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Countable and uncountable nounby tanbircox

  1. 1. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comআ঩নার ই−বুক বা pdf ররডাররর Menu Bar এর View অ঩লনরি তে রিক করর Auto /Automatically Scroll অ঩লনরি র঴র঱ক্টকরুন (অথবা ঴রা঴রর তযরে  Ctrl + Shift + H )। এবার ↑ up Arrow বা ↓ down Arrow তে রিক করর আ঩নার ঩ড়ার ঴ুরবধাঅনু঴ারর স্ক্র঱ স্পীড রিক করর রনন।Nouns are also divided into 2 classes – countable and uncountable noun. You are probably introducedwith these two types. Countable Noun can be divided into two types- singular and plural.It is important to distinguish between countable and uncountable noun. Because some determiners areused with only countable whereas some other with uncountable. Moreover in subject verb agreementyou will have to identify singular or plural. To distinguish between countable and uncountable,remember one thing; if you know the plural form of a noun, then it is certainly countable.যারের একক আরে [রযমনঃ Time, Distance, Weight, Money, Length], োরা অবলযই uncountable। অর্থাৎ এরাকখন াই plural ঵য় না। রকন্তু এরের এককগুর঱া আবার countable অথথাৎ এরা plural ঵রে ঩ারর।For Example:How much distance have you traveled?I am five hundred miles away from home.রকেু Uncountable Noun আবার তেত্র রবরলর঳ plural ঵রে ঩ারর অথথাৎ countable ঵রে ঩ারর েরব ত঴ইরেরত্র অথথ change঵রয় যায়। তযমনঃTime, Crop, Food, Water etc.Hundred, Thousand রকিংবা Million-এর কখরনাই plural ঵য় না।
  2. 2. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comFor Example:The total population is over 600 million.Bangladesh has 130 million people. (Not millions)রকন্তু রনরেথষ্ট ঴িংখযা না বুরিরয় অগরিে তবািারে আবার এরের ঴ারথ s ঵রে ঩ারর।For Example:Hundreds of our people starve everyday.Thousands of people starve everyday in our country.অ঴িংখয লব্দ আরে যারা Uncountable Noun। আর একরি কথা মরন রাখরব তয, এরা কখরনাইplural ঵য় না অথথাৎ s বর঴ না।For Example:The demonstrators broke the furniture of his room.The scenery of Gulmarg is very charming.Choose the correct sentence(C Unit 2003 – 2004)A. We take decisions based on some informationsB. We take decision based on some informationC. We take decisions based on some informationD. We take a decision based on some informationsE. Both A. and C. above.Choose the correct sentence.(B Unit 2004 – 2005)A. I need a few furnituresB. I do not need many furnitures.C. I do not need some furnitures.D. I need some furnitureThe ----- of the office will be sold.(D Unit 2002 – 2003)A. furniture B. furnituresC. pieces of furniture D. pieces and furnitureComplete the following sentence: Nasreen, aninterior decorator, designs ------(D Unit 2000-2001)A. furniture B. the furnitureC. furnitures D. some furniture
  3. 3. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comরকেু লরব্দর ঴ারথ s থাকা ঴রেও োরা plural form র঵র঴রব বযবহৃে ঵য় না অথথাৎ এরা uncountable noun.News, Politics, Economics, Ethics Mathematics, Innings etc.For Example:Since long no news has been heard.The Indian team defeated the Australian by an innings.The murderer was hanged on the gallows.রকেু লব্দ আরে যারের ঴ারথ s না থাকা ঴রেও এরা plural form অথথাৎ countable Noun.People, Children, Cattle etc.For Example:The people are generally considered to be ignorant fellows.The cattle were grazing when I went to the hills.The gentry of that place were invited to the meeting.রকেু Noun আরে যারা singular এবিং plural এ অ঩ররবরেথে form এ থারক। অথথাৎ plural ঵র঱ও এরের ঴ারথ কখরনাই s঵য় না।sheep, deer, pair, dozen, scoreFor Example:Yesterday I bought a pair of shoes.He bought five dozen oranges from Nagpur.Uncountable Noun এর ঴ারথ কখরনা তকারনা ঴িংখযাবাচক লব্দ বর঴ না। রকন্তু যরে কখরনা তকারনা ঴িংখযাবাচক লব্দরকuncountable Noun এর ঴ারথ use কররে ঵য় ত঴রেরত্র of যুক্ত suitable তকারনা লব্দ ব঴রব।For Example:I have bought five furniture. (Inc.)I have bought five pieces of furniture (Cor.)I need ----- soap to wash my dress with.(D Unit 2002 – 2003)A. any B. a piece of C. a D. muchKind এবিং Type এই word েুরি যখন singular noun এর ঴ারথ বর঴ ত঴রেরত্র kind এবিং type র঵র঴রবই use ঵য়। রকন্তুযরে plural noun এর ঴ারথ বর঴ ত঴রেরত্র kinds এবিং types ঵রয় যায়।We saw several kind of birds at the wildlife. (Inc)We saw several kinds of birds at the wildlife.(Cor)
  4. 4. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comFew,a few,the few.very few.not a few এরের ঩র plural countable noun + verb plural ঵য়।For Example:Professor Stone keeps few chairs in his officebecause he doesn’t have room for many.John has very few friends.Fill in the gap with any one of the following-Although southern California is denselypopulated, _______ live in the northern part ofthe state.A. a little people B. a few the peopleC. few people D. a little of peoplelittle/bit, a little / a bit ,the little, very little, not a little (এরের ঩র singular uncountable noun + verbsingular ঵য়।)For Example:There is little time to waste.My brother used to help a lot, but now he gives me little advice.Give me little butter, please.Fill in the gap with any one of the following-_______ is currently available to researchers andphysicians who study and treat acromegaly, a and obesity.A. The little information B. Few informationC. Little information D. A few informationUse of Some / Any : Some বযবহৃে ঵য় positive / affirmative sentence এ, রকন্তু Any বযবহৃে ঵য় negative এবিংquestion এ।For Example:John has some money.John doesn’t have any money.Countable এবিং Uncountable Noun এর ঴ারথ determiner এর বযব঵ার জানািা ও জরুরী। কারি তকান তকান
  5. 5. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comdeterminer আরে যারা শুধু Countable এর ঴ারথ use ঵য়, তকান তকান determiner আরে যারা শুধু Un countable এর঴ারথ use ঵য় আবার তকউ তকউ আরে যারা countable এবিং uncountable েুরিার ঴ারথই বর঴।রনরচর েকরি ভার঱ামে তখয়া঱ কর :few, a few, the few Little, a little, the littleMany Muchnumber of amount ofseveralanotherbotha lot of a lot ofa, an, the theall (of the) all (of the)some (of the) some (of the)a great deal of a great deal ofalmost all (of the) almost all (of the)any any---------Some (of the)a lot ofa great deal of a great deal ofalmost all (of the) almost all (of the)any anyChoose the correct option to fill the blank space inthe sentence (B Unit 2005 – 2006)“There is ––– on the roads today.”A. too many traffic B. very much trafficC. too much traffic D. few trafficsI don’t have ------ spare time these days.
  6. 6. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - Unit 2001 – 2002)A. many B. muchC. some D. more----- (D Unit 2004–05)A. how many money you owe meB. you owe me how much moneyC. you owe me how many moneyD. how much money you owe me(D Unit 2001– 02)A. Less people get American visas now a daysB. Less people get American visas now a daysC. Few people get American visas now a daysD. Fewer people get American visas now a daysThe police have collected ------- about the crime.(D Unit 1997 – 1998)A. many information B. many informationsC. a lot of information D. a lot of informationssentence? (C Unit 2001 – 2002)Certain infections are made by both viral andbacterial elements that makes treatment of thoseinfection difficult.A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 E. 5Exercise: Correct the words if the underlinedword is used incorrectly.1. Intergalactic adventures are what many of today’sanimation consists of.2. Little scientists doubt the existence of an ozone holeover the polar regions.3. Yachting attracts many of the world’s most famousand wealthy people.4. There are adult literacy classes for the workers,
  7. 7. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.commuch of whom never graduated from high school.5. The rhinoceros has few natural enemies.6. The artist Vincent van Gogh received littlerecognition during his lifetime.7. Heavy fines and jail sentences have made fewdifference in preventing antelope poaching.8. Tropical fish and song birds give many pleasure topeople who need to relax.9. Scientists have managed to clone that kind of proteingenes, but only as an exercise in basic research.10. The most renowned of America’s metalworker,Samuel Yellin, designed the ironwork for the NewYork Federal Reserve Bank.11. The childrens were counting the toys they hadcollected during the festivities.12. On the outskirts of the town, calf are frequently seengrazing in the meadows.13. The police officer gave some advices on crimeprevention at the community meeting.14. One series of grammar book that was used in theexperimental class was written by the studentsthemselves.15. Ultrasound bounces sound wave off the internalstructure of the body.16. A landslide at a mining site uncovered a brownishyellow stone which yielded 650 gram of gold.17. For two century, Madrid’s Plaza Mayor has servedas the city’s chief forum.18. Putting radio collars on bears helps scientists togather important informations concerning the bears’movements.19. Lorenzo Ruiz, the first Filipino saints, was bornabout 1600 in Binondo to a Chinese father and aTagala mother.20. America was discovered and inhabited thousands ofyears before the Europeans arrived.
  8. 8. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.comAnswer Key:1. much 2. Few 3. correct 4. many 5. Correct 6. correct 7. little 8. much 9. Researches 10. metalworkers11. children 12. Calves 13. advice14. books 15. waves 16. Grams 17. centuries 18. information 19. saint 20.correctইন্টাররনি ঵রে ঴িংগ্র঵ীে
  9. 9. Want more Updates  /gmail/skype: - http://tanbircox.blogspot.com