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Mobile Information Literacy Curriculum - Net Inclusion


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Lightning Talk for the Net Inclusion 2018 Summit on Mobile Information Literacy.

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Mobile Information Literacy Curriculum - Net Inclusion

  1. 1. Mobile Information Literacy: Adaptable Training for Smartphone Users Stacey Wedlake April 2018 Net Inclusion Cleveland, Ohio, USA
  2. 2. Mobile Information Literacy (MIL) @staceyawe
  3. 3. @staceyawe MIL Curriculum Topics include ▪ Intro to smartphones and mobile internet ▪ Searching for evaluating information ▪ Mobile security ▪ Exploring locally relevant apps designed to support adults in reaching their personal goals Photo by malcolm lightbody on Unsplash Photo by on Unsplash Photo by Beyond Access on Flickr.comPhoto by World Bank on
  4. 4. @staceyawe Myanmar First training in 2015 and have continued by MBAF with additional funding. Kenya March 2018: Nakuru, Kenya
  5. 5. @staceyawe US adaptation possibilities In the US, people with lower- incomes are more likely to be smartphone dependent 12% of Americans have smartphones but no home broadband Data source (2016): Pew Internet
  6. 6. Connect with us! Technology & Social Change Group @taschagroup Email: Stacey Wedlake @staceyawe Download, adapt, and share the curriculum.