Second Life Next: Dusan Writer's 2010 SLCC Keynote Presentaion


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My Keynote Presentation from the Second Life Community Convention 2010.

To view the video of the presentation fast forward to the latter half of this video:

And this:

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Second Life Next: Dusan Writer's 2010 SLCC Keynote Presentaion

  1. 1. Second Life Next SLCC 2010
  2. 2. ~ My First Rezday....
  3. 3. Freebies
  4. 4. Freebies Group Chat (Borked)
  5. 5. Prims Freebies Group Chat (Borked)
  6. 6. Poseball
  7. 7. Textures Poseball
  8. 8. Textures Prim Hair Poseball
  9. 9. Vendor
  10. 10. Vendor Camper
  11. 11. No Copy No Mod Transfer Vendor Camper
  12. 12. Allows 8’ Avatar
  13. 13. Voice is activated Allows 8’ Avatar
  14. 14. Back Chat Voice is activated Allows 8’ Avatar
  15. 15. Beginner’s Mind
  16. 16. Information Space
  17. 17. Representational
  18. 18. Social
  19. 19. Immersive
  20. 20. Your World, Your Imagination
  21. 21. Your World, Your Imagination
  22. 22. This isn’t Spore. Or a game. Or Facebook. It isn’t SimCity or youTube.
  23. 23. Did you think we were kidding when we said that? Your World, Your Imagination
  24. 24. Fast, Easy, Fun
  25. 25. “Oh, we were just talking about it. That’s so cool.”
  26. 26. Faster, Easier, More Fun
  27. 27. Faster, Easier, More Challenging, Transformative, Spiritual, Erotic, Adventurous, Frustrating, Identity-Shaking....
  28. 28. The Web Second Life
  29. 29. The Web Second Life
  30. 30. The Web Second Life
  31. 31. The Web Second Life
  32. 32. Import the Web?
  33. 33. Understanding Tomorrow A teacher uploads a lecture to youTube. A VP of marketing buys a run of AdWords. A freelance writer scans Craigslist.
  34. 34. Or Export?
  35. 35. The future has already arrived, it’s just not evenly distributed yet.
  36. 36. The future has already arrived, it’s just not evenly distributed yet. (But what if it turns out we have more than one future?)
  37. 37. Prototype Tomorrow Identity Ownership Anonymity Trust Governance User contribution of value Open vs. Closed Walled gardens
  38. 38. Understanding Tomorrow A group of military amputees provides support for each other through Second Life. v=oUt2_C3SKIg (Search: AVESS on youTube)
  39. 39. Veteran/Civilian Dialogs
  40. 40. The Tipping Point Nurses finding new ways to train and collaborate The future of banking Innovation boot camp Energy and sustainability
  41. 41. It’s NOT about the technology.
  42. 42. Use Case Ugh Save money on travel! Skype with avatars! Conferences and trade shows and booths, oh my!
  43. 43. High Level Trends Cloud computing Semantic Web 3D Printers & Manufacturing Electricity and broadband HTML-5 Server-side rendering WebGL Augmented Reality
  44. 44. Beyond the Mouse and Screen
  45. 45. Innovation Space Second Life Shared Media HTTP-IN Mesh Programmable viewer Open APIs - groups, social?
  46. 46. Mesh I’d like to see it editable The implication of mesh goes beyond the world
  47. 47. Second Life 2.0 Flawless, breathtaking service Stability - and not just on the Grid Groups or individuals - that “click-a-link” sign-up Philip was talking about A commitment to IP, land and commerce Shift from centralized planning and development Promote the impact, not the latest widget or LL
  48. 48. What I Learned from Metanomics
  49. 49. The Future of Social Geography
  50. 50. The Future of Social Geography It’s not social MEDIA, it’s social SPACE. Towards a Luddic Architecture.
  51. 51. Game and Play Space
  52. 52. Immersive, Participatory Story
  53. 53. Immersive, Participatory Story We have not yet seen the first blockbuster.
  54. 54. Narrative Architecture
  55. 55. Narrative Architecture Beyond the algorithm, beyond the semantic Web.
  56. 56. It’s NOT about the technology. There are larger conversations.
  57. 57. As a participant in Second Life, you have the right to sit at the big table.
  58. 58. The Courage to Create
  59. 59. What if we could build the world with prims?
  60. 60. What if we could build the world with prims? Is this a metaphor?
  61. 61. What if we could build the world with prims? Is this a metaphor? Greg Howes, IDEABuilder
  62. 62. We must become ignorant Forget safety. Of all we’ve been taught, Live where you fear to And be, instead, bewildered. live. Run from what’s profitable and Destroy your reputation. comfortable Be notorious. If you drink those liqueurs, I have tried prudent you’ll spill planning The spring waters of your real Long enough, from now life. On, I’ll live mad. -Rumi
  63. 63. “There is a river of creativity running through all things, all relationships, all beings, all corners and centers of the universe. We are here to join it, to get wet, to jump in, to ride these rapids, wild and sacred as they be.” (M. Fox)
  64. 64. Beginner’s Mind
  65. 65. Thank you. Twitter: Dusanwriter