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Soul food creations (1)


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Soul food creations (1)

  1. 1. Appetizers:Twenty mini SlidersChoice of meats: bison, ground beef, turkey, steak, or pork. Choice of cheese:Monterrey Jack,Swiss, or American. Slow grilled to perfection. $50oxtail soupSlow cooked oxtail in a marplot of celery, carrots, potatoes, & red onions,seasoned w/ herbs &spices. $50jalapeño stuffed portabellasGiant portabellas stuffed w/ jalapeno cream cheese & deep fried in a beer battermixture &served w/ a raspberry or ranch sauce. $50renaes pork chilliBlend of pork, chilli’s, tomatoes, black beans, onion bell peppers, lime sauces, &authentic chilliseasoning, slowly simmered. $35homemade potato boatsLarge potatoes skins filled w/ a blend of sour cream, bacon, cheese, baked & toppedw/ chives ontop. Can be served w/wo potato filling. $35Three cheese quesoA combination of three cheeses, & a home made salsa, blended into a thick & creamydip. Canbe served w/ tortilla chips or cajun fries. $35Fresh Garden saladFresh romaine lettuce topped w/ roma tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, shreddedcheese &croutons. Served with choice of dressing. $20Southern wingsTen pounds of flavorful wings in five different flavors. Lemon pepper, buffalo,barbecue, cajun &plain. Can be served w/ your choice of sauce. $45Entrees:Jamaican Jerk pineapple ribs
  2. 2. Marinated in jerk seasoning & pineapple juice, slow cooked in a Jamaican barbecuesauce untilalmost off the bone (three full racks). $55Bourbon style pulled porkPork roast smoked & simmered in bourbon glaze & homemade bbq sauce on a toastedbun. $40deep fried catfish filletsSeasoned w/ a mixture of spices & deep fried in a crackling caramel w/ a spicytartar sauce onthe side (8 lbs. of filets). $60grilled stuffed bell peppersGreen, red, & yellow peppers, stuffed w/ red beans, rice & smoked sausage. Grilledin olive oilto perfection. Cajun sauce on the side. $40Down south chicken and wafflesFive pounts of fried winglets in a beer batter served w/ two buttermilk waffles &maple syrupchoice of hot or mild sauce or ranch. $45Smoked and smothered pork chopsSmoked chops in an oven & smothered in homemade tomato gravy served w/ homemademashedpotatoes & italian cut green beans. $60Southern style turnip & mustard greensA combination of mustard & turnips greens slow cooked w/ smoke turkey, seasoned w/variety ofspices w/ onions & turnip bottoms. $40old fashion baked mac and cheeseMade w/ macaroni noodles w/ a blend of three cheeses & buttermilk baked w/ breadcrumbs ontop. $40southern signature potato saladHomemade cut potato cubes w/ creamy mayo & a blend of spices, pickles & eggs. $30broccoli & cheese stuffed meatloafBeef & ground pork seasoned w/ famous meatloaf seasoning, bread crumb a combinationofherbs & spices, then stuffed w/ broccoli & cheese mixture. Baked & served w/smotheredpotatoes topped w/ shredded cheese & italian cut green beans. $45deep fried onion baked pork Tenderloin sandwich
  3. 3. Thin sliced onions deep fried & made into a better, tenderloin is dipped intobatter & baked for a lightgolden crisp served on a bun w/ a horseradish sauce on the side, served w/ fries orcoleslaw. $60zesty tomato pastaDelicious egg noodles in a homemade tomato sauce topped w/ jack & colby cheese &slightlysprinkled bread crumbs & fresh parsley as a garnish served w/ homemade texas toast.$30chicken and spinach pastaSpinach pasta is a creamy garlic butter sauce topped w/ cajun chopped chickenbreast,mushrooms & roasted red peppers, also topped w/ shredded parmesan cheese served w/twoslices of texas toast. $45Southern crab saladA mixture of shredded fresh crab meat in a creamy butter sauce, chopped celery,cayenne pepper,fresh cranberries & bowtie pasta, can be served w/ town house crackers or standalone. $55country fried steakTwo slices of steak breaded & deep fried & smothered in a chicken or beef gravy w/choices oftwo sides. $55honey mustard glazed chickenChoice of white or dark meat caramelized in honey & white wine sauce, baked in ahoneymustard glaze to perfection served on top of a rice pilaf & topped w/ more glaze &freshrosemary for garnish w/ one side dish. $55gumboA dark succulent cajun aju, served in a combination of shrimp, crawfish, chicken &spicysausage, slowly simmered w/ a vegetable blend & rice. $65slow roasted pot roastSucculent slow roasted pot roast in a beef gravy, served in roasted potatoes,carrots & baby snowpeas, can be served w/ southern hot water corn bread & a choice of desert. $45southern fried chickenA blend of homemade spices seasoned to perfection dipped into a seasoned batter ofbread crumbs& flour & deep fried to a light golden brown served w/ two choices of sides. Two
  4. 4. pieces. $50braised lambGrilled lamb seasoned and smoked until golden brown then braised with a honeybutter sauce,until they are tender and falling off the bones, can be served with choices of twoside dishes. $70corn beef and cabbageTender corn beef smothered in a combination of red & green cabbage fried in oliveoil, dicedonions & fresh green beans, served w/ corn bread muffins & choice of dessert. $40meatball sandwichesThree jumbo meatballs simmered in a homemade marinara sauce served on italian breadroll, w/italian blend cheese, a little basil & served w/ choice of side dish. $45chicken and dumplingsMade from scratch, flavorful dumplings, pan fried in olive oil then simmered in astock of dicedchunks of chicken along w/ herbs & spices for more flavor. $40baked talipiaTwo fillets marinated in lemon pepper butter sauce, baked & served w/ a garlicbutter sauce onthe side, w/ choice of two side dishes. $65bacon wrapped scallopsFive fresh scallops seasoned w/ lemon pepper & wrapped in thin smoked bacon formore flavor,pan seared. $70Oven baked lasagnaA blend of ground beef mixture spread in between noodles w/ four cheeses, marinarasauce, then bakedto perfection, can be made into chicken alfredo lasagna (served w/ garlic toast &dinner salad). $50smothered sausagesSauteed sweet onions, yellow bell peppers, carrots & jalapeno’s smothered on top ofitaliansausages slow roasted & served on a italian roll w/ choice of side dish. $50southern fried or grilled shrimpFive jumbo shrimp either beer battered & deep fried or cajun spiced, grilled &served w/ abourbon glaze & cocktail sauce, one choice of side dish. $50spicy barbecue meatballs
  5. 5. Homemade meatballs w/ a zesty list of herbs, spices, & bread crumbs, slow simmeredfor hoursto get that burst of spicy barbecue flavor. $45Fried eggplant casseroleSliced eggplant lightly seasoned & battered, pan fried, layered & baked w/ porksausage & beefmixture, topped w/ cheese & bread crumbs, served w/ seasonal fruit. $45pasta jambalayaA combination of sauteed vegetables, shrimp, chicken, smoked sausages, & cubed ham.Simmeredin a blend of cajun seasoning, penne pasta is added with tomatoes and tomato sauce.$65
  6. 6. DesertsSouthern Sweetpotato Pecan Pie Peach CobblerStrawberry Shortcake Oreo CheesecakeGerman Chocolate Cake Apple Pie or FrittersBanana Pudding Cherry CobblerPumpkin Cheesecake Raisin BreadpuddingApple Jelly CakeNote: any other request for specific deserts are upon request.All deserts are $35Side DishesBaked Sweetpotatoes Garlic Mashed PotatoesSteamed Greenbeans CarrotsCorn BroccoliBaked Beans French FriesPotato Salad Onion RingsCornbread Muffins Baked Mac and CheeseIdaho Baked Potatoes Rice PilafGreen SaladAdditional sides are $15SoupsVegetable Beef French OnionOxtail Soup Chicken NoodleAll orders can be purchased in three ways: three, six, and eight course packages.Larger courses available upon request.All order must be made two weeks in advance in which a consultation will bearranged.A deposit is required of at least half of the total order.Cash, Credit or Debit only.Soulfood CreationsCatering Co.
  7. 7. Fried Catfish FilletsZesty Tomato PastaRenae’s Pork ChilliGrilled Stuffed Bell PeppersRenae CummingsExecutive ChefRenaeCummings34@yahoo.com309-472-1937 or 309-868-4145