Location Based Social Networks - Killer App or Blind Alley?


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Luke Razzell and I ran this as a guided discussion at the British Computer Society on 5th March 2009. Then I tried to run through it in 6 minutes at Mashup* Events Being Location Aware on 19th March 2009

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  • The thinking behind this talk started when I read a report by ABI Research predicting LBMSN would be a $3.2m market by 2013. Notwithstanding my doubts about the accuracy of the prediction, I was stunned at the potential that they saw and I wanted to find a bit of that opportunity. Credit Luke Razzell for the images and a share of the ideas
  • Location Based Social Networks - Killer App or Blind Alley?

    1. 1. Location-based social networking: opportunity or blind alley? <ul><li>Steven Feldman </li></ul><ul><li>KnowWhere Consulting </li></ul><ul><li>[email_address] </li></ul>weaverluke .com
    2. 2. Social networking <ul><li>530m social network users worldwide </li></ul><ul><li>Facebook has 175m users worldwide. UK has 15m users , retains users for 169 minutes per month </li></ul><ul><li>Twitter UK traffic has trebled in 2009! </li></ul>weaverluke .com
    3. 3. Introducing location weaverluke .com
    4. 4. Mobility is.gd/ICqn weaverluke .com
    5. 5. Is it all about time? http://is.gd/lCrI weaverluke .com
    6. 6. Time, Proximity & Granularity weaverluke .com
    7. 7. Privacy is.gd/ICqn weaverluke .com
    8. 8.   “… Brightkite is a location-based social network. In real time you can see where your friends are and what they’re up to. Depending on your privacy settings you can also meet others nearby.…” weaverluke .com
    9. 9. “… Rummble is a location based social search and discovery tool, enabling users find recommended content for a location more easily, without a traditional keyword search. Instead, Rummble’s algorithm provides personalized results based upon a trust profile it builds for you and the content in your social network …” weaverluke .com
    10. 10.   “… Dopplr is an online service for frequent travelers. It lets you share your future travel plans with a group of trusted fellow travelers that you have chosen. It also reminds you of friends and colleagues who live in the cities you’re planning to visit. You can use the service with your personal computer and mobile phone…” weaverluke .com
    11. 11. Aka-Aki Belysio Blumapia Blumni Brightkite BuddyBeacon Buddycloud BuddyMob BuddyWay buzzd Carticipate ComeTogethr Dodgeball Dopplr Duzine FindbyClick FindMe Footprint History Fraced GeoMe GeoSpot GeoUpdater GyPSii ICloseby Ipoki IRL Jentro Latitude LightPole Limbo Locatik Locatrix Locle Loki Loopt MapMe Map My Tracks MeetMoi Mobilaris MobiLuck Mologogo Moximiti MyGeoDiary MyGeolog Myrimis Now Here Pelago Placr Plazes PocketLife Quiro Qlique Rummble Shizzow Skobbler Skout Sniff Socialight Sparrow Spot Adventures SpotJots The Grid TownKing TownQueen Tripit Twittelator Unype weNear WHERE TM WhereYouGonnaBe Whrrl Zhiing Zintin weaverluke .com
    12. 12. Google storms in weaverluke .com
    13. 13. Big boys add location weaverluke .com
    14. 14. Where’s the beef? weaverluke .com
    15. 15. Ubiquitous location Being present everywhere at once Steven Feldman KnowWhere Consulting [email_address] http://GIScussions.blogspot.com weaverluke .com