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3.children´s instinct to play and fun


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3.children´s instinct to play and fun

  1. 1. 3.Children´s instinct to play and fun Teaching English for Primary Education
  2. 2. Some key ideas *Ch. capacity for finding and making fun. • They bring individuality and drama to what they do. Ex. Guessing game ( drama into their hiding of prompt cards, reactions of classmates) • In games their personalities emerge Make lg. their own!!
  3. 3. Games O Powerful contribution to learning!! O No matter how we explain an activity, someone produces his/her own version Better than it´s original idea. Ex. Adding sounds in a guessing location exercise.
  4. 4. O Through their sense of fun and play ch. are living lg. for real. O Ways to have individual personalities appear in the classroom: O Games. O Imaginative thinking
  5. 5. Class reading O Pg. 8. The instinct for interaction and talk. Group reading.