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Social media marketing presentation at #fusionmex by Olivier Blanchard - @thebrandbuilder


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Keynote covering intelligent use, planning and integration of social media marketing in the enteprise, given by Olivier Blanchard (@thebrandbuilder) at Fusion Marketing Experience (#fusionmex) Brussels on March 23, 2011.

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Social media marketing presentation at #fusionmex by Olivier Blanchard - @thebrandbuilder

  1. 1. olivier alain blanchard @thebrandbuilder
  2. 4. How Social Media is thought to plug into a business My Marketing could use some of that social media!
  3. 5. Customer Support Market Research Online Reputation Management Community Management Consumer Insights Recruiting Business Development Sales P.R. Business Measurement Marketing Education Thought Leadership Search/SEO Mobility How Social Media actually plugs into a business Customer Acquisition Lead Generation Crisis Management Internal collaboration Customer Retention Advertising Advocacy Event Management Fund-Raising Corporate Communications
  4. 6. The four core disciplines of Social Media Mgmt.
  5. 7. … are also the four phases of Social Media program dvlpmt.
  6. 8. Making Social Media Actually Work for Your Organization...
  7. 9. … starts with the right question.
  8. 10. Unfortunately, there are lots of wrong questions…
  9. 11. What if we are already doing email marketing?
  10. 12. Should we outsource our social media program?
  11. 13. What should we post on our Facebook page?
  12. 14. How many Twitter followers should we shoot for?
  13. 15. What’s a good number of tweets per week?
  14. 16. Do we need a community manager?
  15. 17. Should the Marketing department manage this?
  16. 18. Social media is a Marketing function!
  17. 19. No. Social media is a Public Relations function!
  18. 20. Everyone knows that social media is really a conduit for digital advertising!
  19. 21. I think he means Customer Service. You’re all wrong. It’s a Consumer Insights function.
  20. 22. Bo-ring! Isn’t social media all about conversations and engagement with the community?
  21. 23. Are you serious?
  22. 24. Let’s start over. Unlearn everything. Start fresh.
  23. 25. Social Media is not just a marketing channel, so don’t treat it like one. Lesson #1:
  24. 26. Customer Acquisition Customer Development Customer Retention Think beyond the now.
  25. 27. Customer Acquisition Customer Development Customer Retention Don’t only focus on this. Think a year from now.
  26. 28. Social media plugs into all of your business functions, from customer service to market research.. Lesson #2:
  27. 29. Marketing PR Customer Service Business Development HR Community Mgr. Blogger guy One Social Media role cannot properly serve all of an organization’s needs. Social Media Strategy?
  28. 30. Properly deployed Social Media looks like this: Community Mgr. Blogger guy Business Development Customer Service PR Marketing HR
  29. 31. We’re all using it. It fits nicely everywhere.
  30. 32. Lesson #3: Don’t over-think it.
  31. 33. <ul><li>Use social media to learn everything you couldn’t 6 months ago. </li></ul><ul><li>Use social media to be more useful than the other guys. </li></ul><ul><li>Repeat. </li></ul>
  32. 34. Rule #4: He who creates the most refreshing value wins. Use social media as a differentiator.
  33. 37. Building a page isn’t enough. Now you own it.
  34. 39. How hard is it to include your contact info?
  35. 41. How much value does this provide?
  36. 43. “ We need to be on Facebook.”
  37. 45. Compare this version of “engagement” with reality.
  38. 47. Rule #5: You cannot buy better social media.
  39. 48. Social Media is a visible extension of who you are as a company. It is both a microphone and a mirror.
  40. 49. You can fake being nice, but it is going to be VERY hard to keep it up every day for the next 20 years.
  41. 50. You are always only one *sshole away from losing your best customer. Social media or not. (Hire well.)
  42. 51. Just because something looks cool, makes a lot of noise… … and costs a lot of money doesn’t mean it will actually work. Rule #6:
  43. 53. Zero planning. Zero monitoring. Zero response ability. Zero expertise. Zero effectiveness.
  44. 54. Oh sh*t!
  45. 55. Rule #7: Have a plan.
  46. 56. Meanwhile…
  47. 58. Rule #8: Social media does not erase business goals.
  48. 59. “ What are you trying to accomplish?” Define the objective FIRST. THEN come up with the tactics. Social media is there to serve the needs of your business.
  49. 60. So what do you or your clients want? More visitors to their website? More engagement? More mindshare? More sales? More market share? More exposure? More positive press? More positive perception? More traffic to brick & mortar stores? More loyal customers?
  50. 61. Macro Objectives As an organization, what are my most important objectives?
  51. 62. Micro Objectives As a department, what are my most important objectives?
  52. 63. A word about Goals: Goals are not targets. Increase net new customers Increase sales revenue Increase net unique website visitors Increase the number of followers Increase market share Increase positive sentiment Increase positive recommendations/WOM Increase mindshare Attract better talent Amplify marketing efforts Increase customer participation Improve reputation with investors
  53. 64. Set targets. Be specific. Be clear. +500 net new transacting customers this Q +13% sales revenue YoY +8000 net new website visitors this M 200 Net new followers this W +3% more market share YoY 100% increase in pos.sentiment
  54. 65. Build your measurement methodology from these targets. Don’t just focus on the usual “social media” metrics: New Twitter followers “ Likes” Retweets Click-throughs Brand mentions Impressions Focus on YOUR objectives and targets.
  55. 74. Rule #9: Flexibility and adaptability trump expertise
  56. 75. Rule #10: Don’t be a clone.
  57. 76. What ends up working will be unique to your needs.
  58. 77. And finally… A final piece of logical advice…
  59. 78. If you aren’t using social media to become a better company, you aren’t using it right.
  60. 79. Ways in which Social Media can help a business: Sales Net New Customers, Increased Frequency of Transactions, promo exposure Increased yield (average $ value per transaction), and product penetration Customer Support Immediate feedback and response, positive impact in public forum, cost reduction Human Resources More effective recruiting, online monitoring of employee behavior (risk management) Public Relations Online Reputation Management, improved brand image via Social Web Customer Loyalty Increased interactions, better quality of interactions, deeper relationship with brand, Increased trust in brand, increased mindshare of brand, greater values alignment Business Intelligence Know Everything. (No, really.)
  61. 80. Thank you, Brussels!!! Learn more at @ thebrandbuilder OlivierBlanchard .net