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Smoke manual remote loop recording dv


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Eagle eye technology (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd


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Smoke manual remote loop recording dv

  1. 1. Smoke manual remote loop recording DVThe user procedures and details how to make use of this product, and provideyou with detailed information, including the use, operation, please readcarefully before use and fully understand the stupid manual. Please keepstupid book, we want the product to meet your needs and long-term service atyou!This product by CC & CE certification authority such as indicators in line withrecommendations, the customer uses a security guarantee.PictureThis product is a TF card memory external HD 30 (720 * 480), remote videosurveillance smoke, set video, audio, camera sensors, camera, web chat,multi-purpose stored in an out of new IT products. This product is equippedwith high-capacity battery for more than 8 hours continuous video and 25hours of continuous recording, 2.0 megapixel high-definition video, audio, filesare automatically overwritten. Up 32GBTF cards available to work long hours,remote operation more convenient. Concealed, is home security, forensicsbest helper.Second, the instructions1, open top screw cap, insert the TF card, open the "ON" Boot2, with the remote at the front of the machine press the power button boot, redand blue dual-lamp light, initialization is complete, blue light, a long red light,into the standby state.3. (Photo) in the standby mode, click the camera button, blue light, red lightoff, take the picture and save4 (video) in standby mode, click the video button, the red light flashes threetimes to burn out, start recording in video mode, click the video button to stoprecording and save it into standby mode5 (Solo Recording) in the standby mode, click the Record button alone, redlight flashes three times to burn out, into the recording state, click button tostop recording and save the recording6) (Motion) in the standby mode, click the Motion button, red and blue lightsblink after exterminate looked into standby mode in motion detection, movingobjects in front of the machine, move the flashing blue lights about to enterthe motion detection recording, motion detection key in the press, stop motiondetection and automatically enter standby mode to save7 (webcam) before using the software installation CD in the drive, themachine in the OFF state, insert the USB cable into the PCCAM (webcam)8 Charge: The charger can be connected to the computer and charge theproduct in the state of charge, the flashing blue light, blue light after fullcharge9 reset: When the product of illegal operation or other inexplicable reason tostop responding when the toggle switch to OFF, then hit the ON state canreset the product
  2. 2. 10 When the low battery, the blue light flashing or on-screen display is unclearat this time that the charge should be immediately, when there is no electricity,the file is automatically stored.Third, file storage and playbackVideo and other operations to complete, it will turn appropriated ON, plug theUSB cable, the document will be stored inside the copied or cut to thecomputer player, TF card can be removed using the card reader to read thefile data. Recommended media player KM player and other players4, the relevant parameters2000000 pixels pixelsResolution 720 * 480AVI video formatFrames 30FPS72 degree angleSensor camera line 6 mMinimum illumination 1LUXBattery 2200MAMore than 12 hours continuous recording timeRemote Distance 15MRecording range of 40 cubic metersPower 130MA/307VStorage temperature 20-80 degreesOperating temperature 10-60 degreesMemory card type TF cardCapacity up to 32GB memory cardPlayer Media player / km piayerOther USB interface Usb1.1/2.0OS 2000/xp/visat32Storage consumption 1GB/40 minutesCharging time 4 hoursGeneral TroubleshootingSymptom treatmentDid not remove the insulation film does not start, battery charging: Battery isbad: rebootNot charge replacement batteries, replacement battery chargerBlue lights flash to remind the plug TF card, restart the camera, low batterycharging tips, extra file deleted from the card, changing the cardBad aim the remote control receiver operation, unplug the remote controlinsulation film, replace the battery, wait for DV Ji DukaComputer does not even replace the data cable, replace the computerThere is noise or video recording is unclear charging, replace the TF cardOther questions, please contact your local dealer
  3. 3. Note: Power use during the surface may be warming, is normal, if you do notuse the power, remove the power from the socket.Note:Use: Please strictly abide by relevant laws over the shoulder, may not use thisproduct with other illegal purposes, or perilSoftware upgrades: In order to make products with better performance, willcontinue to improve the product software, this product has user-friendlyfeatures of its own software upgrade, contact your local dealer to obtain thelatest version of the software, information, and upgradeOperating temperature: in the living environment of human hands, do not usethe product as a wet work environment, the product does not have waterproofShooting illumination: there is sufficient light in the environment, do not usethe camera directly at the sun and other super-light, so as not to damageoptical devicesCleaning requirements: Do not dust density is too large to use theenvironment to avoid dust contamination of lenses and other components,affect the camera effects. Lens can be used lens cleaning paper or cloth towipe off the mirror, cleanOther matters: The product belongs to sophisticated electronic products,please do not subject it to strong shock, vibration, not in a strong magneticfield, the use of strong electric field.