Oriflame Catalogue July 2013


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Take a look at the latest catalogue by Oriflame n if u like some products or wish to join Oriflame, contact me at mrudulakrao@gmail.com or u can leave a message on my site/page www.beautybargains-oriflame.in or https://www.facebook.com/orflamei.bb

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Oriflame Catalogue July 2013

  1. 1. No 07 2013 July 01 - July 31 DEALS FOR MAKE -UP&BEAU TYPRODU C TS! OVER 420 What’s new, what works and what you should try… Find out in this catalogue! Insider Beauty Blogger
  2. 2. 37 MUST HAVE 33 IN THIS CATALOGUE: PAGE Take your lashes to New Lengths! 30% off! PAGE Q Quick buy: 20533, ` 209 Wouldn’t it be great to get helpful beauty advice, testimonials and tips from a EHDXW EORJJHU"7KLV PRQWK 2ULÁDPH LV EULQJLQJ D VSHFLDO DQG XQLTXH catalogue not only full of amazing deals but personal beauty opinions from Ori Girl. Get the Inside Scoop to Beauty Oriflame is one of the fastest growing direct selling companies today. Over 45 years of Swedish beauty expertise Combining the wisdom of nature with the latest science Charity and education programs across the world Exclusive business opportunity through Oriflame ABOUT ORIFLAME 12-19 BEAUTY BLOGGER! Beauty review from your friendly neighborhood blogger 20-27 MAKE UP Put on your best lips show! 28-33VERY ME 3HDFK ÁDZOHVV VXPPHU 34-53 SKIN CARE The perfect guide to perfect skin 54-65TOILETRIES Bloom with natural body products 66-71 FRAGRANCE How to pick out the right scent 72-79 MEN’S CORNER Grooming for REAL Men 86-91TOP 10 BLOGGER’S PICK See which products made the list! Q Quick buy: 12553, ` 399 Niklas Frisk Vice President Head of SouthAsia and Managing Director,India The solution to healthy, glowing skin! `399 People need inspirations and are increasingly looking IRU ZDV WR ÀQG LQIRUPDWLRQ WUHQGV RU ORRNV VR ZH are giving everyone a trendy yet informative catalogue! Take this opportunity to learn more about our products and have a more enjoyable shopping experience. 2
  3. 3. WE LOVE 5 51 PAGE MARCEL MARONGIU: Franco-Swedish fashion designer Marcel Marongiu is renowned for his linear yet feminine silhouettes, luxurious materials and clean colour palette. It is the perfect blend of Scandinavian minimalism and French elegance. Q Quick buy: 22408, ` 590 A glowing deal too bright to miss! Buy for only 40% off! PAGE Q Quick buy: 25312-16, ` 248 MARCEL MARONGIU NEW ULTRA-GLOSSY FASHION! LIMITED COLLECTOR’S EDITION TOP FAVOURITES IN ASIA! *Based on average market sales www.oriflame.co.in 1. Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick Get the first ever metal lipstick by Oriflame for your purse. p. 14 2. Optimals Seeing is Believing Multi benefits Eye Cream Reduce eye puffs, brighten dark circles and smooth fine lines with this effective multi-benefit eye cream. p. 35 3. Pure Nature Organic Tea Tree Rosemary Purifying Oil Enjoy lovingly selected organic ingredients that will help keep your skin healthy and blemish-free. p. 41 4. Oriflame Beauty Kajal Eye Liner Make way for stunning impact eyes! p. 90 5. Milk Honey Gold Shampoo Treat your hair to truly luxurious treat that perfectly shines and conditions your hair. p. 93 3
  4. 4. make-up Modeliswearing:OriflameBeautyStudioArtistFoundation22908FairNude, OriflameBeautySmoothDefiner22490Black,HyperStretchMascara24306Black, MarcelMarongiuLipGloss25314Strawberry. ULTRA-GLOSSY FASHION! Franco-Swedish fashion designer Marcel Marongiu is renowned for his linear yet feminine silhouettes,luxurious materials and clean colour palette. It is the perfect blend of Scandinavian minimalism and French elegance. MARCEL MARONGIU 25312 Melon 25313 Apricot 25314 Strawberry 25315 Raspberry 25316 Cherry Up the trend factor with this collector’s edition of your favourite Gloss Booster designed by Marcel Marongiu – each bursting with new shades of ultra-glossy sheer colour in a WHPSWLQJ YDULHW RI ÁDYRXUV 4
  5. 5. Marcel Marongiu Lip Gloss The lip gloss you love in new designs by Marcel Marongiu. Ultra-glossy, non-sticky formula sweeps lips in sheer colour bursting with fruity flavour. 14 ml. ` 329 `248 LIMITED COLLECTOR’S EDITION 25312Melon 25313Apricot 25314Strawberry 25315Raspberry 25316Cherry Exclusive LAUNCH OFFER NEW LIMITED EDITION Five glosses exclusively designed by Marcel 0DURQJLX IRU 2ULÁDPH ² ÀQG RXU IDYRXULWH RU FROOHFW WKHP DOO 25% OFF EACH 5
  6. 6. skin care Fairytales don’t only exist in storybooks. Become a real-life sleeping beauty with this effective night serum that reduces dark spots fast. Your complexion will appear lighter, smooth and toned-up. So what are you waiting for; look young all over again… Get the nighttime solution for TONED-UP Skin 6
  7. 7. NOW OR NEVER skin care Spend ` in this catalogue and get an exclusive deal on Optimal Even Out™ Night Cream, for only ` 535! 40off % FOR ALL SKIN TYPES ALL AGES Optimals Even Out™ Night Cream Rich, nourishing Night Cream that complements the action of your Even Out™ Day Cream and Concentrate. Enriched with liquorice extract to fight dark spots, and vitamin C to protect against photo-ageing free radicals. 50 ml. 22457 ` 890 AFTER:BEFORE: Dark spots caused by UV rays. Skin looks older. Dark sports are less visible. Lighter, smoother complexion. NIGHT CREAM reduces dark spots 7
  8. 8. ቤ ቢ ቤ ባ skin careskin care FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE VISIT: oriflame.com/skingenist ቤ Time Reversing SkinGenist™ Day Night Essence A unique skin care treat with revitalising concentrate of genisteinSOY. Stimulates Beauty Genes™ to promote the skin’s regeneration, resulting in restored complexion, reduction of lines and wrinkles and more vibrant, suppler and firmer skin appearance. 30 ml. 24217 ` 1290 ቢ Time Reversing SkinGenist™ Day Cream SPF 15 Extra-pure encapsulated genisteinSOY acts on the skin’s Beauty Genes™ to help maintain plump, supple skin that radiates vitality and youthfulness. Protects against free radicals and the sun. 50 ml. 24181 ` 1690 ባ Time Reversing SkinGenist™ Night Cream A powerful anti-ageing formula with encapsulated genisteinSOY prolongs the skin’s youthful appearance. Rich, luxurious texture nourishes and renews your skin overnight, boosts skin resilience and diminishes wrinkles. 50 ml. 24184 ` 1790 A superior anti-ageing nutrient derived from Soy, which acts at a genetic level. Selected after nearly a decade of extensive research. Encapsulated to reach deeper skin layers. Proven to target all needs of mature skin. 88
  9. 9. ብ ቦ 45+ ብ Time Reversing SkinGenist™ Instant Smooth Capsules The ultimate luxury in skin nourishment! Mono-dosed capsules containing a potent mix of genisteinSOY and Date Palm Kernel extract. Apply every morning and evening before Day or Night cream and feel your skin deeply nourished and marvelously rejuvenated. 30 pcs. 24189 ` 2290 `1790 Restores the Attributes of Young Skin: ʀ 5DGLDQFH* ʀ 1RXULVKPHQW* ʀ 6PRRWKQHVV* ʀ +GUDWLRQ* ʀ (YHQ VNLQ WRQH* *Consumer evaluation, 98 women over 45 years. Marvelous Nourishment to Indulge Mature Skin Enjoy the pleasure of luxury skin nourishment and experience youth-restoring results.Time Reversing SkinGenist™ works at the genetic level to reawaken youth within your skin. Bring back the beauty you were born with. HOWTO USE: Twist or cut capsule tip and massage its contents onto the cleansed face and neck, then follow with yourTime Reversing Day or Night Cream. ቦ Time Reversing SkinGenist™ Eye Cream Light yet super nourishing eye cream to act on skin’s 3 Beauty Genes™, within a multi- tasking formula that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and visibly lifts and tightens skin around the eyes.With Rock Rose for antioxidant protection,Vine Orchid for skin smoothening, and Liquorice extract to help reduce dark circles. 15 ml. 24665 ` 949 `699 NEW FORMULA Precise hygienic nozzle applicator NEW FORMULA Sensorial texture Velvety after-feel FOR MATURE SKIN Exclusive LAUNCH OFFER ` SAVE UP TO NEW 9
  11. 11. Diamond Cellular Anti-Ageing Cream This exceptionally rich cream targets the visible signs of ageing to reveal skin that defies its age. Brightens complexion with genuine diamond powder. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with White Truffle extract. Helps lift and redefine facial contours with protein complex. 50 ml. 13659 ` 2290 `1990 A constellation of potent and rare skin care actives, exclusively packed. GENUINE DIAMOND POWDER The ultimate luxury in skin FDUH WR KHOS UHYHDO ÀDZOHVV complexion that’s lit from ZLWKLQ WHITE TRUFFLE EXTRACT FROM SOUTHERN FRANCE $ SUHFLRXV GHOLFDF ZLWK antioxidant and hydrating EHQH¿WV TOTAL ANTI-AGEING SOLUTION REVEAL ALL FACETS OF SKIN BEAUTY THAT KNOWS NO AGE*: CELLULAR PROTECTION BRILLIANT COMPLEXION VISIBLE WRINKLE REDUCTION VISIBLE LIFTING EVEN SKIN TONE INTENSE HYDRATION Inspired by the excellence of a diamond, this uniquely rich global anti-ageing care UHGLVFRYHUV WKH ÀDZOHVV RXWKIXO QDWXUH RI RXU VNLQ DQG EULQJV LW WR DEVROXWH SHUIHFWLRQ BEAUTY BINGE! *Consumer tested ` 300 SAVE 11
  12. 12. Beauty Blogger Tip “For the best results to quickly fading away post-blemish scars, try to apply Anti-Breakout during the day and night consistently for about 1 month.” Bioclinic Fade Away Active Essence Night Concentrated cream to reduce pigmentation at the cellular level and even out skin tone. Contains Tone Down™ featuring patented lightening Dioic acid and melanin-inhibiting Rumex occidentalis, with flavonoids for a younger look. Dark patches get visibly lighter after 8 weeks of consistent use. 30 ml. 24191 ` 1890 Overcome your skin dilemmas A skincare range that seriously gets the job done SKIN PROBLEM DARK SPOTS skin care12
  13. 13. 40+ ባ ቤ ቢ “I’m amazed how precisely and effective Bioclinic works on my skin! A truly professional product that delivers the best firming effect on my skin.” ቢ Bioclinic Adult Skin Anti-Breakout Day/Night Centella Asiatica and Salicylic Acid clear pores, targets breakouts, and fade away post-blemish scars.Apply morning and evening to cleansed face. Non-comedogenic to suit all skin types. 30 ml. 23770 ` 1890 `1390 ቤ Bioclinic Lifting Super Rich Repair Night Nourishing lifting night cream containing Pure Retinol that works on a cellular level to deliver deep lifting action to sagging skin. 30 ml. 21356 ` 1890 `1390 ባ Bioclinic Lifting Power Concentrate Day Concentrated lifting day cream with Pure Retinol. Contains SPF 15 to protect the skin’s defence mechanisms.Works to deliver instant and lasting lifting action to sagging skin. 30 ml. 21353 ` 1790 `1290 FOR ALL SKIN TYPES SKIN PROBLEM ADULT BREAKOUTS SERIOUS SOLUTIONS to SERIOUS SKIN PROBLEMS BEAUTY BINGE! `500 SAVE 13
  14. 14. make-up Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick Cashmere-soft lipstick with a powerful blend of moisturisers for conditioned and hydrated lips all day. Intense colour in classical shades with long-lasting creamy finish and medium coverage. Presented in an exquisite golden designer case. 4 g. ` 598 `499 22744 Dusky Nude 22744DuskyNude 22747 Mauve Dream 22748 Rose Blossom 22749 Cerise Pink 22750 Plum Desire 22751 Eternal Red 22751EternalRed 22753 Honey Chestnut “Packed in a fancy golden metallic case, a great lipstick to carry in any handbag and brings affordable luxury into your life.” Get the Faux Glow My fave picks for glamour and style Modeliswearing:GiordaniGoldBronzingPearls21632NaturalRadiance, GiordaniGoldJewelLipstick227447MauveDream. Beauty Blogger Tip Bronzer is a terrific way to add a sun-kissed look to your skin without tanning. When selecting your bronzer, pick a colour that is one or two shades darker than your natural tone. 14
  15. 15. 21720 Shiny Black Giordani Gold Liquid Eye Liner An alluring liquid eyeliner boasting intense gloss. Smooth application, Smudge- resistant, long wearing. 7 ml. 21720 ` 549 `449 Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls A simple swirl with the brush and the perfect blend of micro pearls will give your skin a seamless, natural glow and flawless luminescence. Enriched with precious minerals mica and silica for a more radiant look. 25 g. ` 990 `790 “Bronzing Pearls are always fun to use! These are high- quality and blend easily to ensure the perfect finish and colours.” 23763 Natural Peach 21633 Natural Bronze 21632 N atural Radiance BEAUTY BINGE! `200 SAVE UP TO 15
  16. 16. make-up Hyper Stretch Mascara Our latest innovation – instant maximal length with stimulating Pro-Long Complex™ that complements your lashes natural growth cycle. Stretch lashes potential – everyday. 8 ml. 24306 ` 398 `329 “With an easy to use last-extending bristle brush, this mascara effortlessly gives me dramatically long, well-defined lashes.” Complexion issues? Here’s what to use for flawless, stunning looks Eyelash Curler Easy-to-use lash curler made of nickel-free alloy with burgundy rubber handles. 11 x 4 cm. 9315 ` 179 0RGHOLVZHDULQJ2ULÁDPH%HDXW6WXGLR$UWLVW)RXQGDWLRQ3RUFHODLQ+SHU6WUHWFK 0DVFDUD%ODFN2ULÁDPH%HDXWRORXU3UR(H6KDGRZ7ULR%URQ]HG7DXSH 2ULÁDPH%HDXW.RKO3HQFLO%ODFNMarcelMarongiuLipGloss25312Melon. PRO-LO NGCO M PLEX ™ Beauty Blogger Tip Here’s a hint to show you’ve chosen the right foundation: Once you’ve blended in your foundation, draw a line on your skin. If you don’t see the line, you’ve found your shade.
  17. 17. Professional Foundation Brush Material: Nylon,Aluminium,Wood. Dimensions: 180 mm. 24148 ` 329 `229 Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Foundation Light diffusing pigments blur fine lines, evening out skin tone and giving a natural yet flawless result in all kinds of lights. SPF 15. 30 ml. ` 598 `479 “I love this foundation’s light and creamy texture. It blends extremely well, easy to apply and gave excellent coverage!” 22907 Porcelain 22908 Fair Nude 22909 Olive Beige 22910 Natural Beige 30% BEAUTY BINGE! UP TO OFF 17
  18. 18. toiletries Beauty Blogger Tip “To keep your skin looking youthful, you want to keep it hydrated. That’s why the best way to do it is to use night cream in your regimen.” So you want to be Golden... Treat your skin with the purest luxury! Milk Honey Gold Liquid Hand Soap Cleanse with this gently sumptuous liquid hand soap. Not just a luxurious wash, this hand soap is enriched with organic milk honey extracts to moisturise and condition, leaving hands feeling delectable. 300 ml. 15578 ` 298 `279 Milk Honey Gold Smoothing Sugar Scrub Smooth away dead skin cells to reveal softer skin below with this rich, decadent body scrub.With organic Milk proteins and Honey extract to soften and condition the skin, it’s a shower experience to cherish. 200 ml. 17556 ` 449 18
  19. 19. ቢ ባ RETOUSCH ቢ ቢ Milk Honey Gold Night Cream A nourishing night cream, that delivers intense hydration while you sleep. Milk and Honey Extracts replenish skin’s natural beauty by helping to fade away signs of fatigue and reducing tightness, leaving skin radiant and rested in the morning. 50 ml. 24732 ` 498 ባ Milk Honey Gold Cleansing Milk Creamy cleansing milk with Milk and Honey, gently removes make-up and impurities, leaving skin clean, nourished and moisturised. Softly massage onto face and neck, then remove with water or damp cotton pad before applying day or night cream. 200 ml. 24733 ` 398 `359 “I love how this creamy, soft night cream gives off a luxurious scent of pure honey and indulging feel of milk on my skin.” Milk is rich in nutrients and contains Lactic Acid, which is proven to hydrate dry skin. Honey locks in moisture and contains vitamins and minerals that help revitalise the skin. ORGANICALLY SOURCED FOR DRY TO VERY DRY SKIN ALL AGES 10% BEAUTY BINGE! UP TO OFF 19
  20. 20. Flutter and sparkle with lips too irresistible to resist! Here’s how to get it done right with a wallet-friendly selection. BEAUTY BLOGGERTIP: FLAUNT JUICY, LUSCIOUS LIPS! Make it a routine to apply good lipspa Theraphy right before going to sleep and when you wake up. This ensures healthy, beautiful lips. Lip Spa Theraphy Super hydrating lip balm that offers immediate relief to dry lips. Dual core texture boosts moisture and helps protect lips from environmental stresses. SPF 8. 1.6 g. 12286 ` 249 24040 Cream Chestnut 24039 Dark Plum 24038 Real Red 24035 Perfect Pink Exaggerate your lips by accentuating them with lip liner. Draw just slightly outside your natural lip line to make the lips look seductively bigger. Wonder Colour Lip Liner Super smooth glide-on lip liner with retractable, self-sharpening action. Brings precision, definition and beauty to your lips. Perfectly matches your favorite lipstick and enhances the natural lip curve. In 4 defining shades. 0.3 g. ` 249 23835 Divine Berry 23832 Supreme Pink 23833 Absolute Coral 23834 Timeless Red 23831 Eternal Pink Apply a smashing lipstick shade to amplify your pout. Sparkle with glam by applying lipgloss for that extra shine finish! Eternal Gloss Our longest lasting lip gloss ever. In one sweep, lips are lacquered in intense high-voltage colour resistant to fade. Enjoy a shiny finish and high coverage for up to 7 hours. Flocked doe-foot applicator for a precise touch. 5 ml. ` 429 Create your own perfect look!Try on hairstyles, colours make-up at our virtual make-up studio. KWWSLQRULÁDPHFRPSURGXFWVPDNHXSJXLGH TIP 1 TIP 2 TIP 3 24038RealRed 23832SupremePink Without LipspaTherapy water loss results in dehydration. With LipspaTherapy the dual core texture combines and forms a barrier preventing water loss. Sun rays (UV) H2O Sun rays (UV) H2O make-up20
  21. 21. B BloggerBeautyyB BloggerBeautyy B Bloggerr Beautyy B BloggerBeautyyB BloggerBeautyy B BloggerBeautyyB BloggerBeautyy B Bloggr Beau B Bl rBeauty B BloggerBeautyyB BloggerBeautyy B Bloggr Beau B BloggBeautyyB BloggerBeautyy gg Blogg gg Beautyy gggg Blogger gg Beautyy gg BeautyyBBeautyy BBeautyyautyy BBBeeaauuttyyyaauuttyyy MAKE-UP make-up ENHANCE YOUR LOOKS Q PAGE 20-27 A collection of lip-loving shades. Soak your smile with long wearing colour so gorgeously smooth the world can’t help but smile with you. Infused with SUPERFRUIT Goji berry. Colour never felt so good! Oriflame Beauty Wonder Colour Lipstick Available in a wide range of gorgeous shades. Stunning, long lasting, moisturising colour. 4 g. ` 349 22542IrresistibleRed 22542IrresistibleRed 22532PinkLady 22540RedDevotion 22529 Cranberry Blush 22530 Clover Haze 22532 Pink Lady 22537 Red Copper 22540 Red Devotion 22542 Irresistible Red 22549 Maiden Fawn 22550 Chestnut Glory 22551 Chocolate Mousse 22552 Violet Fairy 22554 Purple Haze 22555 Plum Surprise `319 21
  22. 22. “ “ make-up Get in the trend with Superior Porcelain White Skin Question: “Hi, I’m looking for a foundation that will give a matte, bright and even skin tone that lasts long in humid environments.” BEAUTY QA MELANIN SPF helps prevent natural darkening of the skin from the sun’s rays, whilst Whitening Actives are known to help reduce melanin production. WHITENING finish MATTIFYING effect Karishma Rawat, Beauty Blogger: “I recommend Whitening Powder Foundation to get the job done. It delivers brighter and even skin and at the same time protects the skin from sun damage. Keeps a matte look all day and long-lastingness even in humid climate.” 22
  23. 23. 22191 Fair Light 22192 Bright Rose Naturally flawless coverage for long wearing superior whiteness! SPF 8 Oriflame Beauty Whitening Foundation An exceptional blend of ingredients gives a highly mattified, smooth and long wearing finish. SPF 15 and moisturising effects helps maintain flawless skin. 25 ml. ` 549 Oriflame Beauty Whitening Powder Foundation A unique blend of ingredients for a highly mattified, smooth and long wearing finish. SPF 8 helps prevent damaging exposure to the sun. 6 g. ` 498 `399 22600 Brigh t Porcelain 22601 Apr icot Ivory 22603 N at ural Beige 22602 Lig ht N ude FLAWLESS SKIN IS YOURS AT 20% OFF 23
  24. 24. ቢ ባ make-up Two professional applicators for perfectly expert lip. Used for easy concealer application Used for lip contours 23051 Light 23052 Medium 23053 Dark Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Concealer 10 ml. ` 249 23051 Light STUDIO ARTIST Professional Eyebrow Brush Double sided perfecting brush for lash and brows. Material: Nylon, ABS,Aluminium,Wood. Size: 170 mm. 24145 ` 149 ቢ Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Lipstick 4 g. ` 379 ባ Professional Concealer/Lip Brush Dimensions: 170 mm. 24144 ` 179 FOR FACE FOR NAILS Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Pressed Powder 8 g. ` 598 23056 Light 23057 Medium 23058 Dark 23056 Light PROFESSIONAL BRUSH Oriflame Beauty Crystal Base Top Coat 7 ml. 18927 ` 219 Oriflame Beauty Nail Polish Remover 75 ml. 18939 ` 329 Oriflame Beauty Nail Food 7 ml. 18937 ` 229 Oriflame Beauty Nail Shield 7 ml. 18935 ` 229 Oriflame Beauty Nail Whitener 7 ml. 24696 ` 229 Oriflame Beauty EverLasting Foundation 30 ml. ` 790 24916 Porcelain 24922 Light Ivory Oriflame Beauty Perfecting Face Primer 30 ml. 22862 ` 429 24
  25. 25. make-up PURE COLOUR PRESSED POWDER PURE COLOUR FOR EYES Pure Colour Eye Shadow Palette A world of colour, incredible value! Eye shadow palette bursting of wearable shades in gorgeous colour combinations. Combine or use your favourite on its own. Applicator included. 4.8 g. ` 479 24808 Nude Grey 24810 Midnight Pink24809 Sand Green REMOVER Pencil Sharpener Materials: polystyrene and PP. 24383 ` 99 Oriflame Beauty All-over Make-up Remover 100 ml. 22860 ` 349 ACCESSORIES Oriflame Beauty Wonder Lash Waterproof Mascara 8 ml. 15027 ` 398 Oriflame Beauty Kohl Pencil 1.3 g. ` 198 23859 Nude FOR EYES 18461 Spectacular Nude 18462 Sensational Bronze 18463 Ravishing Rose 18464 Stunning Clover 18465 Explosive Pink 18466 Blazing Red 20205 Dramatic Ruby 20206 Striking Plum 23859 Nude 23858 Black Oriflame Beauty 2FX Mascara 8 ml. 20362 ` 479 22919 Smoky Brown Oriflame Beauty Colour Pro Eye Shadow Trio 2.7 g. ` 479 22918 Smoky Black 22919 Smoky Brown 22920 BronzedTaupe 22921 Sheer Purple 22922 Shimmering Green 22923 Royal Blue 18465 Explosive Pink Oriflame Beauty Triple Core Lipstick 4 g. ` 449 FOR LIPS Oriflame Beauty Power Shine Satin Lipstick 1.6 g. ` 398 24940 Nude Lustre 24942 Satin Clover 24945 Red Lustre 24947 Brown Sheen 24946 Satin Mauve 24944 Ultra Pink 24944 Ultra Pink 24808 Nude Grey 24809 Sand Green 24810 M idnight Pink 23208 Light 23209 Light/Medium Oriflame Pure Colour Pressed Powder Touch yourself up with this ultra-fine powder and give you a natural complextion. Its lightweight formulation contains the mineral zeolite to help smooth the skin. For combination/oily skin. 20 g. ` 198 23208 Light 25
  26. 26. LAST TIME Model is wearing: Giordani Gold MineralTherapy Foundation 25377 Light Ivory, Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick 22744 Dusky Nude, Giordani Gold Supreme Pressed Powder 22740 Nature. make-up 22851 Translucent Giordani Gold Supreme Pressed Powder 7 g. ` 990 Last time in this catalogue 22851 Translucent 22740 Natural 22741 Medium BEAUTY QA KARISHMA RAWAT Founder editor – luxury style portal www.gingersnapsxoxo.blogspot.in/ Question: “I want a foundation that not only works as a make-up base, but also has the active function of caring for my skin. Is there such a kind?” Karishma Rawat, Beauty Blogger: “Yes! Giordani Gold Mineral Therapy Foundation provides a natural glow while nourishing and hydrating your skin with powerful sea minerals. It’s lightweight and great for daily use.” 26
  27. 27. WE LOVE make-up Why you should try it: Because it is a trustworthy foundation that gives healthy radiance and natural looking skin. Enhanced with powerful sea minerals to help defend against signs of fatigue. 25376 Porcelain 25377 Light Ivory Giordani Gold Mineral Therapy Foundation Your favourite formula in a new exclusive bottle design. Natural coverage make-up for skin glowing with health. Nourishing and hydrating formula that helps to instantly reduce the appearance of fatigue. Skin looks younger over time. SPF 8. 30 ml. ` 990 `690 2XU IDYRXULWH EHDXW ¿[ Giordani Gold MineralTherapy Foundation PRODUCT RATING* *Based on global average of consumer ratings. “I am using it since 1 year, my skin looks great and blends well.” 30% OFF TRY IT NOW YOU’LL LOVE IT TOO 27
  28. 28. very me Very Me Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow Tinted gel moisturiser brings out the best in you. Lightly tinted for sheer coverage and a peachy, natural glow. 30 ml. ` 329 20530 Dark 20529 Light Before purchasing your next foundation make sure to find your perfect colour.Test foundation on your jawline in the daylight.The colour is correct if it disappears without blending. Very Me Cover Up Concealer Hide imperfections with easy-to-use concealer stick for a fresh, natural look. Contains tea tree oil to soothe and calm blemishes. 1 g. ` 229 21279 Dark Secret 21278 Perfect Light Always prep dry skin with moisturiser before applying concealer. After applying, finish by lightly brushing sheer translucent powder to help set your concealer. Very Me No Time for Shine Powder Mattifying formula absorbs oil and keeps skin looking fresh when you need it. Conceals imperfections without hiding your natural skin tone. 9 g. ` 298 20531 Matte Light 20532 Matte Latte For powder, make sure that you blend, blend, blend! Apply powder to your neck and make sure that you don’t have any defined lines that screams you are wearing foundation. Now you can achieve the perfect, flawless complexion you’ve always dreamt about. Try these affordableVery Me products and put some drama into your life! BEAUTY BLOGGERTIP: ENHANCEYOUR STYLEWITH SKIN PERFECTION Create your own perfect look!Try on hairstyles, colours make-up at our virtual make-up studio. KWWSLQRULÁDPHFRPSURGXFWVPDNHXSJXLGH TIP 1 TIP 2 TIP 3 21278PerfectLight 20531MatteLight 28
  29. 29. B BloggerBeautyyB BloggerBeautyy B Bloggerr Beautyy B BloggerBeautyyB BlBeauty B BloggerBeautyyB BloggerBeautyy B Blogger Beautyy B BloggerBeautyy B BloggerBeautyyB BloggerBeautyy B Blogger Beautyy B BloggerBeautyy B BloggerBeautyyB BloggerBeautyy ggg Blogger gg Beautyy gggg Blogger gg Beautyy g B Blogger Beautyy B BloggerBeautyy ggg Blogger gg Beautyy ggg ggg Blogger gg Beautyy ggg BBBeeaauuttyyy BBBeeaauuttyyy BBBeeaauuttyyy BBBBeeeaaauuuttBBBBeeeaaauuuttyyyy BBeautBBeautyyy VERY ME very me Express a mood through your eyes with high-quality eye pencils. Extremely nifty to give the look you want using trendy shades from Blue Lagoon to Electric Purple – take your pick! Flirty Eyes FOR THE YOUNG AND HIP Q PAGE 28-33 20422 Mocha Loca 20423 Goddess Green 20421 Night Glow 20424 Blue Lagoon 20422MochaLoca 20423GoddessGreen 20421NightGlow 20424BlueLagoon 20425 Electric Purple 20425 Electric Purple `199 Very Me Double Trouble Eye Pencils Turn up the heat with double the colour in one pencil for the hottest looks. Perfect for lining your inner lash line . Five new colour combos for ultra dazzle. 1.38 g. ` 229 29
  30. 30. Question: “Hi! I want a concealer that’s easy and portable to keep in my purse that I can apply not just on spots, but the entire face. Any recommendations?” BEAUTY QA Karishma Rawat, Beauty Blogger: “Yes indeed.The Very Me Clickit Concealer is your magical wand that’s light to carry around and not only does it hide blemishes; it’s suitable to use on sensitive areas such as when covering dark circles under the eyes.” 30
  31. 31. Very Me Clickit Concealer Easy to apply liquid concealer glides on smoothly. Ideal for sensitive areas of your face. Complements existing Clickit products 3.3 ml. ` 189 NEUTRALISES SHADOWS BLEMISHES BRIGHTENS HIGHLIGHTS `139 Blogger’s Suggested Pick! ONLY 21661Pink Very Me Clickit Lip Gloss 3.5 ml. ` 189 20523BabyPink LIP GLOSS 20523 Baby Pink 20524 Neon Pink Very Me Clickit Connector 20418 ` 79 CONNECTOR CONCEALER “Even though I take good care of my skin, there are times I get dark circles under my eyes and some occasional blemishes.Very Me Clickit Concealer does a fantastic job of hiding my skin irregularities.” *Based on global average of consumer ratings. PRODUCT RATING* 21662 Gold 31
  32. 32. ³ · » 21260 Pink Kiss 21257SweetPlum 21256 Flirty Pink DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY · Very Me Lipmania 4 g. ` 229 » Very Me Incredibalm 8 ml. 20396 ` 198 21256 Flirty Pink 21255 Pink Blush 21254 Red Vibe 21259 Vibrant Peach 21258 Pink Smoothie 21257 Sweet Plum 21260 Pink Kiss 21261 Rock Star Pink 21262 Hot Berry 21263 Mocha Dream Very Me Lip Crayon 0.8 g. ` 149 24604 Nude 24606 Nougat 24605 Coral 24608 Fuchsia 24607 Pink 24608 Fuchsia ³ Very Me Mood Lip Gloss 10 ml. ` 249 24593EnergyShock 24592ConfidentBoost 24596DaringSpirit 24595HappyGlow 24597JustRelax Ultra Glam Eau de Toilette Let the rhythm take control with the seductive oriental vanillic fruity notes of Ultra Glam. 30 ml. 23614 ` 990 24594FeelTheLove ‘‘Goodbye dry lips. Hello soft luscious pout!” 24594FeelTheLove 32
  33. 33. MUST HAVE Grab this fat deal on Fat Lash Mascara and give amazing volume to your lashes! A REAL STEAL AT 30% OFF Very Me Fat Lash Mascara Knock your rivals out with unbeatably thick lashes. State of the art brush and lash-amplifying formula give you fuller, longer lashes that get you noticed. 8 ml. 20533 ` 298 `209 XL brush gives ultra fat lashes very me 33
  34. 34. skin care What does it take for you to be happy with your skin? Let me show you the way to happiness with the perfect products for the right routines. BLOGGERS’ HOTTIPS: DISCOVER SKIN SERENITY TIP 1 TIP 2 TIP 3 One common mistake people tend to make with eye creams is putting too much on.You should only apply tiny dabs as excessive amounts can lead to eye irritation and puffiness. Tired of those dark circles, puffs DQG ÀQH OLQHV XQGHU RXU HHV Refresh and tone eye area with our long-standing favourite, Seeing is Believing Eye Cream, enriched with D-circle complex and Eyebright extract! This is a handy concentrate serum if you want to fade dark spots fast. Apply in conjunction with your Even Out™ day or night cream to see quick results. Optimals Even Out™ Dark Spot Fading Concentrate Light yet highly effective serum with natural Prowhite Complex gently reduces pigmentation and prevents further formation of dark spots.Twice a day apply directly on the dark spots. SPF 20. 10 ml. 18977 ` 649 Apply day cream in the morning after washing your face.To help your skin absorb the cream better, lightly massage with circular motions into your skin. Optimals Even Out™ Day Cream SPF 20 Powerful high-performing Even Out™ formula reduces the appearance of existing pigmentation and protects from the photo-ageing. SPF 20. 50 ml. 18826 ` 790 FOR ALL SKIN TYPES ALL AGES 34
  35. 35. B BloggerBeautyyB BloggerBeautyy B Bloggerr Beautyy B BloggerBeautyyB BloggerBeautyy B BloggerBeautyyB BloggerBeautyy B Bloggerr Beautyy B BloggerBeautyyB BloggerBeautyy B BloggerBeautyyB BloggerBeautyy B Bloggerr Beautyy B BloggerBeautyyB BloggerBeautyy B BloggerBeautyyB BloggerBeautyy ggg Blogger gg Beautyy gggggg Blogger gg Beautyy ggg B Bloggerr Beautyy B BloggerBeautyy ggg Bloggerr gg Beautyy ggg ggg Blogger gg Beautyy gggB BloggerBeautyy ggg Blogger gg Beautyy ggg BBeautyyBBeautyy BBeautyy BBeautyyBBeautyy BBBBBBeeaauuttyyy BBBBeautyy SKIN CARE SEEING IS BELIEVING skin care `469 SBBBloggerBloggerBBBloggBlogg Refresh and tone your eye area! Optimals Seeing is Believing Multi benefits Eye Cream Lightweight eye cream visibly reduces puffiness, brightens dark circles and helps smoothen out fine lines. 15 ml. 10796 ` 549 Visibly reduce the appearance of under eye dark circles, puffs and fine lines. FOR ALL SKIN TYPES ALL AGES 35
  36. 36. “ “ skin care BEAUTY QA Optimals White is a powerful skin whitening range. Enriched with Whitening complex and Liquorice extract, this full range helps visibly brighten and lighten skin. Skin complexion appears perfectly even, visibly lighter! I love smoothness and lightness! Question: “I can see my skin tone is not uniform and I need an efficient product to clarify and lighten my skin.” Jasmeen Dugal, Beauty Blogger: “If you want to have your skin tone more uniform and lightened over time, I recommend using Optimals White. It contains natural ingredients to safely and naturally lighten you skin.” 36
  37. 37. ENLIGHTEN YOUR SKIN 10% OFF Optimals White Night Cream 50 ml. 12551 ` 590 Optimals White Day Fluid SPF 15 75 ml. 12552 ` 549 WHITE Optimals White Foaming Cleanser Skin lightening facial cleanser. Enriched with mild surfactants to remove impurities and prepare skin for the application of White Day Fluid SPF 15 and/or White Night Cream. 200 ml. 12553 ` 449 `399 “These are the perfect products to perfect your skin complexion guaranteed! ” Lightening cleanser that removes impurities FOR ALL SKIN TYPES ALL AGES *Based on global average of consumer ratings. PRODUCT RATING* 37
  38. 38. BIO MAXIMUM+™ 40+ WHITE skin care WHITE Optimals White Mattifying Lotion SPF 15 50 ml. 18699 ` 590 Optimals White Body Lotion 200 ml. 17590 ` 549 “It really controls the shine!” Optimals BioMaximum+™ Night Cream 50 ml. 16978 ` 1090 Optimals BioMaximum+™ Day Cream 50 ml. 16977 ` 990 FOR COMBINATION TO OILY SKIN FOR ALL SKIN TYPES FOR ALL SKIN TYPES ALL AGES 38
  39. 39. ቢ ባ MATTETOUCH™ skin care *LYH RXU VNLQ D VKLQHIUHH ÀQLVK Mattifying and equalising day gel-cream Tired of that unwanted shine on your face? Matte Touch™ with equalizing Silver Birch extract and Willow Bark Complex removes excessoil, reduces shine and helps to keep sebum production at bay. FOR COMBINATION TO OILY SKIN ALL AGES ባ Optimals Matte Touch™ Night Gel-Cream For perfectly matte, fresh-looking skin without shiny areas. Dry areas are moisturised and smooth. 50 ml. 20277 ` 590 ቢ Optimals Matte Touch™ Day Gel-Cream Effectively mattifying formula with microspheres helps soak up excess sebum from the skin. Skin appears fresher, balanced and moisturised with a matte finish. SPF 10. 50 ml. 19899 ` 549 (TXDOLVLQJ DQG UHÀQLQJ night gel-cream 39
  40. 40. ቢ ባ ቤ ቢ ባ skin care Gently soothing Aloe Vera Arnica FOR ALL SKIN TYPES ALL AGES Botanical extracts, natural beauty ቢ Pure Nature Organic Aloe Vera Arnica Extract Soothing Toner 150 ml. 18919 ` 298 ባ Pure Nature Organic Aloe Vera Arnica Extract Soothing Face Cream 75 ml. 18920 ` 329 Pure Nature Organic Aloe Vera Arnica Extract Soothing Pure Gel 80% Mild gel with highly concentrated form of AloeVera extract with soothing benefits for face or body. 50 ml. 20163 ` 249 `219 ቢ Pure Nature Organic Açai Pomegranate Antioxidant Face Wash Refreshing face wash containing extracts of Açai berry and Pomegranate that gently removes make-up and impurities from the skin. 150 ml. 21556 ` 329 ቤ Pure Nature Organic Açai Pomegranate Antioxidant Day Cream Nourishing day cream containing extracts of Açai berry and Pomegranate that helps protect skin against premature ageing. 75 ml. 21557 ` 379 ባ Pure Nature Organic Açai Pomegranate Antioxidant Night Cream Rich-textured night cream containing extracts of Açai berry and Pomegranate that moisturises your skin while it rests. 75 ml. 21574 ` 398 FOR NORMAL TO COMBINATION SKIN ALL AGES A haven of youth from Açai Berry Pomegranate 10% OFF 40
  41. 41. ቢ ባ ቤ ብ skin care Purifying bliss, with Tea Tree Rosemary Blogger’s Suggested Pick! 30% OFF ባ Pure Nature Organic Tea Tree Rosemary Purifying Wash Tone Gel 2-in-1 gel that lathers to gently remove impurities and help clear blemishes. 150 ml. 21350 ` 349 ብ Pure Nature Organic Tea Tree Rosemary Purifying Oil Effective formula with concentrated tea tree oil to purify blemished skin, and tonifying rosemary oil. 10 ml. 21352 ` 479 `335 “I highly recommend this blemish solver with pure tea tree rosemary oil to reduce and prevent blemishes. Immediately my skin feels completely refreshed, clear and healthy looking all day!” FOR NORMAL TO OILY SKIN ALL AGES Botanical extracts, natural beauty Helps soothe dry out spots 3XULÀHV KHOSV GU out blemishes ቤ Pure Nature Organic Tea Tree Rosemary Purifying Blemish Solver Handy, precise blemish solver with pure tea tree and rosemary oil. Helps soothe and dry out blemishes. 14 ml. 21347 ` 349 ቢ Pure Nature Organic Tea Tree Rosemary Oil Purifying Face Cream Light, non-greasy day and night moisturiser with Tea Tree and Rosemary essential oils. Softens and helps to re-balance oily skin, fighting blemishes. Leaving skin looking healthy, hydrated and purified. 75 ml. 23675 ` 379 41
  42. 42. ቢ ባ ብ ቦ ቤ skin care ቢ Essentials Eye Contour Gel 15 ml. 23749 ` 198 ቤ Essentials Moisturising Day Cream 75 ml. 23747 ` 298 ቦ Essentials Moisture Concentrate 75 ml. 23748 ` 349 ብ Essentials Multi-Purpose Cream 150 ml. 24138 ` 429 Cherish your skin every day Our caring formulations give essential skin nutrition to keep you soft and fresh, simply and effectively. Make Essentials the trusted routine for you and your family! ባ Essentials Gentle 3-in-1 Cleanser 150 ml. 23753 ` 279 42
  43. 43. ቢ ባ skin care ባ Essentials Nourishing Night Cream Richer formulation for overnight hydration with multi-vitamin complex. For all skin types. 75 ml. 23745 ` 379 `349 ቢ Essentials Daily Scrub Cleanser Refreshing scrub with multi-vitamin complex. Suitable for daily use. For all skin types. 100 ml. 23744 ` 279 Exfoliating,deeply cleansing Nourishing replenishing “I want to keep my skin healthy and vital as long as possible. By using this effective daily care, I can keep my skin healthy and protected.” FOR ALL SKIN TYPES ALL AGES FORMULATED WITH CARE. APPLY WITH LOVE. 43
  44. 44. ቢ ባ ቤ ቢ ባ skin care ቢ Sun Care Cream SPF 20 50 ml. 1815 ` 349 ባ Sun Care Lotion SPF 10 50 ml. 1814 ` 279 FOR ALL SKIN TYPES ALL AGES Tender Care Relieves dryness and restores skin softness and suppleness.A special formula with beeswax and vegetable oils, suitable for lips, face, cuticles or any area that is dry, rough or sore. 15 ml. 1276 ` 229 ባ Essentials Fairness Cream SPF 8 Moisturises, brightens, and prevents UV-induced pigmentation. Rich formula with skin lightening complex, vitamin E and SPF 8. Suitable for all skin types. 50 ml. 23760 ` 129 ቢ Essentials Fairness Lotion Ultra-light fast absorbing formula to hydrate and help to brighten skin tone.With skin lightening complex and vitamin E. Suitable for all skin types. 50 ml. 23764 ` 119 ቤ Essentials Fairness 5-in-1 Gel Wash Gentle, soap-free formula with skin lightening complex and vitamin E brightens, cleanses, refreshes, nourishes, and comforts your skin. Suitable for all skin types. 125 ml. 23754 ` 279 FOR ALL SKIN TYPES ALL AGES FOR ALL SKIN TYPES ALL AGES The future of your new body Perfect Body Tight Tummy Toning Gel 125 ml. 18426 ` 1190 Perfect Body Firming Bust Décolleté Gel An innovative formulation to firm and lift your bust. Advanced multi action 3D complex stimulates that has been proven to firm and tone the skin. Day after day your breasts are more toned and lifted. 50 ml. 18436 ` 1190 `990 TENDER CARE Firming,lifting bust gel `200 SAVE FORMULATEDWITH CARE.APPLYWITH LOVE. 44
  45. 45. 15+ skin care Pure Skin Hide Treat Covers up and reduces the size of pimples. Hides blemishes on the spot, while helping to reduce them. Super active for reducing the size of spots and preventing polluted skin. 15 ml. 20176 ` 298 `249 Pure Skin Face Wash 150 ml. 20164 ` 379 Pure Skin Spot SOS Gel Deep Action 6 ml. 24752 ` 169 FOR PROBLEM TO OILY SKIN “Whenever I want to clear pimples fast I turn to Hide Treat! Infused with anti-microbial and exfoliating properties; it helps clear pimples fast.” Covers and reduces blemishes Pure Skin 1 Clarifying Scrub 2 Purifying Mask 2 x 6 ml sachets. 22418 ` 89 Your daily routine Blogger’s Suggested Pick! 15% OFF 45
  46. 46. ቢ ባ ቤ skin care ባ Oriflame Ecobeauty Smoothing Day Cream Innovative and natural, this multi-action anti-oxidant day cream helps replenish your skin and reinforce its protective barrier to fight imperfections. Secured in airtight packaging. Dermatologically tested. 50 ml. 23404 ` 1290 ቤ Oriflame Ecobeauty Smoothing Night Cream This multi-action anti-oxidant night cream intensely nourishes, protects and rejuvenates your skin while you sleep. Secured in airtight packaging. Dermatologically tested. 50 ml. 23406 ` 1390 ቢ Oriflame Ecobeauty Smoothing Eye Cream Exclusive, lightweight and natural formula that smoothens fine lines and reduces puffiness dark circles around the eye. Dermatologically tested. 15 ml. 23407 ` 690 WITH NATURAL PRO-BLEND™ Perfect skin sustained by nature FOR ALL SKIN TYPES ALL AGES ECOBEAUTY skincare contains nourishing Fairtrade Organic coconut oil and Fairtrade Shea Butter.Through Fairtrade we contribute to local communities in India andAfrica to help them build a better future for themselves and their families. To learn more about the difference Ecobeauty and Fairtrade make,go to ZZZRULÁDPHFRPHFREHDXW 1DWXUDO RVPHWLF FHUWLÀHG E (FRFHUW *UHHQOLIH DFFRUGLQJ WR (FRFHUW 6WDQGDUG DYDLODEOH DW KWWSFRVPHWLFVHFRFHUWFRP 46
  47. 47. 30+ skin care Aqua-Rhythm Intense Hydration Youth Preserve Visible Skin Renewer Immediate skin moisturiser with Hydro-Protect Enzyme. Leaves skin revitalized and younger- looking. 50 ml. 20648 ` 1390 `990 An instant boost of hydration and youthful rejuvenation for tired, dull skin “Sometimes I feel my skin is looking dull or tired. For an instant skin boost, I use Intense Hydration Youth Preserve Visible Skin Renewer. It makes my skin look fresh and radiant!” Intense HydrationYouth Preserve FOR ALL SKIN TYPES Aqua-Rhythm Intense Hydration Youth Preserve Eye Contour Balm 15 ml. 18675 ` 749 Aqua-Rhythm Intense Hydration Youth Preserve Gel Mask 75 ml. 21596 ` 790 Aqua-Ryhthm Intense Hydration Youth Preserve Day Cream 50 ml. 18662 ` 1290 Aqua-Ryhthm Intense Hydration Youth Preserve Night Cream 50 ml. 19681 ` 1390 Revitalises dull,tired skin Blogger’s Suggested Pick! SAVE `40047
  48. 48. ቢ ባ 35+35+ ቤ ቢ ብ ባ skin care Deep wrinkles corrected in just 28 days* 2ULÀDPH¶V VW ZKLWHQLQJ anti-wrinkle care FOR ALL SKIN TYPES FOR ALL SKIN TYPES W HITENING ANTI-WR INKLE CARE ብ Ecollagen [3D+] Whitening Night Restorative Essence Concentrated formulation to promote even, lighter skin tone and reduce wrinkles while you sleep.Apply to the face and neck in the evening after cleansing. 30 ml. 17498 ` 1690 ባ Ecollagen [3D+] Whitening Anti-Wrinkle Protective Fluid SPF 30 Skin lightening fluid with Tri-Peptide complex and SMART Whitening complex helps to visibly diminish wrinkles in 28 days. Ultra-light texture spreads evenly on the face and instantly absorbs without leaving a greasy feeling. SPF 30. 40 ml. 24134 ` 1590 ቢ Ecollagen [3D+] Deep Wrinkle Corrective Care Correct deep wrinkles, plumping from within to smoothen and rejuvenate. With Tri-Boosting Complex to boost collagen production, cell renewal, and hydration. 50 ml. 24135 ` 1490 ባ Ecollagen [3D+] Deep Wrinkle Corrective Eye Care Diminish deep wrinkles, smooth crow’s feet and give a more youthful appearance.With Tri-Boosting Complex to boost collagen production, hydration, and cell renewal. Specially created for sensitive eye area. 15 ml. 24339 ` 890 * 4 weeks consumer effectiveness tested on 96 panellists ቢ Ecollagen [3D+] Whitening Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream SPF 15 A unique, patented formula with SMART Whitening Complex promotes even, brighter skin tone, for a more youthful glow. Infused with Tri-Peptide Complex and Hyaluronic acid, it reduces wrinkles in length, depth and width. Contains SPF 15. 50 ml. 17533 ` 1590 ቤ Ecollagen [3D+] Whitening Resurfacing Exfoliant Unique exfoliant formula that targets darkened, uneven skin tone and signs of ageing. SMART Whitening Complex™ helps reduce hyperpigmentation, and Tri Peptide Complex™ and Hyaluronic Acid replumps wrinkles from within. 75 ml. 22406 ` 990 48
  49. 49. 35+ ቢ ባ skin care FOR ALL SKIN TYPES ቢ Ecollagen [3D+] Energising Cocktail A bi-phase anti-wrinkle serum with a high concentration of Tri- Peptide Complex and Hyaluronic acid.With natural oils. 30 ml. 19893 ` 1590 `1090 Ecollagen [3D+] Transforming Anti- Ageing Cleanser 150 ml. 20246 ` 890 `790 Ecollagen [3D+] Anti-Wrinkle Eye Care 15 ml. 20224 ` 749 Ecollagen [3D+] Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream 50 ml. 20213 ` 1590 Ecollagen [3D+] Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Mask 75 ml. 22822 ` 990 Visibly reduces wrinkles in 3 dimensions Instantly smoothens the skin ባ Ecollagen [3D+] Anti- Wrinkle Day Cream SPF 15 A light, fast-absorbing cream to reduce wrinkles. Contains patented Tri-Peptide Complex and Hyaluronic acid. 50 ml. 20196 ` 1490 Say goodbye to wrinkles “I can always rely on Ecollagen [3D+] to give me visible results on wrinkles. It safely and efficiently smoothens and re- plumps my wrinkles from within!” Ecollagen [3D+] Revitalising Anti-Ageing Toner 200 ml. 20273 ` 890 `790 Blogger’s Suggested Pick! SAVE UP TO `50049
  50. 50. skin care WHITENING ANT I-W RIN KLE C AR E “Easy to use and left skin feeling lovely and soft. )DQWDVWLF ¿UVW XVH.” BEAUTY QA JASMEEN DUGAL Founder editor – luxury style portal www.explosivefashion.in Question: “I’ve never tried a facial mask. Is it necessary and if so, can you recommend a good one for me?” Jasmeen Dugal, Beauty Blogger: “Facial masks provide immediate results once you peel them off. A good mask like Ecollagen [3D+] Whitening Intensive Mask not only cleanses and makes your skin softer, it has whitening agents so continued use is beneficial if you wish to achieve a lighter, youthful complexion.” 50
  51. 51. WE LOVE 35+ skin care FOR ALL SKIN TYPES Ecollagen [3D+] Whitening Intensive Mask Cleansing, hydrating and brightening mask that leaves your skin incredibly soft and wonderfully radiant. SMART Whitening Complex™ helps reduce hyperpigmentation, and Tri Peptide Complex™ and Hyaluronic Acid replumps wrinkles from within. 75 ml. 22408 ` 990 `590 Why you should try it: Expert whitening active ingredients formula that will lighten your skin. Comfort reach texture leaves skin incredibly soft and smooth. You will look fresh and younger in just few minutes! Unfold sheer radiance: Ecollagen [3D+]Whitening Intensive Mask “Feel good and look good by getting whiter skin RX ZLOO ORYH ,·P GHÀQLWHO KDSS ZLWK WKH YLVLEOH results!” *Based on global average of consumer ratings. PRODUCT RATING* TRY IT NOW YOU’LL LOVE IT TOO 40% OFF 51
  52. 52. 40+ ቢ ባ ቤ ቦ ቧ ብ skin care A precious secret to ¿UPHU VNLQ S K I N - F I R M I N G M A G N I F I C E N C E FOR ALL SKIN TYPES MONICA BELLUCCI World famous actress “I embrace time with myself. I dive into a deep sensorial with a luxurious morning and evening ritual. My secret to youthful beauty.” ቧ Royal Velvet Firming Day Cream SPF 15 50 ml. 22424 ` 1190 ቤ Royal Velvet Creamy Cleansing Milk 200 ml. 22421 ` 690 ባ Royal Velvet Radiance Powder Scrub 40 g. 23823 ` 690 ቢ Royal Velvet Firming Eye Contour Cream 15 ml. 22815 ` 690 ቦ Velvet Repairing Night Cream 50 ml. 22814 ` 1290 ብ Royal Velvet Ultra Firming Capsules 28 pcs. 24547 ` 1690 52
  53. 53. 40+ ቢ ባ ቤ ብ skin care For skin as brilliant as a diamond Complete care for brilliant skin FOR ALL SKIN TYPES “Skin care is always a pleasure for me I spend a lot of money to get the best results. Diamond Cellular is the ultimate skincare range that gives me the best skin solution!” ቢ Diamond Cellular Night Restorative Treatment Apply before sleep for the overnight treatment. Use every night. 30 ml. 18437 ` 2390 ብ Diamond Cellular Multi-Perfection Eye Treatment Reduces dark circles and puffiness, corrects winkles and fine lines, and intensively hydrates. 15 ml. 22419 ` 1190 ቤ Diamond Cellular Micellar Solution Cleanser Luxurious all-in-one cleanser, toner and make up remover. Clears impurities in one sweep without water. 200 ml. 21339 ` 1090 ባ Diamond Cellular Exfoliator Exfoliate and improve your skin, smoothing away old skin cells, revealing radiant skin below. Diamond Elixir brightens, tonifies, and evens skin tone. Diami particles polish skin for a healthy, younger look. 150 ml. 24199 ` 1090 53
  54. 54. toiletries There are some advantages to using soap bars – they generally come at an affordable price and last quite a long time. Best of all they smell great and will give your skin a natural glow. Infused with an alluring fragrance, body washes are great to make you feel refresh during the mornings. In the evening, it can be a relaxing experience and help prepare you for a good rest. Always apply a body lotion/ cream after cleansing to hydrate and nourish your skin. This will help to compensate the loss of water in the skin and provide additional nutrients. Silk Beauty White Glow Soap Bar Silk Beauty White Glow Soap Bar enriched with Silk Proteins, Cherry Blossom and White Mulberry to naturally moisturise, soften and lighten your skin. 100 g. 22715 ` 99 Silk Beauty White Glow Body Wash Enriched with Silk Proteins, Cherry Blossom and White Mulberry Silk Beauty White Glow Body Wash naturally moisturises and lightens your skin. 200 ml. 22713 ` 379 Silk Beauty White Glow Body Lotion Infused with Silk Proteins, Cherry Blossom and the whitening effect of White Mulberry, this moisturising lotion beautifies your skin tone and leaving skin smoother and more radiant. 200 ml. 23555 ` 429 Switch into a relaxation mode with silky textures and soothing aromas. Silk Beauty White Glow is a must-try for those who want to give their skin a natural glow and smooth feeling. BEAUTY BLOGGERTIP: COMFORTINGTEXTURES, FRESHAROMAS TIP 1 TIP 2 TIP 3 54
  55. 55. B BloggerBeautyyB BloggerBeautyy B Bloggerr Beautyy B BloggerBeautyyB BloggerBeautyy B BloggerBeautyyB BloggerBeautyy B Bloggerr Beautyy B BloggerBeautyyB BloggerBeautyy B BloggerBeautyyB BloggerBeautyy Br ger B BlogBeautyB BloggerBeautyy gg BloB ggggg Blogger gg Beautyy ggg BBeBBeautyy BBeautyyBBeautyy BBBeauttyyBBBeauttyy Be TOILETRIES toiletries Radiate your inner beauty with the luxurious new Silk Beauty White glow range, designed to truly enhance the whitening glow of your skin’s tone. Indulge in the beauty of glowing whiteness FAMILY PAMPERS FROM HEAD TO TOE Q PAGE 54-65 Silk Beauty White Glow Anti-perspirant 24H Deodorant Antiperspirant Deodorant with Silk Proteins and White Mulberry extract naturally moisturise your skin whilst Cherry Blossom provides a sensual fragrance.Alcohol free. 50 ml. 22714 ` 179 `169 55
  56. 56. “ “ toiletries Nature with nature Question: “Hi, I’m looking for a natural brand that promises visible results using high-quality active ingredients. What do you recommend?” BEAUTY QA Jasmeen Dugal, Beauty Blogger: “Ecobeauty offers a sensorial experience through rich texture, scent and bottle design. Best of all, their ingredients are derived from natural origin to give your skin an indulging and nourishing care.” ECOBEAUTY products are vegan friendly and bear TheVegan Society™.ThroughTheVegan Society™, we guarantee all raw PDWHULDOV DQG ÀQDO SURGXFWV DUH IUHH IURP DQLPDO WHVWLQJDQLPDO IDW JHODWLQ RU DQ LQJUHGLHQWV GHULYHG IURP DQLPDOV7R OHDUQ PRUH DERXW WKH GLIIHUHQFH (FREHDXW DQG9HJDQ PDNH JR WR Natural Cosmetic certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to Ecocert Standard available at http://cosmetics.ecocert.com ZZZRULÁDPHFRPHFREHDXW 56
  57. 57. ቢ ባ FLAWLESS BY NATURE 25% OFF Improves Skin Feel After Shower Noticeably Softer Hands ቢ Oriflame Ecobeauty Hand Cream A hand cream that offers immediate nourishment with Fairtrade Organic Coconut Oil and Fairtrade Shea Butter, helping to soften skin and protect against the effects of environmental stressors. Contains moisturising Organic Glycerin and mineral UV filters. 75 ml. 24276 ` 329 `248 ባ Oriflame Ecobeauty Shower Gel Moisturising soap-free shower gel developed with mild surfactants derived from plants, softens skin. Organic Glycerin, Organic Fairtrade Coconut Oil and Fairtrade Sugar combine with a natural and light scent leaving you feeling refreshed and hydrated. 200 ml. 24278 ` 398 “Get naturally beautiful skin that looks and feels amazing!” *Based on global average of consumer ratings. PRODUCT RATING* 57
  58. 58. ቢ ባ ቤ ባ ቢ toiletries ባ Discover Santorini Blue Paradise Bath Foam 400 ml. 21189 ` 398 ቤ Discover Santorini Blue Paradise Shower Gel 250 ml. 21188 ` 298 Effective protection IRU FRQ¿GHQFH A bright, fresh cocktail of citrus DQG ÀRUDO VFHQWV ባ Activelle Anti-perspirant 24h Deodorant Invisible Spray 150 ml. 23727 ` 249 ቢ Activelle Anti-perspirant 24h Deodorant Invisible ROD 50 ml. 23725 ` 169 ቢ Discover Santorini Blue Paradise Soap Bar 100 g. 21190 ` 89 58
  59. 59. ባ ቢ toiletries Delicate intimate care for her Feminelle’s low pH value and allergen free scents respect the natural balance of your intimate area as Lactic Acid protects. Trust Feminelle for everyday care. ቢ Feminelle Gentle Intimate Wash Extra gentle cleanser for the intimate area pH-balanced and gynaecologist tested with a hypoallergenic fragrance. 300 ml. 11101 ` 379 ባ Feminelle Soothing Intimate Cream Soothing cream with lactic acid for women’s intimate area. Dermatologically gynaecologically tested. 75 ml. 15240 ` 329 Tenderly cleanses delicate areas Shea Butter’s unique composition acts as an emollient, leaving skin soft soothed, whilst nourishing and protecting simultaneously. Milk Protein promotes moisturisation. Subtly conditioning, these organic proteins help to retain the skin’s moisture. with women in mind Allergen-free formulation 59
  60. 60. ቦ ቧ ቨ ባ ቩ ቤ ቢ ባ ቤ ቢ ባ ቢ ብቤ ቢ ባ toiletries 100 g. 400 g. – the bliss of simplicity – BURDOCK GRAPEFRUIT ALOEVERA WATERMELON ቢ Nature Secrets Shampoo Anti-Dandruff with Burdock Grapefruit 250 ml. 22694 ` 229 ባ Nature Secrets Conditioner Anti-Dandruff with Burdock Grapefruit 250 ml. 22695 ` 229 ባ Nature Secrets Shower Gel with Moisturising Aloe Vera Watermelon 250 ml. 24203 ` 379 ቢ Nature Secrets Soap Bar with Moisturising Aloe Vera Watermelon 75 g. 24204 ` 79 ቤ Nature Secrets Body Cream with Moisturising Aloe Vera Watermelon 200 ml. 24205 ` 398 LAVENDER FIG ባ Nature Secrets Shower Gel with Relaxing Lavender Fig 250 ml. 23409 ` 379 ቢ Nature Secrets Soap Bar with Relaxing Lavender Fig 75 g. 23410 ` 79 ቤ Nature Secrets Hand Body Cream with Relaxing Lavender Fig 200 ml. 23411 ` 398 Nature Hair Oil with 100% Coconut Oil 100 ml. 21712 ` 149 Nature Secrets Talc 100 g. ቢ 25444 Cooling Breeze ባ 25442 Tropical Burst ቤ 25440 Floral Bouquet ብ 23709 Forest Glade ` 59 Nature Secrets Talc 400 g. ቦ 25443 Tropical Burst ቧ 25441 Floral Bouquet ቨ 23710 Forest Glade ቩ 25445 Cooling Breeze ` 169 60
  61. 61. ቢ ባ ቢ ባ ቤ toiletries Nature Secrets brings the pleasures of nature’s ingredients straight into your bathroom ቢ Nature Secrets Shampoo for Greasy Hair Nettle Lemon Cleanses hair and scalp and removes oil, giving healthy, smooth shine with Nettle extract and Lemon oil. 250 ml. 22701 ` 229 ባ Nature Secrets Conditioner for Greasy Hair Nettle Lemon Conditions, refreshes, smoothes, and detangles.With Nettle and Lemon to cleanse and invigorate. 250 ml. 22702 ` 229 Detangles and invigorates Cleansing and stimulating JOJOBA MANGO ቢ Nature Secrets Shower Cream for Sensitive Skin Jojoba Mango 250 ml. 22671 ` 379 ቤ Nature Secrets Soap Bar for Sensitive Skin Jojoba Mango 75 g. 22672 ` 79 ባ Nature Secrets Hand Cream for Sensitive Skin Jojoba Mango 75 ml. 23401 ` 198 NETTLE LEMON 61
  62. 62. ባ ቢ ባ ቢ ባ ቢ ቤ toiletries Our Expertise – Your Beautiful Hair ቢ HairX Colour Protect Shampoo 250 ml. 14707 ` 249 ባ HairX Colour Protect Conditioner 250 ml. 14708 ` 249 Better colour radiance Brilliant beautiful shine ቢ HairX Shine Boost Shampoo 250 ml. 23700 ` 279 ባ HairX Shine Boost Conditioner 250 ml. 23701 ` 279 ቤ HairX Shine Boost Serum for Dark hair 50 ml. 23706 ` 649 Repairs weak spots ባ HairX Repair Therapy Shampoo 250 ml. 14710 ` 279 ቢ HairX Repair Therapy Conditioner 250 ml. 14711 ` 279 62
  63. 63. ብ ቦ ቤ ባቢ toiletries Effectively boosts WKLQ ÁDW KDLU *RUJHRXV YROXPH ZLWKRXW WKH ZHLJKW ብ HairX Volume Boost Shampoo Hard-working shampoo withVoluMax complex that brings flat, thin hair back to life; giving it a much- needed boost of volume. It won’t weigh your hair down as it volumises from root-to-tip. 250 ml. 15580 ` 249 ቦ HairX Volume Boost Leave-in Conditioner Light, effective spray withVoluMax complex that won’t weigh hair down whilst creating a sleekly volumised look. Spray onto damp, just-washed hair and don’t rinse, for an abundance of volume that brings out the true you. 150 ml. 15581 ` 329 ባ HairX Round Brush Length: 24 cm, diameter: 3.5 cm. 16183 ` 279 ቤ HairX Styling Extreme Volume Mousse All day volume mousse with Panthenol and Jojoba. Add to wet hair, style and blow dry. 200 ml. 18872 ` 379 TRI-COMPLEX VOLUMA X 9ROXPLVLQJ HUDPLGH $QWLVWDWLF 3ROPHUV 6RIWHQLQJ RQGLWLRQLQJ $JHQW HairXVolume Boost Shampoo Conditioner infuses your hair with vitality* gives all day volume instantly**. * consumer tested on 94 women with thin hair ** instrumentally tested shampoo conditioner only Effective hair solutions for beautiful hair ቢ HairX Cushion Brush Length: 24.5 cm, width: 6.3 cm. 16181 ` 229 63
  64. 64. 6PLOH ZLWK FRQÀGHQFH LAST TIME ቢ ባ ቤ ቢ ባ ቢ ባ ቤ ቤ ቢ ADVANCED ባ toiletries ባ Optifresh Fluoride Toothpaste Whitening 75 ml. 20539 ` 99 ቤ Optifresh Fluoride Toothpaste Cavity Protection 75 ml. 20538 ` 89 ቢ Optifresh Kids Fluoride Toothpaste 50 ml. 24050 ` 85 ቢ Daily Hand Cream 50 ml. 18962 ` 179 ባ Pro-Youth Hand Cream 50 ml. 20357 ` 329 Handy handcare in your handbag Keep you smiling! Happiness in the skin you’re in Last time in this catalogue ቢ Happy Skin caring body lotion sensitive skin 400 ml. 23729 ` 490 ባ Happy Skin hydrating body lotion normal dry skin 400 ml. 23730 ` 490 ቤ Happy Skin nourishing body milk extra dry skin 400 ml. 23733 ` 490 ቤ Feet Up Advanced Cracked Heel Repair Foot Cream 75 ml. 21889 ` 329 ባ Feet Up Advanced Stimulating Cooling Relief Crackling Leg Mousse 150 ml. 21905 ` 449 ቢ Foot File 19 x 3.5 x 0.5 cm. 9588 ` 149 Nourish. Protect. Renew. 64
  65. 65. ቦ ብ Smoothes down calluses toiletries Get swept off your feet by Foot Care ቦ Feet Up Advanced 2 in 1 Deep Action Foot Scrub Anti-bacterial Lemon Myrtle and Intensive Care Complex purify and revitalize your feet. 100 ml. 23277 ` 329 `245 ብ Foot Care Pumice Brush Effective 2-in-1 foot tool smoothes down calluses and cleans feet. 16.5 x 3 x 3.5 cm. 9587 ` 179 `159 Removes dead skin cells and hydrates tired feet Blogger’s Suggested Pick! UP TO 25% OFF 65
  66. 66. fragrance FREE-SPIRITED WITH ECLECTIC MIX Get into trend with this boho- chic style scent that states independence, empowerment and elegance. Paradise is a sparkling fragrance with a fizzy fresh and spicy departure. INDEPENDENT SENSUAL DESIRE If you’re looking for a fragrance to transform you into an irresistible seductress – this is it! This scent has intoxicating oriental vanillic woods that will induce divine madness. UNIQUE, POWERFULYET FEMININE If you like fashion then this is the scent to wear for an original and stylish fragrance. It is inspired by high fashion and created by a renowned fashion designer. GINGER, COCOA FLOWER, CHOCOLATE. PINK PEPPER, JASMINE PETALS, MUSKS ROCK ROSE,TURKISH ROSE, SUEDE Love Potion Eau de Parfum Pure passion is yours with Love Potion Eau de Parfum. Set the mood for a night of passion with this seductive oriental scent and succumb to an irresistible awakening to the pleasures of the flesh. 50 ml. 22442 ` 1890 By Marcel Eau de Parfum With its sensual notes of rock rose,Turkish rose and suede, By Marcel Eau de Parfum embodies your unique glamour and allure. 50 ml. 22444 ` 2490 Every fragrance takes us on a magical journey of emotions and sweet memories through touching keynotes. Capture the moment with my top fragrance choices for the month of July. BEAUTY BLOGGERTIP: CAPTURETHEWONDERFULWORLD OF SCENTED FRAGRANCES Paradise Eau de Parfum Embrace a life extraordinary with Paradise Eau de Parfum and its delicately sensual notes of rosé pepper, jasmine petals and musk. 50 ml. 23853 ` 2490 L I V E YO U R L I F E B E A U T I F U L LY TIP 1 TIP 2 TIP 3 Discover your scent and express your personality with our portfolio of sweet-smelling fragrances. KWWSLQRULÁDPHFRPSURGXFWVIUDJUDQFHJXLGH 66
  67. 67. BloggerBeautyy ggBloggerBeautyy gg BloggerBeautyy gg BloggerBeautyy BloggerBeautyy g B BloggerBloggerBeautyyB BloggerBloggerBeautyy B BBloggerBeautyy B BloggerBeautyyBB gerBeautyy BloB B BloggerBeautyyB BloggerBeautyy B er B BloggerBeautyyB BloggerBeautyy BBeautyyBBeautyy B er BBeautyyyBBeautyyy BBeautyyBBeautyy BBBeeaauuttyyyBBBeeaauuttyyy FRAGRANCE fragrance Celebrate a life together filled with laughter and love. Revel in each moment as if for the first time and cherish the joy. Cherish each sparkling moment EXPRESS WHO YOU ARE Q PAGE 66-71 RED APPLE, MAGNOLIA, BLONDE WOODS shake before use. Precious Moments Eau de Parfum Precious Moments Eau de Parfum dazzles with its exquisitely faceted bottle, detachable ring, real diamond powder and glorious scent. It blossoms with succulent apple and wild berry notes married to a white floral heart.Warm precious woods soften the delicious drydown.A gentle shake of the bottle activates the subtle shimmer that lingers on the skin. 50 ml. 18957 ` 1990 `1690 67
  68. 68. fragrance Fall into the alluring embrace Question: “I’m searching for high quality fragrance that truly reflects warmth, glow and sensuality to reflect my femininity.” BEAUTY QA Jasmeen Dugal, Beauty Blogger: “Take a deep breath with s sensual and warm fragrance – Amber Elixir.This scent embodies all aspect of warmth, luxury and seductiveness of an amber.” Mandarin, Heliotrope, Amber An alluring fragrance infused with enticing notes of mandarin, sweet almond and mystical amber. “ “ 68
  69. 69. ቢ ቤ ባ GLOW WITH WARMTH SAVE `300 ባ Amber Elixir Body Spray Sensual tranquillity awaits you with the warm mandarin, sweet almond and musk aura of Amber Elixir Body Deodorising Body Spray. 75 ml. 23558 ` 198 ቤ Amber Elixir Eau de Parfum Inspired by the mysterious beauty of amber, Amber Elixir entices you with alluring mandarin, sweet almond and sensual musk. 50 ml. 11367 ` 2190 `1890 ቢ Amber Elixir Body Cream 250 ml. 18950 ` 498 Warm, sweet deodorant spray Nourishes,leaving skin deeply hydrated Entice with alluring sensual notes “Empower your femininity with these warm and glowing sweet-smelling fragrances.” *Based on global average of consumer ratings. PRODUCT RATING* 69
  70. 70. fragrance Muse Eau de Toilette Green leaves mingle with dewy violet and white musk, spinning a delightful web of daydreams in Muse Eau de Toilette. 50 ml. 21671 ` 1890 Mirage Eau de Parfum A seductively sophisticated potion spiced with a hint of danger and desire, Mirage reveals a world of mystery with elusive notes of elemi, rose and vetiver. 50 ml. 19798 ` 1990 Mirage Body Spray Open the door to a world of mystery with the passionate elemi, rose and vetiver notes of Mirage Body Spray. 75 ml. 23560 ` 198 More by Demi Eau de Parfum Sensual body spray infused with the oriental floral notes of More by Demi. Perfect for misting all over your body. 50 ml. 23624 ` 2690 Felicity Eau de Toilette Escape to an exotic land scented with the heat of cinnamon, ethereal jasmine and gourmand vanilla with seductive Felicity Eau de Toilette. 50 ml. 21673 ` 1790 Felicity Deodorising Body Spray Deodorising body spray infused with Felicity’s sensual notes of cinnamon, jasmine and vanilla. Enhances your fragrance. For use all over body. 75 ml. 21674 ` 198 Giordani Gold Eau de Parfum 50 ml. 24169 ` 1890 Giordani Gold Deodorising Body Spray 75 ml. 24170 ` 198 Giordani Gold Fragranced Body Talc 100 g. 24173 ` 99 Paradise Body Cream Moisturising body cream that conditions and fragrances your skin with the long-lasting, opulent scent of Paradise. 250 ml. 24352 ` 498 Paradise Deodorising Body Spray Sumptuously scented body spray infused with the chic vibrancy of Paradise. For use all over body. 75 ml. 24353 ` 198 Ice Eau de Toilette Daring and captivating, Ice Eau de Toilette entices with cool wisps of ozone crispness and dewy floral medley. 30 ml. 22434 ` 849 Air Eau de Toilette The bewitchingly floral fruity notes of Air soars and sparkle with subtle femininity and unlimited freedom. 30 ml. 22436 ` 849 Fire Eau de Toilette Let passionate Fire consume you with its seductive warm oriental blend of heady pansies, the sensual spice of clove oils and amber. 30 ml. 22435 ` 849 More by Demi Deodorising Body Spray Indulge in an exciting dose of Hollywood allure with the luminous, velvety notes of More by Demi Body Spray. Ideal for a subtle touch of scent or with More by Demi Eau de Parfum for even longer-lasting cinematic glamour. 75 ml. 24457 ` 198 L I V E YO U R L I F E B E A U T I F U L LY 70
  71. 71. Your sweetest temptation… ቢ ባ fragrance ቢ Delicacy Eau de Toilette Surrender to the sweet pleasure of Delicacy Eau de Toilette, a floral fruity fragrance created by French master chef, Christophe Michalak, and inspired by his signature dessert, the Power Flower. 50 ml. 22446 ` 1890 blackcurrant, raspberry, vanilla bourbon ባ Delicacy Hand Cream Treat yourself to the lusciously rich Delicacy Hand Cream. Exquisitely refined with the enticing scent of Delicacy, this luxurious cream delectably softens and moisturises your skin. 75 ml. 22799 ` 298 Blogger’s Suggested Pick! ONLY `25971
  72. 72. ቢ ባ FREEDOM, LIVING LIFE ON THE EDGE Looking for a young and hip scent? Try Free Motion to increase your self-confidence and express your individualism. INNER DRIVER MASCULINITY Inspired by various woods and spices, Native Force targets men who wish to discover the wild side of life merging with the colourful universe. SUCCESSFUL LIFESTYLE Here’s a brand that may fit with your values and status. Eclat is a fragrance for men looking to express self-confidence and a refined style. Showcase your unique character with sharp fragrances for men! Don’t be afraid to stand out in the crowd with my favourite choices! BEAUTY BLOGGERTIP: STAND OUT FROMTHE CROWD BERGAMOT, LEATHER, CEDARWOOD CARDAMOM, KAFFIR LIME, PALO SANTO SPEARMINT, LIQUORICE, SANDALWOOD Free Motion Eau de Toilette Forget about gravity with the exhilarating rush of Free Motion. Refreshing notes of spearmint, liquorice and sandalwood capture the thrill. 50 ml. 22957 ` 1490 Native Force Eau de Toilette Delve deeper into the unknown with the lush, green freshness of Native Force Eau de Toilette. 75 ml. 23828 ` 1590 ቢ Eclat for Men Eau de Toilette This fresh, refined scent is a classic display of male sophistication. 75 ml. 13835 ` 1890 ባ Eclat for Men Body Spray 75 ml. 23564 ` 198 FREE MOTION NATIVE FORCE ECLAT FOR MEN Discover your scent and express your personality with our portfolio of sweet-smelling fragrances. KWWSLQRULÁDPHFRPSURGXFWVIUDJUDQFHJXLGH men’s corner72
  73. 73. MEN’S CORNERTHE BEST SELECTION FOR EVERY MAN Q PAGE 72-79 A blend of lavender, rosemary and tarragon is followed by a green fruity, spicy mix with a touch of mint, set against the warm masculine scent of woody, amber notes. Live for the challenge GREEN LEMON, GERANIUM,WOOD Glacier Body Spray Fresh and energetic with crisp herbal and woody notes, Glacier Body Spray captures the vigour of the thrill seeking man. 75 ml. 23562 ` 198 `189 men’s corner 73
  74. 74. “ “ men’s corner Journey to the heart of the wild Question: “I aspire to feel powerful, independent and courageous. I want a fragrance that will give off this vibe to others.” Jasmeen Dugal, Beauty Blogger: “If you’re looking to become a modern and courageous explorer I suggest using Voyager.This is a very masculine and full of emotion scent that will ignite your sensations.” BEAUTY QA Tangerine, Green Tea, Namibian Myrrh The heart blends cardamom, green tea and Namibian myrrh. At its base, woody notes of sandalwood, vetiver and amber capture the spirit of the adventure and the wild expanses of your voyage. 74
  75. 75. ቢ ባ LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN - SAVE UP TO `300 “Feel a new world open to you.” ቢ Voyager Eau de Toilette Live the adventure with the woody spicy notes ofVoyager Eau de Toilette. 75 ml. 21707 ` 1690 `1390 ባ Voyager Anti-perspirant 24H Deodorant Roll-on anti-perspirant/deodorant with the invigorating scent ofVoyager. Provides all-day protection and reduces white marks on clothing. 50 ml. 23173 ` 179 `169 *Based on global average of consumer ratings. PRODUCT RATING* 75
  76. 76. men’s corner I.D. Beats Eau de Toilette Spray Hot ginger, exotic coconut and cedarwood release the thumping groove in you with I.D Beats. 150 ml. 24163 ` 298 I.D. Energy Eau de Toilette Spray Want to keep her on her toes? Girls like a guy who’s always on the go.With sparkling yuzu, fresh ginger root and cucumber, I.D. Energy will keep you buzzing 24-7! The longer you spray, the more intense the scent. 150 ml. 24162 ` 298 Architect Eau de Toilette Sparkling blue hemlock fuses with sequoia wood and tobacco to form the complex vision of Architect Eau de Toilette. 75 ml. 21559 ` 1990 Giordani Man Eau de Toilette This opulent sophisticated scent is the pinnacle of modern masculine sophistication. 75 ml. 17328 ` 1990 Flamboyant Eau de Toilette Live the limitless life with the vibrant woody citrus notes of Flamboyant Eau de Toilette. 75 ml. 19639 ` 1690 Signature Heritage Eau De Toilette Let Signature Heritage Eau de Toilette take you on an elegant journey with resonantly rich paprika, black coffee and the mystique of incense curls. Perfect for the cultivated man who always travels in style. 75 ml. 23837 ` 1890 I.D. Player Eau de Toilette Spray With sensual star anise, coffee and patchouli, sexy I.D Player is for the guy who knows what women like and always delivers. 150 ml. 24164 ` 298 Rebel Body Spray Timeless masculine Body Spray in an alcohol-free formulation. Spray all over body after bath and during the day for the confidence you desire. 75 ml. 8048 ` 198 76
  77. 77. men’s corner Signature Fragranced Body Talc Refreshing body talc for him infused with the classic sophisticated scent of Signature. Absorbs moisture, leaving his skin dry and smooth. Long-lasting scent keeps him feeling confident all day. 100 g. 22150 ` 99 Signature Eau de Toilette A fragrance for the discerning man, Signature is a woody fruity scent that expresses originality and artistry. 75 ml. 12190 ` 1890 `1590 pear, nutmeg, vanilla Creative. Magnetic. Unique. Blogger’s Suggested Pick! SAVE `30077
  78. 78. men’s corner extreme care for every man. North For Men Spray Deodorant Anti-perspirant 150 ml. 15549 ` 279 North For Men – After Shaving Moisture Balm 50 ml. 14654 ` 229 North For Men Total Age Control Cream 50 ml. 16687 ` 990 North For Men Cleansing Soap Bar 100 g. 15543 ` 99 North For Men Cleansing Fairness Soap Bar 100 g. 18297 ` 99 North For Men Active Fairness Face Wash 150 ml. 20159 ` 398 78
  79. 79. ባ ቤ ቢ ATHRILLING INDULGENCE OF FRESHNESS men’s corner ባ North For Men Normal Skin Shaving Foam 200 ml. 17358 ` 298 ቢ North For Men Fortifying Total Hair Body Wash Invigorating double-action wash effectively cleanses and conditions body and hair. 250 ml. 15539 ` 349 ቤ North For Men Triple Action Eye Balm Refreshing triple action eye balm with Arctic Pro Defence visibly reduces under eye puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. 15 ml. 16686 ` 579 `465 Moisturises skin and helps fortify hair For a close and comfortable shave Reduces under- HH SXIÀQHVV “For an invigorating burst of freshness and chilling scent try North for Men products. These products are a must-have for men who want to maintain coolness and look sharp.” Blogger’s Suggested Pick! 20% OFF 79
  80. 80. ቢ ባ ቤ GET THEM NOW – BEFORE THEY’RE GONE! HOT PRICE! ` 99 ቢ Volare Deodorising Body Spray 75 ml. 2038 ` 159 ቤ DeMarco Body Spray 75 ml. 8131 ` 149 ባ Eclat Woman Body Spray 75 ml. 7548 ` 159 80
  81. 81. + HOT PRICE! ` 49 ORDER TODAY! – SAVE UP TO 55%! Limited stock. Offers valid till stocks last! Diamond Cellular Concentrated Perfector Serum 30 ml. 20274 ` 2290 `999 Complete care for brilliant skin FOR ALL SKIN TYPES 40+ 55% OFF NATURE Hair Care Pure.Luscious. Irresistible! Optimals White Peel-Off Mask 75 ml. 13466 ` 498 `249 FOR ALL SKIN TYPES ALL AGES WHITE NOURISHING Cotton Seed Oil softens and nourishes Vitamin E moisturises skin’s upper layers Vitamin E Essentials Face Mask Moisturising Mask with Cotton Seed Oil andVitamin E.Apply 1 sachet to cleansed face, leave 10 minutes, rinse off.Two sachets. 2 x 6 ml. 20151 ` 69 10 minutes Coconut Ricemilk Hot Oil 15 ml. 7027 ` 59 `49 50% OFF 8181
  82. 82. GET THEM NOW – BEFORE THEY’RE GONE! HOT PRICE! ` 59 Full Moon Soap Bar Gentle Soap Bar with the delightful, exotic aroma of Night Blooming Cereus. This hydrating, soothing extract also has purifying properties. Make every day romantic. 75 g. 21871 ` 79 SOAP BAR A SENSATION OF DESTINY 82
  83. 83. 83 + Triple Core Lipstick Trend Edition Inspired by wild flowers in nature and graphic petals on the catwalk alike, the limited edition of our unique Triple Core Lipstick embraces spring trends with 3 new bold shades, each encased in an exclusively created floral design. The perfect gift. 4 g. ` 449 24065 Catwalk Red 24067 BerryVogue 24068 Fashion Mauve THE DRAMA OF GLOSS THE PASSION OF COLOUR THETENDERNESS OF CARE 24067BerryVogue 23205Purple 24068FashionMauve 24067 BerryVogue 24065 Catwalk Red HOT PRICE! ` 299 ORDER TODAY! – SAVE UP TO 40%! Limited stock. Offers valid till stocks last! 23205 Purple Very Me Funky Eye Pencils Neat mini retractable pencils in five stunning shimmering shades provide the ultimate in glamorous eye impact. 0.17 g. 23205 ` 179 `149 5098IcedCaffe 5098 Iced Caffe Visions V* Lipstick 2.5 g. 5098 ` 79 `47 40% OFF 83
  84. 84. ቢ ባ GET THEM NOW – BEFORE THEY’RE GONE! HOT PRICE! ` 45 Paradise Fruits Romantic Flowers ባ Nature Fragranced Body Talc Paradise Fruits An exotic fruity scent, will take you to a world of wonder. 100 g. 18968 ` 49 ቢ Nature Fragranced Body Talc Romantic Flowers (Jumbo) 400 g. 18971 ` 159 `119 84
  85. 85. + HOT PRICE! ` 1490 ORDER TODAY! – SAVE UP TO 40%! Limited stock. Offers valid till stocks last! Oriflame 45th Anniversary Blue Sapphire Eau de Parfum 50 ml. 24071 ` 2490 With luxury gift box 85
  86. 86. top10 Favourite PicksBlogger’s 26659WarmRust 26654LovelyLilac 26658DarkBurgundy 26656JuicyPlum 26655CherryCompote 26657DaringBerry 1 Pure Colour Intense Lipstick High coverage lipstick in the most popular shades. Concentrated colour for great pay-off. Comfortable, moisturizing formula for a smooth lip feel. 2.5 g. ` 149 `125 Looking for some handy products for your skin or face. Well you’re going to love these hot picks because not only are they going for a great price but great for pure beauty too! 86
  87. 87. 2 3 Pure Nature Organic Aloe Vera Arnica Extract Soothing Face Wash Gently carries away traces of make up and skin sebum, helping to sooth the skin. Contains aloe vera and arnica extracts. Recommended for sensitive skin. 150 ml. 18918 ` 298 Milk Honey Gold Nourishing Hand Body Cream A rich moisturising cream that softens, conditions, and nourishes your hands and body delectably. 250 ml. 15570 ` 479 `399 FOR ALL SKIN TYPES ALL AGES DON’T MISS! Pocket-friendly prices 15%OFF UP TO 87
  88. 88. 4 top10 Favourite PicksBlogger’s Indulge your skin with nature’s purest luxuries. These products are great buys for giving your skin the care it deserves. Try these affordable buys today! Feminelle Refreshing Intimate Wash with Pink Hibiscus Extract Invigorating Pink Hibiscus is combined with hydrating Lactic Acid in this soap-free wash, promoting a healthy intimate area that let’s you cherish your femininity. 300 ml. 23951 ` 379 `349 88
  89. 89. 5 6 30+ Aqua-Rhythm Intense Hydration Youth Preserve Light Day Cream SPF 15 Light day cream with Hydro Protect Complex and SPF 15 to defend the skin against UV damage. 50 ml. 23743 ` 1390 `890 FOR ALL SKIN TYPES ALL AGES Optimals White Clarifying Toner Refreshing skin lightening toner. Contains lactic acid that helps exfoliate skin and promote cell renewal to smoothen and even skin tone. 200 ml. 12554 ` 449 `399 `500 DON’T MISS! Pocket-friendly prices FOR ALL SKIN TYPES SAVE UP TO 89
  90. 90. top10 Favourite PicksBlogger’s 8 7 Greetings beauty fanatics! This month don’t miss the opportunity to buy some of my favourite picks for a super sweet price. Pamper in refreshing natural toiletries and top off your look with some drama using sultry Kajal Eye Liner. It’s the way to go! Oriflame Beauty Kajal Eye Liner Ultra long lasting, blacker than black kajal with soothing chamomile extract. 2.5 g. 17473 ` 329 `279 North For Men Moisturising Fairness Lotion Fast-absorbing face lotion with Polar White Complex and moisturising agents makes skin visibly fairer. UV-filters prevent darkening of the skin. 50 ml. 16560 ` 279 `224 17473 Black 90
  91. 91. 9 10 Milk Honey Gold Creamy Soap Bar The pleasure is all yours as you cleanse and moisturise with this luxuriant soap bar. 100 g. 18953 ` 55 `49 Feet Up Soothing Foot Cream Soothe and soften with this easily absorbed cream with Wheat Germ and Orange Blossom. 75 ml. 20548 ` 279 `229 DON’T MISS! Pocket-friendly prices 20%OFF UP TO 91
  92. 92. toiletries Luxurious hair mask helps strengthen and protect hair while adding shine with sparkling Gold Pigments.Hydrating Wheat Proteins and nourishing Milk and Honey Extracts promote softness while nutriment-rich Shea Butter offers extra nourishment. NUTRITIOUS CARE FOR HEALTHY BEAUTIFUL HAIR 92
  93. 93. ቢ ቤ ባ ቢ Milk Honey Gold Shampoo Nourishing Shampoo with organically sourced Milk and Honey extracts. Exquisite texture and fragrance. 200 ml. 22624 ` 229 `219 *based on 54 women in conjunction with Milk Honey Shampoo ቤ Milk Honey Gold Hair Mask Indulge in a luxurious hair mask with shimmering Gold Pigments. Providing intense nourishment and extra moisture from three naturally derived ingredients Milk, Honey and Wheat, hair is left healthy, shiny and easy to manage. 250 ml. 24734 ` 398 `299 Organically sourced Milk Proteins and Honey Extracts add nourishment and glamorous shine. ባ Milk Honey Gold Conditioner Nourishing, detangling Conditioner with organically sourced Milk and Honey extracts. Luxurious texture and scent. 200 ml. 22625 ` 229 `219 HAIR MASK immediately restores natural shine 89% effective* Hair Mask containsWheat Proteins that have excellent conditioning properties, helping to repair and strengthen the hair. NEW Exclusive LAUNCH OFFER 25% OFFUP TO 93
  94. 94. 24956 Soft Brown 24957 Black Sky 24955 Frosty Blue 20345 Pretty Green 20392 Cocoa Glaze 94
  95. 95. Exclusive LAUNCH OFFER 40% SOFT SHIMMERING SHADES Very Me Eye Envy Eye Shadow Release your inner artist! Lustrous Eye Envy Eye Shadow duos in all the shades of who you are. 1.9 g. ` 279 `165 NEWSHADES 2 4957Blacksky 24955 Fro styBlue 24956 S oft Brown 203 45 Pretty Green 20392 CocoaGlaze OFF 95
  96. 96. fragrance9696
  97. 97. Pretty Swan Eau de Toilette Give in to your heart’s desire with the ethereal symphony of Pretty Swan Eau de Toilette. Graceful notes of pink pepper embrace a luminous velvet apricot heart, then settle into a silky rice powder trail as delicate as gossamer wings. 50 ml. 25057 ` 1690 `1390 TRY ME! Rub the bottle and try the fragrance! Dance the language of your soul Pretty Swan Eau de Toilette embodies the FRQ¿GHQFH IUDJLOLW DQG LQQHUVWUHQJWK RI D GDQFHU ZLWK LWV HIIRUWOHVV EHDXW DQG JRUJHRXV EOHQG RI JUDFHIXO SLQN SHSSHU YHOYHW DSULFRW DQG VLON ULFH SRZGHU Exclusive LAUNCH OFFER `300 SAVE NEW 97
  98. 98. men’s corner9898
  99. 99. Espionage Eau de Toilette For the man of mystery there is only one scent – Espionage Eau de Toilette. From its evocative, aromatic clary sage tones and marine breeze accord heart, Espionage sets the scene for covert operations. Later it slides into an urbane amber finish for the perfect mission accomplished. 75 ml. 23629 ` 1890 `1490 TRY ME! Rub the bottle and try the fragrance! Exclusive LAUNCH OFFER `400 SAVE NEW 99
  100. 100. Pure Colour Rise above the trends with SUPER SMASHING LOOKS SMA SHING LO O KSSMA SHINGLO OKS 9 No 08 2013 $XJXVW $XJXVW - Go catwalk crazy for 9 smashing looks trends and many more! - Indulge in NEW More by Demi Lipstick Nail polish - Brighten up with NEW GG Dreamy Moments Illuminating Pearls 'RQ¶W PLVV RXW RQ WKH H[FOXVLYH 2ULÀDPH *HW *RUJHRXV *XLGH LQVLGH Colour for nails 23160BabyPink 23168 Coral Red 23161CloverHaze 23163 Intense Pink Oriflame Pure Colour Nail Polish Glossy, high shine nail polish in a wide range of exciting shades. Gorgeous finish, fantastic colours – and what’s more, it’s unbelievable value! Why not try them all?! 8 ml. ` 169 ` 25© 2013 Oriflame Cosmetics SA `119 BEST TO BUY ONLY Oriflame is a proud member of the Indian Direct Selling Association, reflecting our commitment to practising the highest level of business ethics. We have never tested our products on animals and never will. We adopted this policy when we launched in 1967 and, to this day, all ingredients in our cosmetic products are animal friendly. Through our collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance, we strive to ensure that all the paper in our catalogues originates from well managed forests. Our ongoing charity initiatives support children and young women through a diverse range of education programs. YOUR BEAUTY CONSULTANT Such is the belief in our quality that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t completely happy with your product you may return it within 30 days for a full refund. NEW MORE BY DEMI LIPSTICK NAIL POLISH COMING IN August, 2013 EACH 23160 Baby Pink 23162 Nude Pink 23161 Clover Haze 23163 Intense Pink 23168 Coral Red 24423 Pastel Pink 23171 Dark Brown 24424 Lavender Shimmer 24425 GlossyTaupe ZZZIDFHERRNFRPRULÁDPHLQ WZLWWHUFRPRULÁDPHBLQGLD Head Office: Oriflame India Pvt. Ltd., Ground Floor, Corporate One, Plot No 5, NHCC, Jasola New Delhi -110076, INDIA Tel. +91 114 054 9500 Email: query@oriflame.co.in www.oriflame.co.in