Forget your nike and adidas, this year’s cool geobrand is open


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The 4 opens of Geo

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  • Wrong title but it got you here!
  • This Open 101 a quick intro to the 4 opens of Geo which are … CLICK
  • These are very different opensIn next 20 I want to explore how they might be connected
  • Hopefully by the end you may have an idea of why everyone from ESRI to Ordnance Survey to our Government is rushing to become open or at least more openMention ESRI publishing code on open source hubs, purchasing a business built on opensourceOS declaring it’s aspirations to become a more open org both publishing open data and using open sourceIn fact is there anyone who doesn’t want to wear the open badge? Who is the Darth Vadar of geo who want’s to stand up and say I’m closed?
  • Inevitably there are a few catches which I will try to point out to you as we go along
  • Wiki says Open-source software (OSS) is computer software that is available in source code form: the source code and certain other rights normally reserved for copyright holders are provided under an open-source license that permits users to study, change, improve and at times also to distribute the software.Open source software is very often developed in a public, collaborative manner. CLICK A report by the Standish Group in 2008 suggests that adoption of open-source software models has resulted in savings of about $60 billion per year (about 6% of proprietary software revenues and growing)
  • Shout out for the OSGeo FoundationHere are some of the most well known projectsWhy is OpenSource (particularly the server products) important CLICK
  • One reason is because the internet is unpredictableSuccess can mean massive peaks in demandE’g. Met office, weather obsession 15m hits for new service in 1st day – who knew?
  • I wish we could get rid of the Free bit in CLICKFOSS4G ClickOSS is not free (well at least not for the enterprise) – it’s a different modelProprietary = License fee (big upfront) + implementation services + maintenance for new features which you may or may not want + support OSS = Zero license fee + implementation services + perhaps a cost to fund new features which you do want + support No software tax for scalingThe advantage that OSS brings is that it creates a level playing field for service providers to compete on quality and price of the service package
  • Aka InteroperabilityPicture of telephone (thx to Martin Daly)Wiki:An open standard is a standard that is publicly available and has various rights to use associated with it, and may also have various properties of how it was designed (e.g. open process). There is no single definition and interpretations vary with usage.The terms "open" and "standard" have a wide range of meanings associated with their usage. There are a number of definitions of open standards which emphasize different aspects of openness, including of the resulting specification, the openness of the drafting process, and the ownership of rights in the standard.The term "open standard" is sometimes coupled with "open source" with the idea that a standard is not truly open if it does not have a complete free/open source reference implementation available.CATCH - Many specifications that are sometimes referred to as standards are proprietary and only available under restrictive contract terms (if they can be obtained at all) from the organization that owns the copyright on the specification. As such these specifications are not considered to be fully Open.
  • Click onceBrief mention of key standards
  • In a tech sense OGC standards mean interoperabilityCLICK Catch is when it doesn’t work the way you expect you don’t know which part of the chain isn’t working and why
  • The vision of federated data – shared with everyoneOpen Standards and largely Open SourceMention OS role in delivering UK implementation on open source with defra
  • Assume that you all know a bit about OSMFreeOpenUse, attribute Pass on new Open DB license
  • For us in the uk probably not about the streets but maybe about the features, the personal views of geography collected together make a richer mapWarning that OSM level of detail is dependent upon the interest of contributors – CLICK it’s variable but getting better all the time
  • You’ve probably heard about OSM-GBThe bit to focus on here is the 3 Opens – OSM served through Open Standards on Open Source
  • Shout out for Charles Arthur and Michael Cross and Free our Data Campaign started in March 2006Gordon’s day – November 20102 types of OpenData OS OpenData and other govt (not necessarily spatial) OpenData
  • Let’s have a look at the 3 drivers within the public policy agenda for open data
  • TransparencyIt is your dataYour right to dataSee what government is doing
  • AccountabilityAccess to public data will empower citizensPublic services will become more responsive to an informed and demanding publicBut CLICK accountable to whom?
  • InnovationThe theory is that access to public data will open up a raft of creativity within the developer and business communitiesGenerate new applicationsIdentify opportunities for public service improvement and innovationContribute to the growth of an information economy and generate new tax revenuesOverall OpenData must be cost neutral or positiveCLICK - Jury is out
  • In last few yearsOpen Source now part of Govt IT StrategyOpen Source chosen for UK and much of EU’s implementation of INSPIREOGC Open Standards are basis for INSPIREOGC Open Standards are de facto basis of interoperabilityOpenStreetMap grown in 6 years to 20,000 monthly contributors and global cover, OSM recognised as a key source for humanitarian relief and changing attitudes to mapping in the developing worldUK is second best map country in OSM communityOnly 2 years since Gordon’s day (Gordon Brown meeets TBL and has a damascene moment0OS releases bucket loads of OSOpenData8661 data sets available on
  • Thanks to Mark Percival and Amir Pourabdollah for some help with this slideWhat could you do with Open?
  • Why is this all so important?Well like Sir TBL tweeted at the Olympic opening ceremony – this is for everyoneIf we believe that geography is a powerful tool for insight and action then it needs to be widelyavailableThe 4 or maybe 5 Open’s of Geo make geography, analysis and action available to everyoneOpen Source gives us the freedom to process and manipulate spatial data at whatever scale we need without paying a license taxOpen Standards give us the freedom to find and connect to distributed data sources scattered around the worldOpenStreetMap gives us the freedom of a royalty free global map that we can add to, reuse and reprocessOpenData gives us the freedom to see what government are doing and potentially hold them to accountAnd if you want a lot more Open then you should plan to come to CLICK FOSS4G next year in Nottingham running back to back with GeoCommunity
  • Forget your nike and adidas, this year’s cool geobrand is open

    1. 1. Forget your Nike and Adidas, this year’s cool brand is OPEN Steven Feldman
    2. 2. THE 4 OPENS OF GEO Open 101
    3. 3. Open Source Open Standards wn/6715504533/18473/ OpenStreetMap Open Data 34386/
    4. 4. Why does everyone want to wear the OPEN badge?
    5. 5. Catches
    6. 6. Free
    7. 7.
    8. 8.
    9. 9. Open Source
    10. 10. Web Mapping Geospatial deegree Libraries geomajas FDO GeoMoose Desktop GDAL/OGR GeoServer Applications GEOS Mapbender GRASS GIS GeoTools MapBuilder Quantum GIS MetaCRS MapFish gvSIG OSSIMMapGuide Open Opticks PostGIS MapServer Metadata rasdaman OpenLayers Catalog Zoo GeoNetwork
    11. 11. The internet is
    12. 12. Some licensing models seem like a tax on success
    13. 13. It’s not X FOSS4G
    14. 14. Open Standards
    15. 15. OGC Alphabet Soup W(A-Z)S
    16. 16. ESRI talks to Open Source talks to MapInfo talks to Oracle talks to you ormaybe not
    17. 17. INSPIRE
    18. 18. Some OSM Numbers
    19. 19. All you need
    20. 20. Is it any good? But not all OSM is this good© Crown copyright and database rights 2012 Ordnance Survey © OpenStreetMap contributors
    21. 21. OSM-GB WMS WFSData available fordownload/reuse on OSM terms
    22. 22. OpenData
    23. 23. OS OpenData©
    24. 24. That’s a lot of Open GeoData
    25. 25. OpenData© X
    26. 26. Transparency
    27. 27. Accountable to whom?
    28. 28. The jury is out
    29. 29. 8661 OpenData sets!
    30. 30. The pace of change
    31. 31. Now we’re cooking! Open Data
    32. 32. Cooking with Open
    33. 33. Open is the freedom to … FOSS4G 2013 Nottingham 17th – 21st September