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Nivea shower gel hd camera user guide


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Nivea shower gel hd camera user guide

  1. 1. NIVEA Shower Gel HD Camera User Guide 1.Profile Introduction 2 Operation
  2. 2. (1) Power key: ON/OFF/Photo/Video/Playback option key; Turn on the camera by short-pressing / Turn off the camera when press 3 seconds; press this key can choose the video files when connecting to the TV. (2) Shutter key: Photo/Video/Playback option key; when camera is in standby mode, it can start or stop to record by short-pressing the shutter button; press this key can record or play the videos when connecting to the TV. (3). The function of the indicator LED light (a) Turn on the camera: the yellow LED light will briefly flicker three times and then long bright lights, said video wait state (press the video button to enter the recording mode). (b) Record mode: yellow LED flash / no LED light, light indicator function can be chosen. (c) Charging: Red LED lights on shows in charging mode. Red LED lights off shows it had finished charging. Please use supplied USB cable to charge the camera. Specification Iterm Parameters Video Form AVI Video Code M-JPEG Video 1280*720@30fps Software Operation system or major audio and video playback software Image JPG System Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista ; Mac os 10.4 ; Linux; Voltage DC-5V Data Transfer Interface Mini 4 Pin USB Memory TF
  3. 3. Battery Li-ion Battery  Notice  Work place: It is only for legal place.  Battery: You need to charge it after it does not work for long time. Video quality: It is not the professinal video equipment, so it can not instead of professional Video Equipment completely.  Working tempreture: 0—45°C,it is better to use in the room tempreture.  Working humidity:20%-80%,it is with waterproof function. Before you enter into the waterproof status, do not put it into water or humidy place.  Illuminance: Please to use it in the luminous place.  Cleanliness: it is better not to use it in the dust place.  Other iterms: It can not use in the high magnetic fields , uniform electric field. It can not be striked, quick hardly.  Notice: Please contact the local selleres if you need any other more inforamtion or help.  FAQ  If the capacity is full, the blue light and red light will shine for about five seconds and power off after it stores the file.  If the power is low, the equipment will store the file and power off after the blue light and red light will be shine alternately for about five seconds.  If the equipment stop responding for unknown reason or wrong operating, please press the A key and B operating key together to reset.