job Connection ◦ Provides custom job websites to Willow Creek, Destiny Metro, Second Baptist Church (Houston), Career Solutions, The Chapel & Resurrection Life Church ◦ Imports data from API ◦ Provides 10,000+ Christian volunteer opportunities and 5,000+ Christian jobs to hundreds of churches to build into their existing websites either using templates or their Christian Social Graph API
  5. 5. Sample Site Designed by Willow Creek
  6. 6. Sample Site Designed by Willow Creek
  7. 7. Sample Site Designed by Meet the Need
  8. 8. Sample Site Designed by Meet the Need
  9. 9. Sample Job Site Designed by Needs Met
  10. 10. Sample Job Site Designed by Needs Met
  11. 11. Options for Creating Church CommunityVolunteer and Job Websites1. Build your own site and find the volunteer opportunities and jobs and populated it yourself (Willow Creek) ◦ Cost: $10k-50k2. Partner with Needs Met or Meet the Need to build custom website (they can help populate it with and other data) ◦ Cost: $200-$600 startup + customizations3. Have existing church website developer build section of existing website and populate it with data ◦ Cost: Whatever your website developer charges (API and templates are free)
  12. 12. Who is TechMission & TechMission is an evangelical Christian nonprofit parachurch organization founded in 2000 ◦ See more at: is the primary online program of TechMission ◦ TechMission manages Web portal with 1.4 million unique annual visitors across our website to connect churches and parachurches with the poor 2011 Budget: $1.8 million ◦ Funded primarily through grants & earned income ◦ Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability Member
  13. 13. TechMission Partners
  14. 14. ChristianVolunteering.orgPartnership Options1. Use’s template system ◦ Summary: put your church website header and footer on a turnkey volunteering and jobs website for your church ◦ Pros: Quick and low effort, provides a list of volunteer opps and ministries in your area to start with ◦ Cons: Less flexibility than API2. Use’s Christian Social Graph API ◦ Summary: you can import ChristianVolunteering RSS feed data on volunteer opportunities, jobs and ministries into you website and customize it ◦ Pros: most flexibility and provides a list of volunteer opps, jobs and ministries in your area to start with ◦ Cons: may require significant web development
  15. 15.  Click for Part 2: How to Create a Church Community Volunteering Website Use Free Template System Click for Part 3: How to use the API