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Saint Maur Gr. 8-12 Bring Your Own Technology


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Published in: Education
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Saint Maur Gr. 8-12 Bring Your Own Technology

  1. 1. Bring Your OwnTechnologyBYOTGrades 8-12
  2. 2. Device Use A device is defined as a small to medium sized portable computer, tablet, smart phone, iPod, etc. designed for mobile or portable computing. At all times, students’ use of personal technology is at the discretion of their classroom teacher or supervisor. Devices should be muted at all times to minimize disruption to the learning environment. During school peak hours (7:30AM – 3:30PM), students should avoid streaming or downloading of video or web content (over 250MB) unless required by a teacher’s lesson. This will be monitored.
  3. 3. Device Use Audio and/or video recording, as well as image capturing, is expressly forbidden unless approved by the classroom teacher. Any capture of audio, video, or image that violates an individual’s privacy is considered a violation of this agreement. A firewall with appropriate content filtration is in place to prevent access to certain social networking and “time-wasting” web content. Students are expected to adhere to the existing policy on tardiness and have devices put away per their next classroom teacher’s instructions.
  4. 4. Device Security, Power, andNetwork Issues The student bears sole responsibility for the device while on campus or in transit to/from campus, including the loss of or damage to devices . School staff cannot be requested to assist with problems concerning personal devices. When not being used, devices must be stored in a secure location. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their household insurance policy offers adequate protection for the loss of or damage to the device since such claims cannot be made against school insurance, nor can the school be held liable for such claims. In the case of accidental damage caused by one student to the device of another student, the matter will not be investigated or mediated by the school and the families concerned will be asked to discuss the matter directly.
  5. 5. Device Security, Power, andNetwork Issues Students will not attempt to connect to any school printers via their device. Each student is responsible for ensuring their device is adequately charged before coming to school each day. The student will not use the school’s resources to charge his/her computer’s battery except during study hall/homeroom time or in a computer lab. Students may connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi on the school’s guest network, STMAURXT. This network is for Internet access only, and WILL NOT allow devices to access networked school printers or data from the school’s network storage.
  6. 6. Conditions of Enrollmentin the BYOT Any student may be removed from personal device use at any time should he/she be considered to be in breach of the agreement or Parent/Student Handbook. Additional consequences up to and including expulsion may also be issued for violation of the contract in ways which negatively impact on the learning environment of others and/or which threaten to compromise the security of the school’s IT infrastructure. The Saint Maur Technology Department continuously monitors the school’s network traffic. Any device that is considered to be downloading an unreasonable amount of content, therefore using excessive amounts of network bandwidth, will be banned from the STMAURXT network for 24 hours. Repeat offenses may result in a permanent block of the device’s MAC address. NO HACKING! In the case that a student violates the contract by logging onto the protected school network, the family will be required to refund to the school costs of reasonable parts/labor concerned with the investigation into and repair of any compromise to the security of the school’s IT infrastructure. It is therefore absolutely essential that students do not attempt to connect to the protected school network under any circumstances.
  7. 7. Sign and Return BYOT Complete, sign, and return the BYOT Agreement to your homeroom teachers prior to accessing the network.
  8. 8. How do I access the network? Network: STMAURXT Password: 3ducation1#