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YWAM University of the Nations Innovation in Christian Higher Education


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Presentation for YWAM University of the Nations Core International Leadership Team on 3/9/17 in Geneva

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YWAM University of the Nations Innovation in Christian Higher Education

  1. 1. Innovation in Christian Higher Education YWAM University of the Nations Dr. Andrew Sears President, City Vision University Slideshare: 3/9/17 Geneva
  2. 2. GC4 Online SBS Accreditation Partnership  UofN’s Online SBS is now accredited under GC4 as a Level 4 in Biblical Studies ◦ Partnership also includes a 50% discount to City Vision ($3,500/year) ◦ &  Global Christian College Credit Consortium (GC4) provides course level accreditation to ministry schools ◦ We are doing this under Qualifi, which offers accreditation under the vocational frameworks structure of Ofqual in the UK. ◦ Level 3, 4 & 5 certificates/diplomas may be recognized in many commonwealth countries, and are considered accredited for transfer credit evaluation. ◦ GC4 legally resides as a program of the Christian nonprofit TechMission Theoretical Framework: Video, my Clayton Christensen Institute blog post (Part 1, Part 2)
  3. 3. Key Requirement Summary for GC4 Accreditation 1. Provide centralized system for transcript information ◦ Preferred to have a centralized system for all grading & assessments unless controls are in place to standardized quality of assessments ◦ Modules need to be mapped into standards for credit hours 2. Instructors doing grading to have either a Bachelor’s or to have completed the program they are teaching ◦ In locations without credentialed faculty can use online grading ◦ Need to provide letter validating prior learning for faculty without transcripts 3. Students must apply for GC4 certificate within 90 days after completing one course ($100)
  4. 4. Global Christian College Credit Consortium (University of the Nations Online SBS) These References Tie to UK Accreditation (see link) Certificate in Biblical Studies Level 4 Level 4 Certificate in Biblical Studies
  5. 5. The Need 1: Rapid Growth of Higher Education Globally 100 Million Students in 2000 263 Million Students in 2025 (84% of growth in the developing world) Sources Karaim, R. (2011). Expanding higher education: should every country have a world-class university. CQ Global Researcher, 5(22), 525–572. Lutz, W., & KC, S. K. (2013). Demography and Human Development: Education and Population Projections. UNDP-HDRO Occasional Papers, (2013/04). Retrieved from 137 Million New Students in Developing Countries by 2025 4.9 billion middle class globally by 2030
  6. 6. The Need 2: The Rise of Non-Western Christianity
  7. 7. - 200,000,000 400,000,000 600,000,000 800,000,000 1,000,000,000 1,200,000,000 1,400,000,000 1,600,000,000 1,800,000,000 2,000,000,000 1800 1900 1970 2000 2007 2025 Christian Membership by Region West South Status of Global Mission 2014, Todd Johnson
  8. 8. 1900 1970 2000 2007 2025 South 21% 59% 86% 91% 99% West 79% 41% 14% 9% 1% 21% 59% 86% 91% 99% 79% 41% 14% 9% 1% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 120% Growth of Christianity by Region Status of Global Mission 2014, Todd Johnson
  9. 9. The Need 3: Consolidation & Platform Coopetition Possible Future of Higher Education in 2030? Image Source: Wikimedia State Owned Mega-universities with 1 million+ Students Technology Platform Educational Networks Global Christian Education Platform
  10. 10. Three Possible Futures Technology Platform Dominant Future (40% decline in CHE) State Mega-Universities Dominant Future (40% decline in CHE) Christian Global Educational Platform Growth Future (400% growth in CHE)
  11. 11. Framing the Challenge In the face of these trends, how can CHE achieve the preferred future of dramatic global growth? Global HE Growth Consolidation Growth of Christianity in the Majority World
  12. 12. 10 million+ students at $1,000/student Radically Affordable Mobile Education The Need for Disruptive Innovation Traditional Christian Higher Education (A few million students At $10,000/student) 10 x More Users 1/10th Cost Radically Affordable Blended Education 100 million+ students at $50/student
  13. 13. Mobile Vision: Accredited Mobile Courses to Millions Courses Global Christian College Credit Consortium (GC4) YouVersion Bible App Quality Mobile Courses + Accreditation +
  14. 14. Why Now? 1: Modularity & Unbundling is Enabling Disruptive Innovation Unbundled (Modular) vs. Interdependent Architectures Over Time Image Source: Wikimedia
  15. 15. Modular Universities = Lego Cities Monolithic Bundled Degrees Today Unbundled Education = Lego Blocks Modular Degrees & Credentials = Lego KitsInteroperable Standards Source:
  16. 16. Unbundling & Rebundling Strategy Getting YWAM UofN’s Modularity to work with Accreditation YWAM UofN Courses Open Education Industry Certifications MOOCs & Apps Top-Up Degrees (City Vision, etc) University Courses Books & Paid Courseware 1.Christian Courseware Internships & Missions Trips Alternative Ed Providers YWAM UofN Campuses (Microcampuses/Study Centers) Vocational Qualifications (GC4) 4. Uncredentialed Local Coaches 3. Christian Worldview Program Designers • Course market becomes more like book and software markets to reduce costs & improve quality • Christian courses become more modular and less interdependent where possible • University becomes system integrator of content and tech platforms. 2. Credentialed Online Faculty Ordination Vertically Integrated University Virtually Integrated University Transformation is a core competency of the YWAM Horizontally Integrated Rebundled University Unbundled Christian Programs Faculty role is unbundled into 4 specialized positions Access to Opportunity (branding, licensing & quality assurance) Transformative Experience (primarily affective) Metacognition & Skills (psychomotor & high-level cognitive) Knowledge & Content (low-level cognitive) YWAM Partnerships Automated training with minimal faculty requirement Access to Opportunity (branding, licensing & quality assurance) Transformative Experience (primarily affective) Metacognition & Skills (psychomotor & high-level cognitive) Knowledge & Content (low-level cognitive)
  17. 17. Dead Capital $9.3 trillion 400 million in India with No Identification Undocumented Alternative Education Trillions of $ of lost value? Why Now? 2: Technology Is Enabling Centralized Record Keeping Needed to Document Alternative Education
  18. 18. Is Education More Secular or Christian Globally? Perry L. Glanzer, "Dispersing the Light: The Status of Christian Higher Education around the Globe," Christian Scholar's Review 43 (2013): 321-43. Status of Global Mission 2014, Todd Johnson It depends on how you frame the question
  19. 19. The Majority of Christian Education is Alternative Education ACCREDITED EDUCATION NONTRADITIONAL, BUT ACCREDITABLE EDUCATION (GROWING DRAMATICALLY) Bible Colleges Christian Liberal Arts Colleges Christian Universities Seminaries Bible Institutes Ministry Experience Professional Experience Alternative Education Courses Bible Studies Sermons Educational Discipleship Programs Christian Radio, TV, Websites, Books & Apps Small Groups NONTRADITIONAL, NON- ACCREDITABLE EDUCATION PRIMARILY PARACHURCH PRIMARILY CHURCH Correspondence & Continuing Ed Conferences
  20. 20. Industry Map: Supporting a Healthy Christian Tertiary Educational Ecosystem ACCREDITED HIGHER EDUCATION NONTRADITIONAL, BUT ACCREDITABLE EDUCATION MOOCs & Open Ed Udemy, Coursera, EdX, Futurelearn, Open2study, Open University, Udemy, Khan Academy, Duolingo Alison, YouTube, iTunesU, Open Learn, OLI Christian Mega Universities Liberty, Grand Canyon Christian Universities CCCU, IAPCHE, Overseas Council Paid Courseware Pearson, Mcgraw-Hill,, Skillshare, Pluralsight, Dream Degree Acrobatiq, Cengage, CogBooks, Flat World Bible Colleges ABHE Schools, ICETE, ATS Online Christian Universities CCCU, TRACS, DEAC, IAPCHE, ICHE Alternative Credit Providers Straighterline, Saylor, Ed4Online EdX, JumpCourse, Pearson, Sofia UC Irvine Extension, Modern States Christian Free & Open Courses,,, Global University Global Reach, Open Biola, Covenant Seminary, Regent Luxvera, Christian Leaders Institute, TransformingtheChurch,, Coram Deo, Multiply Movement, Commercial Christian Courseware Right Now Media, Lumerit, Logos Mobile Ed, Zondervan,, Ligonier Connect Bible Institutes 10’s of thousands globally Open Textbooks,,, Missions/Ministry Training i.e. YWAM U Nations Vocational Qualification Providers >50% of global market, 10’s of thousands of Training Centers Ministry & Professional Experience Prior Learning Assessment Christian Continuing Education,,,,,,,,,, Secular Partners Seminaries ATS TERTIARYEDUCATION Home School College Credit, Unaccredited Ordination Training Berean School, Lamp Seminary Church & Ministry Micro-Campuses Southeastern, Northwest, Kings University, Kirkland, Beulah Heights, CaCHE, Virtues Campus, Foundation University Secular Micro-campuses Kepler, Minerva, Coursera Learning Hubs, edX U.Lab, Khan Lab School, Bridge International Academies
  21. 21. We can’t repeat the mistakes of the past by expecting the majority world to wear the “suits” of Western accreditation, but there still must be appropriate standards and signals needed. Source: Wikipedia Article on Assimilation of Native Americans Higher Education vs. Tertiary Education vs. Vocational Education
  22. 22. Components of a Global Christian Educational Ecosystem Accredited Degree PathwaysAny Accredited Institution Accepting Alternative Credit: City Vision, Secular (Thomas Edison, Excelsior), etc. Church & Ministry Micro-campusesUnaccredited Christian Models: UofN, Trinity Education, Virtues Campus, Foundation University Accredited Christian Models: Southeastern, Northwest, Kings University, Kirkland, Beulah Heights, etc. Secular Models: Kepler, Minerva, Coursara Learning Hubs, edX U.Lab, Khan Lab School, Bridge International, African Virtual University Alternative Credit Mechanisms GC4, ICHE,, ACE Credit, Vocational Qualifications, Standardized Tests, PLA, Articulation Agreements, Non Governmental Theological Accreditation (ICETE) See: Christenson Institute Articles (part 1, part 2) CoursewareChristian Free:,,,, Open Biola,,, Covenant Seminary, Regent Luxvera, Christian Leaders Institute, Global Reach, Coram Deo, Truthfortheworld, Open Church Christian For Fee/Commercial:, Right Now Media, Lumerit, Logos Mobile Ed, Zondervan, Ligonier Connect “Secular” Courseware: Udemy, Coursera, EdX, Futurelearn, Open2study, Open University, Udemy, Khan Academy, Duolingo, Alison, Open Learn, OLI, Lynda Digital Distribution: Apps, Web/LMS, MOOC platform, Bible App, YouTube, iTunes, digital devices, print, church & ministry partnerships, corporate partnerships Delivery Method: offline-only, blended, online-only, mobile-only Bible Schools Christian Liberal Arts Colleges Christian Universities Seminaries Unbundled Disruptive EcosystemBundled Traditional Consultants/System Integrators/Solution Providers: Nonprofit (CaCHE); Commercial: (, Lumerit) Students (2016): 5 million Projected Annual Growth: -5% to +5% Non-Credit Students (2016): 1 million For Credit Students (2016): 10,000 Projected Annual Growth: 50% to 1,000% Dominant Business Model: For Fee $10 to $5,000/yr Dominant Business Models: Fremium or Donor- Based What we can influence
  23. 23. Path 1: UofN Online to UofN Campus UofN Senior Year (on Campus) UofN Junior Year (on Campus) UofN Online SBS Sophomore DTS No need for GC4 in this path.
  24. 24. Path 2: UofN to Government Recognized Accredited Bachelor’s Level 3 Freshman Level 4 Sophomore $3,500 $3,500 (CVU) or $100 + partner tuition $100 + UofN tuition $100 + UofN tuition City Vision DEAC Accredited University GC4 (in TechMission) as Qualifi Qualification University Degree Level 5 Junior
  25. 25. Path 3: UofN to City Vision Associate’s Degree Level 4 $3,500 (CVU) $100 + UofN tuition City Vision DEAC Accredited University GC4 (in TechMission) as Qualifi Qualification University Degree Note: Our Accreditor (DEAC) requires that 25% of credits for a degree must come from City Vision
  26. 26. Path 4: UofN to Third Party Level 5 Diplomas (for international students) Level 3 Freshman Level 4 Sophomore $200-$2,000 $100 + UofN tuition $100 + UofN tuition GC4 (in TechMission) as Qualifi Qualification Level 5 Note: While UK Accreditation may ease process of credit transfer to Level 5 programs, acceptance of credit is determined by each school.
  27. 27. Path 5: Online SBS Paths with Other GC4 Partners GC4 as an Academic “App Store” of Partner Modules Level 3 Freshman Level 4 Sophomore $3,500 $3,500 (CVU) or $100 + partner tuition $100 + partner tuition $100 + partner tuition City Vision DEAC Accredited University GC4 (in TechMission) as Qualifi Qualification University Degree (1 year) Level 5 Junior
  28. 28. Strategic Considerations for YWAM  Accreditation Strategy ◦ GC4 could expand accreditation to other UofN programs that have the strongest assessment and documentation paper trails ◦ YWAM Australia can validate and transcript other UofN credit to improve transferability to government recognized accredited institutions ◦ Pursue vocational qualification accreditation in of your more of your training centers where possible.  Modular Partnership Strategy ◦ Develop “top up” degree partnerships with schools like City Vision, etc. ◦ Promote pathways to government recognized accreditation to greatly expand UofN’s competitiveness ◦ UofN pathways can “plug in” other modules based on local needs (ThirdMil)
  29. 29. Appendix
  30. 30. About City Vision University  TechMission (the parent organization of City Vision and GC4) is an evangelical organization with the vision of providing radically affordable Christian education to help others make a living and a life. The school originally grew out of the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions to train rescue mission workers and the poor before being transferred to the nonprofit ministry TechMission.  You can read more of our story in this Christianity Today article.  We are nationally accredited through the Distance Education Accreditation Commission, which is recognized by the US Department of Education.  We offer Bachelor’s degrees in Missions, Addiction Studies, Nonprofit Management, Business (Associate’s and Bachelor’s) and a Master’s in Technology and Social Entrepreneurship.  In the next year, we plan to also add an Associate's and Bachelor's in Christian Ministry and Leadership and are exploring adding a Master of Business Administration and Doctor of Business Administration.  Andrew Sears bio/background:  City Vision Board:  City Vision Statement of Faith (required by all faculty):
  31. 31. Outline of Free Course in Disruptive Innovation in Higher Education 1. Disruptive Innovation Theory Applied to Higher Education 2. Understanding What’s Driving Change in Traditional Higher Education 3. Economics of Traditional Online Education 4. Emerging Markets and Courseware Platforms 5. Unbundling and Rebundling Strategies in Higher Education 6. Unbundling and the Changing Role of Faculty 7. Lean Startup for Education 8. Demographic and Economic Trend Analysis 9. College Access & the Race between Technology and Education 10. Change Agents & Diffusion of Innovation Available on Udemy, iTunes U, YouTube & Slideshare Join the Christian Higher Education Innovation Alliance email group at:
  32. 32. Questions for Discussion Assume Christian Higher Education (CHE) is about 5% of the global market. As the global market grows from 100 million students (5 million in CHE) in 2000 to 263 million in 2025, just to keep pace and not lose market share, CHE would need to grow globally to 13.25 million (163% growth)… What role can we play to help global CHE grow to that level? What would we have to do differently? How do we take steps toward that goal? How do we grow all components of the ecosystem? What are other key assumptions in building an ecosystem we need to test? Is this the best way to frame the challenge?
  33. 33. The 5,000 12 Disciples 120 Disciples Jesus’ Tiered Ministry Model The 3 Disciples
  34. 34. MicroCampuses & Unbundled Models Alternative Credit 10-50 million On Campus Christian Higher Education 5 million Modular Blended Education 5-20 million GC4, etc. Courseware 100’s of millions Global Digital Ecosystem billions ThirdMil, MOOCS, etc. Moonshot Vision: 25 Million Students in Accredited Degree Programs by 2030 (400% growth) Christian Digital Ecosystem
  35. 35. The Opportunity: 25 Million Students in Accredited Christian Degree Programs By 2030 (400% growth) Campus 5-10 million Bachelor’s 5-20 million Alternative Credit 10-50 million Courseware 100’s of millions • College Years 1-3 • Average Global Cost: $100/year • Building on Christian and secular courseware • Microcampus, online and mobile delivery • Free • First Year Bible Courses • Christian Integration Courses • “Secular” courseware in Christian programs • Average Global Cost: $1,000/year • Full range of university degrees • Online or microcampus delivery • Christian Use of “Secular” platforms • Bible App & other Christian platforms • Christian Subscription Services • Radio/TV • Transformational campus community • Average Global Cost: $2,000/year • Primary growth will be microcampuses Christian Digital Ecosystem (Billions) Target Market 84% of HE growth in developing countries 4.9 billion middle class by 2030
  36. 36. Mapping Best Practices for Christian Courseware ThirdMill Harvestime Logos Mobile Open Biola Christian University.or g Biblical BibleMesh Multiplatform Mobile App, LMS, Web Web Web, Mobile Web, iTunes Mobile, Web, LMS Web, App Web Unbundled All components Yes No Some components No. Bundled with Our Daily Bread No. Bundled as course No. Bundled as course Open License Yes, not Creative Commons Yes No Creative Commons No No No Delivery Methods Online, Blended, Less Designed for Offline Blended, Offline, Not effective online No Online Online Online Online Course Solution Yes only through LMS Very limited quizzes No No Only for fee No quizzes Yes Standardized Content Moderately standardized Not very standardized Moderately standardized Limited packaging as complete courses Standard topics. Non-standard lengths Standard topics Standard topics Affordability Free Free $300-700/course Free Free Fee for credit Free $50-200/course Quality Excellent Ok Excellent Excellent Excellent Good Excellent Languages English, Arabic, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, Indonesian English, Chinese French, Russian, Sinhala, Spanish, Tagalog, Tamil, Thai, Urdu, Portuguese English English English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic English, Hindi, Swahili, Spanish, Arabic No exams