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Value engineering can be defined as the process of relating the functions, the quality, and the
costs to determine optimum solutions for the project

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  1. 1. APPROACH TO VALUE ENGINEERING USING PRO/ENGINEER“Engineering is the conceptualization, design, construction, andadministration of projects and products. Whatever the field or application, anengineer solves problems with imagination, creativity and synthesis of varioussources of knowledge”. W H I T E P A P E R S
  2. 2. O view verVALUE ENGINEERINGValue engineering is a tool wherein its application on projects and products helps achieve itswhole-life value. Essentially, the project or product is viewed from its purpose and functionright through to its conception, actualization / manufacture, usage and simultaneously in areverse order from its usage back to its purposes and functions.Value engineering has its origin in the manufacturing industry; its methodology has beendeveloped for use in design projects. The realization of whole-life value for a design projectinvolves finding optimum combinations of initial project costs, maintenance costs, and costsassociated with the time for completion of the project.Value engineering can be defined as the process of relating the functions, the quality, and thecosts to determine optimum solutions for the project.The procedures of value engineering lead to a solution that emphasizes the role of thefunctions of the project, seeks to achieve whole-life value for the project, and relies on the bestjudgment of the study team in making final design choices. Value Engineering 2
  3. 3. PROCESS MAPPING! Identify components or sub-assemblies for complex products! Identify primary product functions - expressed as a verb and a noun! Estimate component or sub-assembly costs and calculate the relative cost of each! Estimate the value of each component! Calculate the cost of each function and evaluate the relative cost of all functions! Investigate improvements WHEN WHERE Place Time Site Roles Form Functions Client/ State Variables Customers KPIs WHO Players Inputs,Outputs Stakeholders Transformations Purpose, Physical system Models Needs, Targets Decision, Vision HOW Resource Alternatives Criteria WHY Success Control,QAValue engineering benefits! Proactive result-oriented methodology that "adds value" to products and services.! Provides high Returns On Investment (ROI) and Reduces capital and life cycle costs.! Provides "performance / productivity / quality" improvements.! Reduces time to market / improves project schedules.! Provides a step change rather than just an incremental change in business.! VE methodology provides the tools and creates an environment for project teams to find creative and cost effective solutions to complex technical and organizational problems.! Improves management’s decision-making capabilities by presenting alternative solutions to a problem. Effective means to promote and manage change within an organization.! Powerful team building process and creativity tool. Conditions participants to think, “outside-the-box.”! Excellent alignment tool between customer’s needs and the design teams.! Teaches how to do the "right" job, TQM helps to do the job "right” Value Engineering 3
  4. 4. PRO/ENGINEERPro/ENGINEER is a parametric, integrated 3D CAD/CAM/CAE solution created byParametric Technology Corporation (PTC). PTC was the first to market parametric, feature-based, associative solid modeling software.There are three basic Pro/ENGINEER design steps from conception to completion:! Part creation! Assembly creation! Drawing creationWe can use Pro/ENGINEER to create a complete 3D digital model of the products. Themodels consist of 2D and 3D solid model data which can also be used downstream in finiteelement analysis, rapid prototyping, tooling design, and CNC manufacturing. All data isassociative and interchangeable between the CAD, CAE and CAM modules withoutconversion.2D drawing using Pro/E 3D Model using Pro/ECase Study (Improving product efficiency using Pro/ENGINEER )About Client: Our Client is a leading multi billion dollar global furniture manufacturer, with more than 500 product lines, more than 15,000 employees worldwide, manufacturing facilities in over 50 locations and more than 900 dealer locations around the world. They have a comprehensive portfolio of furniture and furniture systems reconfigurable architectural, technology and lighting products.Business Need: Globalization, Changing demographics and Technology are changing consumer base rapidly increasing. This creates huge demand but not necessary for the same product at the same price tags. These forcing companies think differently and re look at their cost and create product that meet needs of market and trends.Project Scope: Scope was to build CAD model by Reverse engineering of physical Chairs using Pro/ENGINEER. This includes Concept design, Detail design, Analysis and Optimization, Digital prototyping and Product lifecycle management. Value Engineering 3
  5. 5. ClientChallenges: Client was having approximately 22 different Chairs configurations. Actually these ware acquired by different companies. Clint was not having Part and Assembly CAD models. And BOM of these configurations were not properly stored and organized. Client’s biggest challenge was to Categorize, Configure and Design these chair models on CAD platform. Because of not having the proper controlled CAD data client was facing the below problems. 1. Difficulty in product development and Design change 2. Difficulty in coordinating with the vendors 3. Coordinate with Shop floor 4. Increased complex inventory 5. Difficulty in servicing 6. Configuration of the Standard partsHow ITChelped: Initially client asked build CAD design model for 6 styles by Reverse Engineering of physical chairs. This was just reproduction of existing components in CAD by means of scanning and measuring and building models using Pro/E. We studied and analyzed configuration of all the available styles. We identified a potential for Value Engineering by inducting 16 unplanned styles (Existing designs available with customer) into the project and eliminating the remaining designs which were mostly redundant. Our knowledge based engineering solutions and engineering initiatives will enable our customers to improve productivity and improve re-use. We thought of modularity in some of the mechanism like Backrest mechanism, Height adjustment mechanism, Spider wheel mechanism. Backrest (J-bar) Assembly Height Adjustment Mechanism Spider wheel Assembly Value Engineering 5
  6. 6. BusinessBenefits: We believed in providing innovative value-based solution to our clients. Our client benefited immensely by out sourcing, not only labor arbitrage as primary goal. While we are enable our partner to improve on process, quality and capabilities. We have full set of product engineering lifecycle capabilities, delivery capabilities and cutting edge collaborative R&D methods. ! Resulted in modularity in configuration ! Proposition of alternate materials resulted in reducing cost and weight (6 – 7%) ! Reduction of cost on inventory by eliminating the part varieties and also resulted in increased space utilization by almost 50% ! Improved service quality as spare parts are available mostly off the shelf which earlier involved Manufacturing lead times ! Manufacturing lead time is eliminated ! All the 22 designs were automated using design automation which brought down the design time by more than 40% ! Reduced time to search for the Parts and Assembly ! Drive down the cost of the product and its development Value Engineering 6
  7. 7. ITC InfotechITC Infotech is a fully owned subsidiary of ITC Ltd, a diversified business conglomerate. ITC isone of India’s foremost private sector companies and runs market-leading businesses inmultiple segments. ITC completed 100 years of leadership in 2010.ITC Infotech is a global IT services and solutions company. The company focuses ondeveloping industry specific solutions aimed at client’s unique business requirements andchallenges in critical performance areas. ITC Infotech has also established technology Centersof Excellence (CoEs) to deepen capabilities and incubate cutting-edge technicalcompetencies.A robust outsourcing model, comprehensive suite of differentiated solutions, and focus onexcellence in execution, have provided ITC Infotech a leadership position in its chosendomains. The company is working with a bevy of Fortune listed global customers and itsservice delivery footprint spans five continents, spread across 140 countries. To contact our subject matter experts, please write to: www.itcinfotech.comGlobal LocationsNorth America: New Jersey, New York, San Jose, Houston, Troy, BentonvilleEMEA: Milton Keynes, Copenhagen, Prague, JohannesburgAsia Pac: Kolkata, Bangalore, Victoria, Singapore Value Engineering 7