Non Profit Social Media Workshop Presentation


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Non Profit Social Media Workshop Presentation

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  • This is an awesome presentation. We are in the process of doing one for our clients. This is a helpful model.
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  • - Social Media is More than Links: Now Many Social Media Channels Can Be Fed on your Website
  • - Campaigns should be relevant, short, and entertaining. You know something you would forward yourself.
  • - Campaigns should be relevant, short, and entertaining. You know something you would forward yourself.
  • - Campaigns should be relevant, short, and entertaining. You know something you would forward yourself.
  • - When and what to outsource in social media (Outsource strategy, Leverage Social Media Tools like Tweetdeck & Future Tweets)
  • Broadcast your own content then Distribute to YouTube, Vimeo, Tangle, etc.
  • - YouTube still claims that live streaming is “too expensive” Other free services include: ustream,, and livestream
  • - This Slide Shows How Much on your total online budget (Time & Money) you should allocate to Social Media Efforts
  • •       Always Align Mission and Values to Technology Initiatives (Don’t Just Let your Interns Manage these properties) •       Practice Online Stewardship with Time and Money (Focus Strategy on Social Media Initiatives that make sense for your ministry)
  • Non Profit Social Media Workshop Presentation

    1. 1. Prepared for Apple’s Orange County Non-Profit Clients Social Media Presentation Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 - Ian Utile (Take No Glory)
    2. 2. Are You Ready? Social Media Revolution
    3. 3. Global Internet Users Almost Two Billion Internationally
    4. 4. How Do People Get Online? Source: Mobile Web Design by Cameron Moll, Telephia 850M 1.5 B 2.7 B
    5. 6. This rocks! I never had it so good!!!
    6. 7. “ look lower” “ I know all about social media, check out my icons…”
    7. 8. Case Study – Twitter, Blog, Facebook
    8. 9. Case Study - YouTube with Website
    9. 10. Case Study - YouTube with Website
    10. 12. Don’t get excited about the social tools! These are only tools to empower you. Be excited about your organization :)
    11. 14. Do you really have time to tweet?
    12. 18. Mass Online Video Distribution
    13. 19. Live Video Streaming Experiments
    14. 24. You NEED to raise money and/or get results. Talk MUST impact behavior.
    16. 26. Programs and campaigns take manpower…
    17. 27. … and technology…
    18. 28. … and most importantly, time.
    19. 29. What kind of mood is The old man in today? Not good. He doesn’t care how many visitors the website gets! How is it all helping grow the biz yo?
    20. 30. Give me a good reason why I should assign resources to this thing. The old man wants to know how this will help the organization
    21. 31. These resources = 100% of your budget Head Count Advertising E-Marketing Inbound Call Center Sales Dept. Public Relations Marketing I.T. Accounting These resources generate 100% of your outcomes
    22. 32. Social Media’s Share of the Online Marketing Budget
    23. 33. Which buckets do we empty to fill this new one? Understand that a new marketing program’s funding doesn’t appear out of thin air.:
    24. 34. Question #1: Will it save money? In member support? Communicate more effectively for less? Question #2: Will it generate revenue? I want more volunteers, more new members, more exposure, etc. Ultimately, the P&L drives every organization’s decisions.
    25. 35. R . O . I . RETURN ON INVESTMENT
    26. 36. The Problem I’m a Social Media guru. Love isn’t about ROI, baby. Forget your greedy ways.
    27. 37. THE R.O.I. EQUATION Investment Expectation of return
    28. 38. The Truth About R.O.I. ROI is a business metric, not a media metric. ROI is 100% media-agnostic. Only measuring digital or social won’t get you anywhere.
    29. 39. What if you aren’t “for profit?” You still depend on some kind of revenue to function: Grants, funding, donations, membership fees, etc. Same thing. Revenue is revenue. Budgets are budgets. Money is money.
    30. 40. R.O.I. Confusion - Operational Silos Engagement R.O.I. Different Focus + Different Perspective
    31. 41. It all starts with one question: What are you trying to accomplish? Define the objective FIRST. THEN come up with the tactics.
    32. 42. Awareness Do enough people know about us? Do enough people think about us? Context Do people think of us in the right way? Value Do people understand our value? What we offer? Relevance Do people appreciate our value to them? Catalysts Do people have a reason to think about us? To engage with us? To buy into us? Brand Management: Momentum Drivers
    33. 43. Outcomes Net New Members , Increased Frequency of Donations and Volunteerism , increased yield (average $ value per donation ), exposure Member Support Immediate feedback and response, impact in public forum, cost reduction, increased interactions, varied interactions, mobile Human Resources More effective recruiting, monitoring of employee behavior (management) Public Relations Online Reputation Management, improved brand image via Social Web, Clarification of purpose & value, Direct communication with public Member Loyalty Increased interactions, better quality of interactions, deeper relationship with cause , increased trust in organization , increased mindshare of cause, greater values alignment Ways in which Social Media can help an association:
    34. 44. Focus Invest a Little & Focus your Attention
    35. 45. Social Media Monitoring Collects Online Mentions for Measurement and Response
    36. 46. Free Social Media Monitoring Tools
    37. 47. Paid Social Media Monitoring Tools
    38. 48. Mashable ( An online social media marketing blog with about 20 posts a day Website Grader ( Useful tool for measuring the marketing effectiveness of your website, get a free custom report in seconds with advice for your website Marketing Sherpa ( A great resource for case studies and insights into marketing tactics Other Social Marketing Resources
    39. 49. Finally, someone with some real metrics for me to sink my teeth into! Good job, Sparky! You done gewd! Make the case for Social Media’s value.
    40. 50. Dudes, we are ON THIS!!! Let’s start engagin’!!! I’ll start crafting some wicked blog posts and online contests. Let’s get people Talking about us.
    41. 51. I love This stuff!
    42. 52. Second largest search engine in the world, only to Google Twitter now has over 100 MILLION registered users. 55,000,000 tweets per day. 37% of users tweet from their phones. Welcome To The Revolution Facebook has over 500 MILLION users  Millions of people are content publishers now.