Social Networking 101 for JCI Canada


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Social Networking 101 for JCI Canada

  1. 1. Social Networking 101 A “How To” for JCI CanadaPresented by Jillian Walker, JCI Calgary
  2. 2. What is Social Networking?•  “Social network service that focuses on the building and reflecting of social networks or social relations among people, who share interests and/or activities”•  Two way street –  Not about broadcasting… –  Instead focus on conversation and engagement
  3. 3. Requirements of Social Networking•  Be active and responsive•  Ask for continual feedback and ideas•  Include personality•  Encourage sharing (quality content) Adapted from
  4. 4. Importance of Branding•  The concept of being “googled”•  Conversation is already happening•  Building trust•  Expanding your reach•  Holding the power Adapted from
  5. 5. What should be included in the JCI brand?
  6. 6. JCI Areas of Opportunity Individual Business Community International
  7. 7. JCI Corporate Programs•  Competitions from Local to International –  JCI World Debating Championship –  JCI World Public Speaking Championship –  JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World (TOYP) Program•  JCI Twinning Program
  8. 8. JCI Partner Programs•  UN MDG’s [UN Millennium Summit]•  Nothing But Nets [UN Foundation]•  Corporate Social Responsibility [UN Global Impact]•  Better Business Plan [Int’l Chamber of Commerce]•  CYEA [Flanders District of Creativity]
  9. 9. We are anINTERNATIONAL organization.
  10. 10. We already have the relationships built…
  11. 11. …but we have to continue to STRENGTHEN them…
  12. 12. …and keep our members and partners ENGAGED!
  13. 13. Social Networking
  14. 14. “New” JCI Canada Networks•  Website: –  Newsletter: emailed to all members•  LinkedIn:•  Facebook:•  Twitter:•  YouTube:•  Skype: jcicanada
  15. 15. What is LinkedIn?•  “Business oriented social networking site” –  Ability to create “company” pages, which includes home page, list of membership, events, links, and statistics –  Opportunity to participate in question & answer, join groups, and create polls•  47.6 million users globally Adapted from Wikipedia
  16. 16. What is Facebook?•  “Social network service used for creating a profile, exchanging messages, updating status’, creating events, and strengthening relationships.”•  More than 500 million active users Adapted from Wikipedia
  17. 17. Facebook•  Account:•  Changes: –  Conversion from Group Page to Fan Page –  Twitter & YouTube linked to page
  18. 18. Facebook
  19. 19. What is Twitter?•  “Social networking and microblogging service enabling users to send and read other users’ messages called “tweets”’ –  Posts limited to 140 characters –  Ability to subscribe to other users’ tweets (known as “following”) –  Ability for other users’ to subscribe to your tweets (known as “followers”) Adapted from Wikipedia
  20. 20. Twitter•  Account:•  Changes: –  Created account –  Created “following” consisting of JCI members, chapters, senators, trainers; national partnerships (Junior Achievement, ACE/SIFE); and international partnerships (AIESEC, UN, Nothing But Nets) –  Created “lists”
  21. 21. Twitter
  22. 22. Twitter Quickie•  tweet = 140 character (or less) post•  @reply = to respond to others [ie. @jcicanada]•  DM = direct/private message•  RT or retweet = share and/or comment on the posts of others [ie. RT @jcicanada]•  twitpic = service used to share photos
  23. 23. What is YouTube?•  “Video sharing website on which users can upload, share, and view videos” –  Available in 24 countries and 29 different languages –  15 minute limit –  “Share” function –  More than 14 billion videos viewed Adapted from Wikipedia
  24. 24. What is YouTube?
  25. 25. What is Skype?•  “A software application that allows users to make voice calls over the internet” –  Also features instant messaging, file transfer, video conferencing –  Benefits of using organizational account over personal accounts•  More than 521 million users Adapted from Wikipedia
  26. 26. Communication
  27. 27. What Should You Communicate?•  Programs –  Corporate –  Partner –  National, Regional, Local•  Events•  Successes•  Member Movements –  International, National, Regional
  28. 28. What Should You Communicate Cont’d•  Programs –  International, Americas, National, Regional, Local level –  Partner •  UN MDG’s, Nothing But Nets, Corporate Social Responsibility, Better Business Plan, CYEA
  29. 29. What Should You Communicate Cont’d?•  Events –  International, Americas, National, Regional •  Events typically created by another party (ie. HQ, COC, etc) •  Share link to event through JCI Canada networks •  Ideally JCI Canada will be largest JCI network in Canada, offer to communicate National & Regional events via JCI Canada networks
  30. 30. What Should You Communicate Cont’d•  Successes –  International, Americas, National, Regional, or Local level •  Effective Speaking, World Debating, CYEA, TOYP, Twinning •  Congratulate and offer support to other LOM/ NOM’s –  Partnerships •  Junior Achievement, SIFE/ACE, AIESEC, •  UN, Nothing But Nets
  31. 31. What Should You Communicate Cont’d•  Movements –  JCI World President and Officials –  JCI National President and Officials –  JCI Regional Presidents and Officials
  32. 32. Frequency of Communication•  Website: Monthly•  LinkedIn: Weekly•  Twitter: Daily –  “Scheduled” tweets daily; interaction as often as possible•  Facebook: Multiple times per week•  YouTube: Monthly•  Skype: Occasional
  33. 33. How will we do this?•  Recruitment of “Community Manager” –  Responsible for managing ALL social networking sites with assistance of National Board –  Strong communication and writing skills req’d•  3-4 volunteers nationally to assist with weekly/daily updates•  Consistency is key
  34. 34. Communication to LOM’s•  Promote new networks JCI Canada is involved with (newsletter feature)•  Protocol to get LOM event/activity communicated through JCI Canada networks –  Email to –  3 days to 6 months in advance
  35. 35. Communication to LOM’s Cont’d•  Distribute “Social Networking 101” PPT presentation to Chapter & Regional Presidents•  Advise guidelines can be adapted to the local level•  Encourage use of social networking at the local and regional level•  Offer support from National Board
  36. 36. Passwords•  Consistency between various networks•  Should change on an annual basis (with changeover of new board)
  37. 37. More Info? Jillian WalkerVice President External, JCI CalgaryTwitter: @jillianwalker | @jcicalgary