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Tasteof america

  1. 1. The Management would like to take this opportunity toThank you for joining us at The Taste Of America Club.We offer an invitation to enhance your dining pleasure We offer a variety of wines,you may select your favorite or ask our trained staff to select one for you.It is a pleasure to have you and yours with us today.May we suggest that you enjoy a cocktail duringthe few minutes that it will take to prepare your A La Carte order.The essence of culinary art is time. We ask for you kind indulgence.1. Exceptional appetizers2. Soup and Love , The First is Best3. Tantalizing Salads4. Treasures from the Lakes, Seas and Streams5. Treasures from far and near6. For our little friends7. Beverages(To warm,to nourish, and to refresh)8. European Favorites9. America’s Favorites10. Evening specials
  2. 2. Anatomy of OurCheesesteak• Crusty rolls• Meat seared to a caramelizedbrown (rib-eye to top round)• Grilled onions sweet and golden• Cheese real Cheez Whiz orAmerican• Chiles and SaucesThe truth is that a transcendent steak mustexist in perfect harmony, an ethereal melding ofcheese and onion and juicy meat, swirling at theheight of its flavors through your roll at that verymoment you take a bite.Call it the perfect storm of steaks.
  3. 3. The Taste of AmericaThe Taste of AmericaEvery Sunday10:00 – 13:00hrsMom&Pop Breakfast3 Eggs4 Strips of bacon or sausage linksHome friesToast1 bottomless cup of coffeeSpecial OmeletsDenverSautéed onions, green peppers & ham.$4.99Taco OmeletTaco meat,tomatoes, olives,sour cream,cheese.&salsa.$5.50Garbage Grinder OmeletOutrageously large and not easy to eat. This monster is a five egg creationFilled with ham, bacon, cheese,chopped sirloin,mushrooms,onions, and tomatoes$6.75Combination breakfast2 Eggs, bacon,ham,or sausage w/homefries & toast$3.992 Eggs, New York Strip Steak, homefries & toast$7.993 Scrambled eggs with diced ham &home fries$2.99
  4. 4. Breakfast OmeletsAll omelets are made with three(3) large fresh eggs & a generousportion of filings.Cheese omelet$2.99Ham,Sausage or Bacon omelet with cheese$3.99Side OrdersPancakes, Full stack (6) $2.99Short stack(3) $1.99Pancake toppings $.99Texas French toast (2) $1.99Sausage, bacon, or ham $1.25Home fries $1.50Large egg $.99½ Melon (in Season)$2.00
  5. 5. For Our Little FriendsFor Our Little FriendsFish sticks$4.50Chicken Little (strips)$3.99Baby Schnitzel$3.99Rindswurst$2.99All items served with French fries
  6. 6. APPETIZERSAPPETIZERSESCARGOTESCARGOT6 Hot snails served with toast points$4.99Shrimp CocktailShrimp CocktailCold shrimp with cocktail sauceServed on a bed of crisp lettuce$6.50Sea Mussels(Rheinische Art)Sea Mussels(Rheinische Art)18-24 Mussels in a special sauceServed with toast points$$5.99Green & Red WingsGreen & Red Wings3 Green & 3 Red chicken wings(Hot&Spicy)
  7. 7. Salad SpecialsSalad SpecialsHOTHOTChicken, TacoGyros or ShrimpCOLDCOLDTuna,Chicken, Turkey, HamCrabmeat,Beef or ShrimpServed on a bed of chilled Iceberg lettucewith tomatoes ,shredded carrots hard cookedeggs , cheese and onion.$4.99Your choice of dressing.
  8. 8. SUBMARINESPhilly Cheese Steak SubShaved Beef Steak w/ onion, mushrooms, & melted cheese.€8.50Fireman’s Sub.Hot Beef, turkey, ham, w/melted cheese and garlic cream toppedwith shredded lettuce and sliced tomatoes€7.90Beef & Onion SubHot stacked beef with sautéed onions.€7.50French DipHot roast beef with Au Jus€6.50Cannonball Sub (Meat ball)6 meat balls inn Italian pizza sauce with melted Mozzarella€5.00East Coast StyleCorned beef, ham and provolone cheese,served with shredded lettuceSliced tomatoes and pickles.€6.00All subs served with French fries
  9. 9. Friday Night is Steak NightFriday Night is Steak NightSurf & TurfFilet Mignon & Baked Lobster TailBaked Potato w/Sour CreamBroccoli and Dinner Salad$18.99Texas T-Bone SteakSautéed onion and mushroomsHome fried potatoes and Buttered cornDinner salad$14.99Rib eye SteakBaked Potato and green beansDinner salad$11.99New York StripBaked Potato and green beansDinner salad$10.99
  10. 10. POULTRYPOULTRYVirginia Fried ChickenVirginia Fried ChickenChicken pieces seasoned seasoned and fried the waythey do in Virginia.$.6.99Breast of Chicken RancherBreast of Chicken RancherFried boneless breast of chicken with crisp bacon stripsand wild cranberry sauce.$.7.50Wings of Buffalo (Hot Wings)Wings of Buffalo (Hot Wings)In Buffalo New York they eat chicken wings.(Don’t they???)$5.99ll items served with potato,vegetable of the day and sala
  11. 11. QUATTRO SPECIALQUATTRO SPECIALJaeger schnitzelJaeger schnitzelBreaded Schnitzel with brown hunter’s sauceRahm schnitzelRahm schnitzelBreaded Schnitzel with light brown sauceZigeuner schnitzelZigeuner schnitzelded schnitzel with spicy red sauce with red and green pepZweibel schnitzel (onionZweibel schnitzel (onion)Breaded schnitzel served with sautéed onions$7.50QuattroQuattroA quarter portion of all of the above.$7.99schnitzel are served with croquette for French fries and sa
  12. 12. From the Lakes, Seas and StreamsFrom the Lakes, Seas and StreamsRainbow Trout BakedRainbow Trout Baked$7.99$7.99Fried Cat Fish FiletFried Cat Fish Filet$8.25$8.25Golden Fried ShrimpGolden Fried Shrimp$12.00$12.00tems served with baked potato, vegetable of the day and
  13. 13. Wine CardWine CardGermanGermanFranken (white dry)Rodeleer, Schlossberg0.4L $1.99Bottle $9.99Reisling Spaetlese(Sweet)0.4L$1.99Bottle $9.99FranceFranceLe Bonjour (red dry)0.4L $1.50Bottle $8.99
  14. 14. Grilled 4X4GrilledMozzarellaTomato and BasilGrilledBLTGrilled BLTBacon, Longhorncheese & tomatoToasted Brie &Smoked HamGrilled Ham &Cheese