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Augmented Reality Slideshow


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A brief slideshow about augmented reality.

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Augmented Reality Slideshow

  1. 1. By Timothy Dedeaux
  2. 2. Augmented Reality is the overlay of computer- generated media andinformation onto a video feed of the real world.
  3. 3.  The most familiar, and one of the oldest, version of AR is the heads-up display most often used in aircraft. The heads-up display provides real-time information about the aircraft’s speed, heading, and condition to the pilot, without obscuring the pilot’s view of the sky beyond.
  4. 4.  The 2002 film adaptation of Phillip K. Dick’s Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise, featured near-ubiquitous use of augmented reality, including interactive personalized advertisements overlaid over the real world. The ongoing Japanese anime series Ghost in the Shell also features augmented reality. In this series, characters access the Internet wirelessly through augmented reality interfaces.
  5. 5.  MIT, Harvard, and the University of Wisconsin at Madison have developed the Handheld Augmented Reality Program (HARP), using AR games to teach math and science skills to students in middle school http://isites. Britain’s Connected Education has created software converting PlayStation Portable devices into Augmented Reality machines. http:// /2256084/playstations-augmented-reality
  6. 6.  Beyond Reality has registered http://www. and begun work on markerless AR (and have posted several concept videos) The number of AR games are increasing rapidly, and this site lists the ten with the greatest technical and imaginative potential: 10-augmented-reality-demos-that-will- revolutionize-video-games/
  7. 7.  PDAs and Smart Phones (Apple’s iPhone, Google Phones, etc) are the primary widespread tools for accessing Augmented Reality content. In laboratory and academic settings, users can use cutting-edge wearable Augmented Reality goggles and cameras, allowing them to see the augmented images directly, rather than on a small screen.
  8. 8.  The technology is fast becoming available to allow the general public to view AR directly. Brother is unveiling a wearable Retinal Imaging Device (glasses that project images directly into the wearer’s eyes). Hunter’s Specialties i-Kam Xtreme sunglasses include a built-in videocamera. Combining the two technologies would allow for commercial, wearable AR access.
  9. 9.  Widespread AR use could lead to embedded tourist or historical information, accessible simply by looking at the corresponding location. A viewer could access restaurant reviews simply by looking at the outside of the restaurant, or could have a virtual tour guide to wherever they happen to be. Industrial uses are widespread. From manufacture to maintenance to training, the ability to access reference materials “hands free” at any time could be extremely valuable.
  10. 10.  Augmented Reality field trips “Scavenger Hunts” in which the students search a physical area for embedded virtual clues Educational AR games that can be played anywhere. These can be solo games, but they can also involve cooperation and competition between massive numbers of players/learners. Collaborative AR classroom projects