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                                              (File) Name: How do I get there?

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How Do I Get There


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How Do I Get There

  1. 1. Activity/Task Analysis (File) Name: How do I get there? Suitable Age From 10 to 12 years old Group/level Skill Focus Speaking, listening, writing and reading Strategy Identify places in the school and give directions; (It develops…) Review vocabulary related to places around the school; Communicative goals Vocabulary related to directions. (Using the language for…) Objectives (Students will practice...) Procedure 1) Distribute a hand out to students with places around the school and their definitions. Students have to match places to definitions. Example: What’s a…. It’s a place where…. 1) Library ( ) …you can eat a hot dog 2) Teachers’ room ( ) …can read a book 3) Cafeteria ( ) …the teacher prepares classes 2) In pairs, students leave the classroom and go around the school, writing the directions to get to a place they choose on a piece of paper. They are not supposed to write the name of the place on the paper! Tell them to be very specific. Example: Leave the classroom and …”turn right. Walk 10 steps and turn left. After the teachers’ room walk 5 steps. It’s on your right.” 3) After they have finished (sometimes it takes more than one class!) –distribute the pieces of paper among the pairs, making sure students don’t get their own! Now it’s the turn of the new pair to find out which place the others went! Variations/ Contingency Plan Make a model of the school in groups.