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My welcome presentation to FOSS4G 2013 in Nottingham

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  • Visits to web site -129 countries from Bhutan to Belarus, from the Cook Islands to the Cayman Islands and from Sudan to Surinam
  • Crest of a wave
  • “Apart from direct costs savings, other benefits of open source result in reduced project failure and lower costs for code maintenance.”
    “Companies that use a lot of open source are more productive and efficient”
    Carlo Daffara, OpenForum Academy
  • Well over half the EU by population and probably by GDP
  • 26 countries - largest SDI project in the world
    Open Standards
    A heck of a lot of Open Source
  • Aims of ICA-OSGeo Labs Initiative
    Establishing research and training opportunities in open source GIS
    Provide worldwide learning platform
    Build teaching and research infrastructure worldwide
    Will be establishing over 100 labs in universities worldwide by Sep 2014 and 50 in Europe by 2015
  • 5 years ago MD MapInfo UK - now external member of UoN, OSM-GB project, adviser to Astun, involved in Taarifa project
    You could say {click} Gamekeeper ...
    A couple of personal thoughts
  • Origin of strapline for conf & keynotes
    Arnulf - free vs freedom
    Personal view that the business and presentation is important for us to achieve our full potential to deliver geo for all
  • Tell you a little about our journey to bring you FOSS4G
    Introduce some of the characters
  • Lots of passion, vision, enthusiasm and only a hint of reality
  • Programs, content, delegates, speakers, workshops, tech, money, publicity, sponsors, admin, more techn, design, organisation, detail, fanaticism
  • Maid Marian
    Friar Tuck
  • Particularly Peter Batty who has been a source of calm wisdom when we were getting frantic
  • Go and visit sponsors and thank them
  • FOSS4G 2013 Welcome

    1. 1. Welcome to Steven Feldman FOSS4G 2013 Conference Chair
    2. 2. from we welcome you Vítáme tĕ 迎欢 歡迎 Dobrodošli‫وسهل‬ ‫أهل‬ Welkom Velkommen Bienvenue Willkommen Καλώς ορίσατε Aloha Shalom Benvenuto ようこそ 환영합니다 Bienvenido Bemvindo Välkommen Merhaba ongi etorri swagata croeso bénvnou ยินดีต้อนรับ namaste fáilte tere tulemast tervetuloa welcome добре дошъл benvinguts
    3. 3. It’s really kicking off for OSGeo in Europe
    4. 4. A European Perspective
    5. 5. Governments mandating or encouraging Open Source European economy is saving around €114Bn p.a. by using open source software solutions
    6. 6. UK Germany France Finland Iceland Netherlands Estonia
    7. 7. INSPIRE
    8. 8. Education ICA-OSGeo MoU in Sep 2011 40 labs established worldwide in 2 years North America – 8 labs Europe – 14 labs South America – 7 labs Africa – 3 labs Asia – 7 labs Australia - 1 lab
    9. 9. Gamekeeper turned poacher Perso nal Reflec tion
    10. 10. Geo for All FOSS4GX
    11. 11. The Robin Hood License Robin Hood Condition. The Licensor hereby guarantees to distribute at least 2 % of the charges, he took from rich people, to social projects, which support poor people. Poor people are people with an income below 30 % of the national average income or people with an income below 55 USD per month
    12. 12. “If this is coffee, please bring mesome tea; but if this is tea,please bring me some coffee” Abraham LincolnAbraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln At times it has felt as if we have got 850 Abraham Lincolns coming to FOSS4G!
    13. 13. Making the #BestFOSS4Gever A Silent Movie
    14. 14. It all started here in Mappingham 730 days ago Wouldn’t it be great if we could bring Wouldn’t it be great if we could bring  FOSS4G to the UK in 2013?FOSS4G to the UK in 2013? Good idea I’ll chat Good idea I’ll chat  with Jeremywith Jeremy We will need a logo, see We will need a logo, see  what you can do with thiswhat you can do with this Ahh a ribbon with a cutting Ahh a ribbon with a cutting  edgeedge
    15. 15. Forming a team Ok I’ll do that as long as Ok I’ll do that as long as  we have a good teamwe have a good team I know just the band I know just the band  of merry men (and of merry men (and  women)women) we need a chairmanwe need a chairman
    16. 16. What on earth is What on earth is  that thing?that thing? It looks like a budget It looks like a budget  target, for our FOSS4G target, for our FOSS4G  proposal.proposal. Can  you hit it?Can  you hit it? Putting a bid together It depends on the It depends on the  projectionprojection
    17. 17. Nottingham awarded FOSS4G and promptly renames the town Mappingham We’ve given you and your We’ve given you and your  merry men FOSS4G 2013 now merry men FOSS4G 2013 now  don’t mess it updon’t mess it up No worries, we will No worries, we will  have a Mapperry have a Mapperry  time in Maptembertime in Maptember
    18. 18. Maptember 19th 189189 Presentations Presentations 8 Keynotes8 Keynotes 2 days of 18 2 days of 18  Workshops Workshops  programme programme  10 Free 10 Free  WorkshopsWorkshops Birds of a Birds of a  featherfeather CodesprintsCodesprints Food, drink, party Food, drink, party  fun and geobeersfun and geobeers and a Logoand a Logo All that’s missing is the All that’s missing is the  partridge in a pear tree!partridge in a pear tree! Over 850 Over 850  delegates!delegates!
    19. 19.
    20. 20. A lot of thank you’s
    21. 21. Our amazing FOSS4G Team
    22. 22. OurVice Chairs
    23. 23. Thanks to Naomi Gale
    24. 24. Over 6000 team hours! So massive thanks to So massive thanks to
    25. 25. Thanks to
    26. 26. Diamond & Gold Sponsors
    27. 27. Silver & Bronze Sponsors
    28. 28. Supporters
    29. 29. Opening up the Map
    30. 30. Media Sponsors
    31. 31. Over 70 wonderfulVolunteers Onome Abara Till Adams Elisabet Adeva Helene Augu John Birkett Peter Broßeit John Bryant Iain Burnell Steven Campbell Jui-wen Chang Jasmina Chow Antonios Chrysochoou Ben Clews Alexander Coley Luciene Delazari Britta Duve Hansen Kenneth Field Thomas Finnie Sam Franklin Helena Frudd Christine Gangl Robert Graham Aileen Heal Heather Hillers Mats Högström Zhi Huang Vanessa Hughes David Hunt Jermiane Hutchison Anthonia Ijeoma Onyeahialam Phil James Karl-Magnus Jönsson Ilona Kemeling Pieter Kempeneers Tobias Kohr Johannes Küpper Jakob Lagerstedt Adele Lee Stu Lester Sizwe Mabaso Shannon McCann Erik Meerburg Peter Meijer Simon Miles Marco Minghini Jonathan Moules Andreas Neumann Brian Norman Ollie O'Brien Mark Percival Amir Pourabdollah Chris Rhodes Cristina Rosales Roberto Santos Pekka Sarkola Dinesh Sharma Giuseppe Sollazzo Fiona Spooner Angharad Stone Tom Stork Matt Travis Paul Van Genuchten Christian Willmes
    32. 32. You Sam Franklin John Birkett David Hunt Graeme Bell Lars Aksel Opsahl Ricardo Cifres Ian Mayo Kees Kersten Freek Wonnink Mael Meliani Matthieu Lefort Guillaume Sueur Jan Roger Andersen Frode Wiseth Jorgensen Richard Hanssen Eirik Csak Knutsen Dean Paulley Steven Campbell Brent Fraser Niels Hoffmann Peter Meijer Massimo Pignataro Robert Steele Matteo Gismondi John Britton John Bryant Aileen Heal Graeme Herbert Vaclav Klusak Petr Pridal Hugo Martins Peter Wells Volker Mische Mark Percival Antoine Riche Dinesh Sharma Thomas Bonfort Ben Wyss Cheng Chang Lu Martin Dresen Thomas Baumann Timothy Duffy Anders Jürisoo Kristian Bergstrand Björn Lahti Gunnar Kuhi Margarita Selli Mart Reinola Marco Lechner Mihkel Oviir Alec Ross Espen Oldeman Lund Espen Ornes Baishan Peng Dragan Podvezanec Marko Turkovic Casper Span Tim Sutton Gary Colquhoun Mathieu Coudert Vasile Craciunescu Simone Dalmasso Arnaud De Groof Yannick Arnaud Pirmin Kalberer Marco Hugentobler Horst Düster Jonas Eberle Georges-Thierry Handja Peter Foster Tore Halset Sverre Iversen Michael Kalbermatten Richard Knippers Dalibor Kusic Chris Little Paolo Pasquali Robert Nuske Muhammad Nabi Ahmad Erick Opiyo Per Liedman Peter Thorin Daniel Garcia SeungJae Lim Sepehr Mavedati Julien Michel Peter Steen Nielsen Simon Valentin Hansen Aske Butze Marie Nilsson Martin Ouellet Chris Berkhout Bjorn Sandvik Jorge Sanz Marcus Sen Mauritz Bomark Just Van den Broecke Kristy Van Putten Matthew Bond Lluís Vicens Claudia Vitolo Andy Allan Maurizio Bottaccio Alessandro Amici Antonios Chrysochoou Julien Collaer Nicolas Dufrane Thomas Gratier Helene Augu Desiree Hilbring Simon Jirka Rasmus Johansson Karl-Magnus Jönsson Matthias Kuhn Julien-Samuel Lacroix Jakob Lanstorp Martin Rivest Frederic Morin Bruce Anger Okan Birhan Daniel Karran Steve Keyworth Jamie Williams Birgit Laggner Warren Marks Richard Brantingham James Skinner Matthew Rixson James Baker Louis Holford Christopher Nicholas Matthew Bristow Oliver May Mike McCann Christine Meixner Lukas Treyer Jacob Mendt Marco Montanari Luca Morandini Stefan Neumeier Natascha Orthen Birgit Blaabjerg Bisgaard Jae-deok Roh Junghwan Yun Pekka Sarkola Alistair Wilkie Pascal Coulon Pieter De Graef Rasmus Ewehag Christopher Eykamp Kenneth Field David Askov Lee Hachadoorian Thomas Hirsch Matthew Hodgskiss Christian Willmes Qing Liu Tarvo Kurm Jakob Lagerstedt Alastair Graham Bjørn Ove Grøtan Heather Hillers Mats Högström Jonathan Corker Nigel Godwin Celeste Dixon Rune Johnsrud Henrik Lund Pedersen Rolf Dybdal Frank Arntsen Jarle Pedersen Jim Jones Andres Kärk Katrin Saul Jonas Saul Pieter Kempeneers Sergey Borodavkin Alexey Klimenko Huyen Lam Hong Nicolas Lavigne Stephan Meissl Adrià Mercader Simon Miles Andreas Neumann Dra_en Odoba_i_ Andrew Terry Mathias Walker Karl-Erik Wilson Brent Wood Luís De Sousa Luca Delucchi Anita Graser Andrew Bailey Adam Burt Richard Hattersley Mark Hedley Clare Hubbard Mappingham, UK APS Maptember 19,20,21 MAPFEST FOSS4G
    33. 33. and you Sabo Richard Everson Chris Ewing Anne Ghisla Jonathan Moules Frank Gasdorf Sören Gebbert Alexandre Neto Pavel Shevchenko Till Adams Bertrand Gervais Neil Harris Phil James Victor Mensing Lara Marx Allart Kooiman Timo Aarnio Jose Garcia Paul Van Genuchten María Arias de Reyna Anton Bakker Juan Luis Rodriguez Ponce Craig Sanderson Ian Feeney Colin Wright Catherine Schroder David Frankland Andrew Fleming Paul Hasenohr Jiri Kozel Jani Kylmäaho Minpa Lee Mika Lehtonen Jan Lindbom Heikki Ylitalo Jane Lewis Jaakko Ruutiainen Klaus Luthje Edward Mac Gillavry Richard Duivenvoorde Hans Fast Kevin Mackay Marco Negretti Gergely Márta Massimiliano Cannata MIlan Antonovic Peteris Bruns Maris Nartiss Steven Ottens Barbara Percy Chambel Rui Kari Salovaara Jon Blower Marius Schebella James Stott Panagiotis Terzis Johan Timrén Ben Tuttle Angelos Tzotsos Juan Ignacio Varela García Christian Wilson Kunwoo Yoo Raquel Alegre Vanessa Bremerich Paolo Cavallini Lars Christensen Julia Altenbuchner Phillip Davis Roald De Wit Alejandro Díaz Moisés Arcos Rich Farren Roberto Giachetta Daniel Buse Lene Fischer Kamilla Aggerlund Andrea Antonello Silvia Franceschi Tasneem Jodhpurwala Luis Camacho Brian Low Gregory Marler Hal Seki Ko Nagase Denise McKenzie Simon Redding Robert van Seeters Jonathan Splitt Bo Victor Thomsen Alexander Coley Paul Den Dulk Sarah Cole Matthew Wood Robert Graham Audrey Malherbe Erik Meerburg Taichi Furuhashi Lucy Bastin Anneley McMillan Jorge Gustavo Rocha Christian Strobl Richard White Jan Boonen Franziska Zander Vincent Picavet Niels Charlier Iain Burnell Emmanuel Belo Pierre Giraud Eric Lemoine Tom Payne Elisabeth Leu Jesse Eichar Yves Jacolin Shamar Droghetti Riccardo De Filippi Jürgen Fischer Oscar Fonts Stefan Andersson Henrik Åkerlund Magnus Larsson Anders Nystrand Fernando González Paulus Janssen Marius Jigmond Flavien Audin Johan Lahti Iván Sánchez Ortega Markus Schneider Marnix Tentij Michelle Walker Rob Booth Andrea Aime Nathan Carr Christian Alfons Sasa Cvitkovic Peter Payne Thomas Finnie Paolo Corti David Vernau Ole Edvard Grov David Martin Andrew Bell David Bianco Jan Kolar Eyasu Ambaye Kruwialis Gael Gérald Fenoy Tamara Colby Ammar Al Shaarbaf Luuk Schaminée Klaus-Peter Schipper Christopher Wood Jorge Mendes de Jesus Lars Schylberg Phillip Dooley Otto Richard Eide Hayan Shin Roualt Even Mike Blom Alexander Nossum Sverre Wisløff Keino Valstad Vidar Brekke Gabriel Mavrellis Thomas Miles Martin Daly Mateusz Loskot Frederic Eichelbrenner Astrid Emde Olaf Knopp Ning Feng Xian Chen Theuns Heydenrych Andreas Schmitz Sanghee Shin Geoff Williams Kristina Zliobaite Johan Bresler Martin Jensen Bo Overgaard Asger Petersen Gregers Petersen Edward Whiitaker Robert Cheetham Carmen Diez Kasia Fedyk Víctor González Richard Hewitt Gerhard Sommer Rudolf Hochmeister Tom Kunicki Eddie Pickle Nikolay Lebedev Thomas Puthusserry Lars Lingner Warren Vick Dave Tong Katharina Berger Carsten
    34. 34. and you Moncrieff Raymond Nijssen Adam Rousell Jeff Van Etten Andrew Cowie Sebastian Block Vanessa Lawrence Richard Ford John Powell Johnathan Garrett Davi Oliveira Custodio Michael Smith Graham Morgan Walter Scott Jukka Rahkonen Duncan Hornby Matthias Mueller Gilles Tasse Alessio Fabiani Fabio Colombo Mkondo Moyo Alan Crisp Jean-Christophe Aribaud Thomas Le Marec Robin Lovelace Juraj Malega Michal Nemcik Patricia Reyes Firpo Chris Holmes Sandro Santilli Stephan Siemen Craig Mills Miguel Torres Tim Waters John Caron Julia Robinson Corinna Ravilious Asta Kristin Oladottir Alessandro Borlo Jachym Cepicky Angharad Stone Jermiane Hutchison Gertrude Madalo Chalira Martin Christen Nils Hempelmann Joshua Arnott Espen Messel Atle Ommundsen Knut Landmark Morten Aronsen Rene Kaufmann Jesper Kempe Jaak Laineste Kingsley Manda Stuart Mellanby Andrew Miller Kevin Williams David Belton Christian Sevcik Ugo Taddei Johanna Van Rosmalen Per Griffiths Manuel Timita Zhi Huang Theo McCaie Rebecca Miles Lesley Challenger Clare Hyde Andrew Poyntz Paul Rogers René-Luc D'Hont Ryang Lee Kang Kyung Eun Min Alan Beccati Marco Bernasocchi Armin Burger Mehmet Serdar Ak Hasan Akpinar Ozgur Balci Serkan Gazel Serdar Sultanoglu Cem Ozkan Dimitrios Sferopoulos Murat Dönder U_UR ÇAKMAK Barend Gehrels Go Sato Colin Gray John Morten Klingsheim John Massey Nacho Moreno Steven Pousty Angelina Rennell Manuel De la Calle Miguel Victor Gil Alonso Eric Kabuchanga Ji_í Kadlec Pavlo Shevchenko Andriy Yeykovych Dmytro Bondarenko Kim Verup Jo Walsh Rob West Sam White Pietro Zambelli Brown Mphalo Scott Clark Vivien Deparday Jorge Arévalo Dale Kunce James Nunn Johan Stålnacke Jenny Ranung Seth Girvin Colin Henderson David Pegg Jan Jezek Peter Long Markus Schaffert John Hewitt Stuart Mcilreavy Sam Larsen Jane Humphreys Lewis Clark Christophe Guisset Jeremy Austin Roger Bamkin Oliver Zeinz Rob Stekelenburg Guy Collins Tim Hancock Niels Kjøller Hansen Hasse Hauch Anton Popov Giuseppe Sollazzo Tomas Krecmer Lukas Bezrouk Jiangshan Ma William Allbrook Andrew Henderson Rob Johnson Mohamed Sayed Frank Warmerdam Michal Kepka Boele Kuipers Stefania Traverso Silvia de Angeli Valentina Cerutti Johan Van de Wauw Mikael Blomberg Paul Wittle Geoff Zeiss Kate Threlfall Jonathan Bowes Michael Gordon Eduardo Gonzalez Latorre Tony Bush Xingyu Xiao Gavin Fleming Andy Arnell Brian O'Connor Matti Arponen Cleber Arruda Ulrich Leopold Luiz Pacheco Motta Yancy Rivera Daniel Morissette Peter Batty Taro Matsuzawa Joachim Ungar Marc Jansen Mike Saunt Claude Philipona Mike Redfern Francois Prunayre Yu Lan Sean Chiang Christopher Helm Mark Wells Juan Marin Tim Schaub Jeff McKenna Georgia Papadaki TBC TBC Ian Turton Philip Lear Matthew Perrin Jody Garnett Mike Adair Andrew Ross Thanh Ha Onome Abara Jasmina Chow Ben Clews Vanessa Hughes Adele Lee Helena Frudd TBC Charlie Ewen Ed Campbell Richard Carne Mark Burgoyne Peter Killick Bill Little
    35. 35. and you Peter Ter Haar Ian James Paul Naylor Peter Controneo John Abbott Dee Davis John Goodwin Michelle Rebello Javier de la Torre Arnulf Christl Jeroen Ticheler Olivier Courtin Frederic Houbie Chris Brown Paul Gager Eleonora Fontana Simone Giannecchini Dirk Frigne Frank Maes Mike Gale Tim Urwin Norman Barker Simon Metson Ed Parsons Lewis Westbury  Matt Toon Wolf Bergenheim Ian Holt Ian Edwards Mark Iliffe Matt Walker Jo Cook Rollo Home Steven Feldman Addy Pope Antony Scott Barry Rowlingson Franz-Josef Behr Abigail Page Barend Köbben Jeremy Morley Claire Gilmour Maureen Nessling Carle Baxter Chris Rhodes Tobias Kohr Marco Minghini Cristina Rosales Peter Broßeit Jui-wen Chang Sizwe Mabaso Fiona Spooner Johannes Küpper Anthonia Ijeoma Onyeahialam Steve Mould Helen Arney Ollie O'Brien Amir Pourabdollah Elisabet Adeva Luciene Delazari Mark Sabin Roberto Santos Kate Chapman Ben Hennig Paul Ramsey Emer Coleman Chris Tucker Edward Anderson Simon Riggs Gary Gale Suchith Anand Lizette Danielsson David Malton Christopher Hatton Tom Timms Radek Augustyn Alex Curtis Matthew Shaw Neil Benny Emily Bowden-Eyre Anders Ekwall David Persson Graeme McFerren Bernard Justus Muhwezi Nuno Charneca David Morris Michael Grundel Adel Bolbol Adam Chilton Alex Elvey Pieter Degraef Oliver May Iain Elder Drew Fong Ivo Gatto Erik Guldberg Joan Peel Hansen Tim Holmes Abigail Rumsey Andy Turley Vlad ILyuschenko Everardo Gustavo Robredo Esquivelzeta Grégoire Vandenschrick Mike Parker Stu Lester Shannon McCann Andy Coote Francois Jouaux Karl Watson David Alvey
    36. 36. Time for the proper stuff