Green Syed Mar 1 One 2009


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Green Jobs overview

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Green Syed Mar 1 One 2009

  1. 1. Syed Lia-quat Ali, CEM, CSDP, BEP Energy Management Professional
  2. 2. A Green Job Example 1
  3. 3. Brief overview 2
  4. 4. Head Line 3
  5. 5. Brief overview A green-collar worker is a worker who is employed in the environmental sectors of the economy: - Technology to improve conservation and sustainability - Energy efficiency and clean renewable energy Job examples Wind Power Solar Power • Environmental engineers • Installer • Machinists • Electricians Transportation Biofuels • Civil engineers • Chemists • Bus drivers • Farm product purchasers Energy Efficiency/Building Retrofitting Hybrid Cars • Boilermakers • Factory Staff • Energy Auditor 5
  6. 6. World Wide 6
  7. 7. Renewable Energy Examples Thermal Power 7
  8. 8. Example 8
  9. 9. Example 9
  10. 10. A Green Job Example 10
  11. 11. A Green Job Example Becoming a LEED Accredited Professional LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and is a performance-based rating system for green buildings established by the U.S Green Building Council. It has come to be accepted as the benchmark for green building, and covers all aspects of a building, from materials, to energy, water and building operation. LEED is on the minds of many people in the building industry these days, and employers are looking to bolster their green credentials any way possible, including having employees that are LEED accredited. Becoming a LEED accredited professional (LEED AP) gets your name listed on a directory of LEED APs and gives you more credibility to employers or clients. How LEED Works Studied for about a month to pass the exam, which consists of 80 questions covering all aspects of the rating system. The way LEED works is that the points are broken down into 5 topic areas: Sustainable Sites; Energy & Atmosphere; Water Efficiency; Materials and Resources; and Indoor Air Quality. A final category rewards efforts that don't fall under the other topic areas. Within each category, points are awarded for achieving environmental performance. For instance, 1-10 points can be earned under Energy & Atmosphere, depending on the energy-efficiency of the building. Each category has pre- requisites that must be met, and depending on how many points the project is awarded a building can be rated anywhere from LEED certified to LEED platinum. (Learn more about how LEED works here.) Adobe Systems Incorporated in San Jose, Calif., 11
  12. 12. Green Jobs Guide down load from website 12
  13. 13. Green Jobs in California 13
  14. 14. Green Jobs Training 14
  15. 15. Green Jobs Websites 15
  16. 16. Q&A Next Presentation – 2 weeks US Green Building Council – LEED – AP Thanks 16