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PGK Services Presentation


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Published in: Business, Technology
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PGK Services Presentation

  1. 1. Specialists in Vehicle Interior Systems 30 years of Global Experience Design | Engineering | Innovation Technology | Simulation | 3D Visualization | Materials |Tooling Program Management Staffing |TrainingPGK Services Presentation ©PGK2011 1
  2. 2. At PGK, We Understand Great ProductsInterior & Exterior involvement: Aston Martin DB9 > Audi A8 > Bentley Continental GT > BMW 5, 7, X3, X5 Series >Chrysler Prowler > DAF Trucks > 2009 Dodge Ram > Ford Focus, Flex, 2011 Explorer > GM, Corvette, Tahoe, Yukon >Jaguar, S, X > 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee > Land Rover, Range Rover, LR2 > MAN Trucks > Mercedes A, C, E, M, G, S,Class, Actros Truck Series > Mastercraft Prostar > Mini > Mitsubishi > Navistar Trucks > Nissan, Versa > Opel Astra > 2Peterbilt Trucks > Rolls Royce Phantom > Smart > Standard Taxi > Tesla Model S > Toyota > Volvo > VW
  3. 3. Who We Are PGK is a forward-thinking, innovative automotive design and engineering company. Customer and employee focused Specialists in the development of vehicle interiors and transportation and have been contracted to develop some of the worlds’ most prestigious vehicle interiors Over 30 years of experience. We understand and are passionate about… “The World of Automotive Interiors” Environmentally responsible in our designs and business practices ISO 9001:2008 Certified PGK Services Presentation ©PGK2011 3
  4. 4. Our Business Areas Why PGK Services? Engineering Product Development Experts implementing advanced technologies and processes covering design, product engineering, craftsmanship, PQ, materials innovation, 3D visualization, simulation and proven program management techniques. Technology Management represents trend setting, technology driven, product, advanced material and software suppliers, to help assist our Clients in the develop of “world class” products. Staffing Solutions offers an in-depth knowledge in vehicle interiors, safety and exterior systems to our Clients, both “on site” and within our facilities.  PGK has certified training programs in engineering and design. Global Alliance Partners gives PGK a presence throughout the USA, Korea, China, India, Mexico and Germany. PGK Services Presentation ©PGK2011 4
  5. 5. The Goal > Speed to MarketExperience, Processes & Tools to Get You There Faster Tools that support global OEM’s, Tier Suppliers and Material Manufacturers in the research, development, design and engineering of innovative products Maximize product performance, functionality and desirability to improve consumer satisfaction, brand loyalty and profitability Define product characteristics > benchmark the competition > offer intelligent cost effective solutions > bring innovative product ideas to the table Using 3D visualization technologies, we help eliminate design risk and reduce the number of prototypes and save costs Our Client list speaks for itself: PGK Services Presentation ©PGK2011 5
  6. 6. Our Product ExpertiseFocused and Specialized in Vehicle Interiors and Transportation Development Interior systems, including instrument panels, door trims, overhead, safety restraint systems, seating systems, HVAC, electrical, acoustic, soft trim, cover materials, vinyl, leather, paints, polymers, natural fibers, plastics... Exterior components, including fascias, lighting, exterior décor, mirrors, grilles, wheel-liners, acoustics… *Image generated by RTT in DeltaGen PGK Services Presentation ©PGK2011 6
  7. 7. Engineering ServicesConcept Design to Vehicle Launch Proof of concept and feasibility, industrial engineering, intelligent benchmarking, package studies, DMU, Class A surface development, human engineering, ergo & HMI, predictive engineering, PQ & craftsmanship, materials & applications, dimensional management, program management. Virtual prototypes, 3D visualization, simulation, roominess, sight vision, reflection studies, reach studies… *Images generated by RTT in DeltaGen PGK Services Presentation ©PGK2011 7
  8. 8. Engineering ExpertsOur Network of Subject Matter Experts Offer In-Depth Knowledge In: Product design engineering Class A surface development Perceived quality and craftsmanship Appearance, color & trim, materials Seating development HMI & human factors, eye tracking Ergonomics & understandability Tooling and manufacturing PGK Services Presentation ©PGK2011 8
  9. 9. Program ManagementPGK utilizes innovative tools and advanced technologies, combined with proven programmanagement techniques, to reduce the number of design iterations, eliminate design risk andreduce prototype costs. White Space Strategy/Vision Concept/Design Engineering Product Marketing Pre-production Production Future Niche Product Market Strategic Concept Design Engineering Engineering Product Product Process Volume Markets products strategy vision targets development confirmation development confirmation tooling validation maturation production 3D Visualization / Electronic / Virtual builds Bucks Simulators Prototype Off-tools Off-process Saleable products Test market reaction Feedback to Design/Engineering Feedback and inform manufacturing NO YESCostly physical prototype too late 9 Substitute with virtual “life like” prototypes
  10. 10. Virtual Tools and Processes Advanced Virtual Engineering and Virtual Prototype Tools PGK uses the latest 3D visualization technologies to visualize and communicate “world class” product solutions throughout the development phase.  Creative users of Alias, Catia, UG and ProE and other CAD systems  Package and ergo studies with human solutions RAMSIS™  Color & trim, paints, material representation with RTT DeltaGen™ & Vistagy  Manufacturing and dimensional variation with Icona Aestshetica™  Seating Comfort software from “ERL” Ergonomics Research Laboratory*Images generated by Human Solutions in RAMSIS PGK Services Presentation ©PGK2011 10
  11. 11. Time to MarketUp Front, Early Research with Design and Technology, Save $’s Later Concept Engineering ProcessSpecification Development Validation Planning Production 1000 PGK “Fresh Eyes” Problem Cost Project Cost non biased 3rd party opinion reduces changes and prevents delays 100 10 1 Problem Cost Project Cost
  12. 12. Technology ManagementProviding Innovative Products, Materials and Manufacturing Technologies PGK TM represents Clients with unique and innovative solutions in product materials, engineering development and manufacturing. PGK is part of a network of globally active companies and leading suppliers who jointly offer innovative solutions to our customers. Partnerships and formal alliances on a global capacity, including Asia Pacific, Mexico, Europe, Germany, India, China and Korea 3D visualization software > materials > decorative skins > virtual simulation > virtual prototypes > market research > consumer research > prototype build > tooling > testing > validation Excel PGK Services Presentation ©PGK2011 12
  13. 13. Staffing SolutionsStaffing, In-Client Placement and TrainingPGK Services is a recognized leader in Staffing Solutions. We offer a fullrange of flexible options to meet the needs of our Clients. We have ahistory of unparalleled service and commitment to our Clients in local,regional and global markets.For over 30 years we have worked “hand in hand” with our globally activeClients, providing tailor-made solutions to their staffing and recruitmentneeds.The Advantages-Specialized Service and Quality-Extensive network – local, regional, global-Proven track record ISO 9001: 2008 Certified-Practical and cost effective-Attractive and competitive benefit packages-Industry low fluctuation rate PGK Services Presentation ©PGK2011 13
  14. 14. Staffing SolutionsServing Our Clients With Creative Staffing Solutions Technical Professional Manufacturing Design, Engineering, R&D Administration Production, Quality Design/CAD CATIA, UGNX,  Human Resources  Automation Pro E, IDEAS  Accounting  JIT Production Engineering  Clerical  Industrial Engineering (Plastics,  Customer Services  Maintenance Mechanical, Electrical)  Executive  Production Program Management  Finance  Prototype Dimensional Engineering  Managerial  Quality R&D  Procurement  Shipping & Receiving Validation  Administrative  Skilled Trades IT Software Support  Tooling Technical Support  Part Quality Control PGK Services Presentation ©PGK2011 14
  15. 15. Staffing SolutionsServing Our Clients With Creative Staffing Solutions At PGK we are professional and passionate about our work, and we are dedicated to helping our Clients with the best possible staffing solutions. Comprehensive employment and placement strategies for contract, contract-to- hire, direct placement, full technical program support, executive search and consultants Customized solutions that deliver qualified talent at competitive rates An MSP (Main Service Provider)/VMP (Vendor Management Provider) Minority content solutions: Formal partnership with a minority certified company, Excel Technical Services, Inc. Veteran owned and registered supplier to the U.S. Government ISO 9001:2008 Certified PGK Services Presentation ©PGK2011 15
  16. 16. Training SolutionsCustomized Training Solutions to Meet the Needs of Our Clients Employees trained in latest technologies, ensuring quality personnel Corporate training initiatives utilizing state-funded training grants awarded by the State of Michigan Collaborate with Michigan Technical Education Center (MTEC) Support of undergraduate studies through Central Michigan University (CMU)  Bachelor of Science Degree in Vehicle Design  First of its kind in the nation  Founded in 1996 by Patrick Kirby in conjunction with CMU PGK Services Presentation ©PGK2011 16
  17. 17. Interior TrendsWhere Do You Invest? Consumer Expectations: OEM Manufacturing Trends: Soft feel surfaces, fine grain, low • Flexibility gloss • Modularity Distinctive color and texture variation • Component usability between Quality feel of console lid and brands glove box door opener • Invest in A side surfaces Quality and feel of switches and • Save money on B side non-visible controls surfaces Understandability and usability of controls • Design for disassembly Usable, practical and flexible stowage Illumination mood lighting PGK Services Presentation ©PGK2011 17
  18. 18. At PGK, We Understand Great ProductsInterior & Exterior involvement: Aston Martin DB9 > Audi A8 > Bentley Continental GT > BMW 5, 7, X3, X5 Series >Chrysler Prowler > DAF Trucks > 2009 Dodge Ram > Ford Focus, Flex, 2011 Explorer > GM, Corvette, Tahoe, Yukon >Jaguar, S, X > 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee > Land Rover, Range Rover, LR2 > MAN Trucks > Mercedes A, C, E, M, G, S,Class, Actros Truck Series > Mastercraft Prostar > Mini > Mitsubishi > Navistar Trucks > Nissan, Versa > Opel Astra > 18Peterbilt Trucks > Rolls Royce Phantom > Smart > Standard Taxi > Tesla Model S > Toyota > Volvo > VW
  19. 19. To SummarizeWhat Can We Do to Help You? PGK is an automotive focused innovation and technology company. Our engineering staff and business partners have experience working with all major OEM’s and Tiers, where we endeavor to use our global knowledge and expertise to help develop “world-class” product solutions. PGK Services Presentation ©PGK2011 19
  20. 20. Product Solutions Engineered to PerfectionExperts That Will Help Redefine Your InteriorsThank you.PGK Engineering Services950 Stephenson HighwaySuite 208Troy, MI 48083 USAPhone +1 (248) *Image generated by RTT in DeltaGen PGK Services Presentation ©PGK2011 20