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Blog 5.4.2013


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Blog 5.4.2013

  1. 1. Well Its finally here ...It feels like Ive been blogging about this for ages now and Imslightly concerned about what Ill talk to you all about in nextweeks BLOG!!Team Synchro have been busy flying into St Louis from allover the place USA, Mexico, Spain, and the UK being a fewof them!They have had to overcome a number of ordeals includingdelayed luggage, and missed flights but as ever they battledon and all got their safely in the end and St Louis looks lovely....
  2. 2. They have been busy setting up booth #1463 ever since ...
  3. 3. I think it looks great and Shane Allen is particularly excited!!
  4. 4. Were all now very excited and looking forward to seeingmany faces both old and new.I am particularly excited about all the competition entries weare going to have to win a Microsoft Surface Tablet (If youhavent already, Please make sure you enter through ourFacebook page or the booth) We will be drawing the winneron 22nd April!! Im also looking forward to you all letting meknow what you think of the freebies the team are giving awayat the booth #1463.Of course not all of Team Synchro can attend the exhibitionsas we still have a duty to our customers to up hold by makingsure Synchro are available for all our customers support needsand as ever Lee and Jon have been busy doing this.I have had a busy week sorting out Competition entriesand maintaining Synchros Social Media activities as usual,My daily Brain teasers on Facebook have been proving verypopular this week especially with Joyce Green Barnhard andDavid Rose!!Im pleased to report Leah is completely back to her normalself and has had a nice week. She is finally saying uffouwe(Love You) which we have been waiting a long time to hear!In my spare time I have managed to complete a few moreclothes too ...
  5. 5. I am very pleased with myself for sticking to my New YearsResolution of Getting more creative !!Have a great week guys and thanks for reading.Victoria xHead of Social MediaSynchro ERP