Operating instructionsShoot to be like to start operate: Press the switch press button I second, the signal indicates ayel...
record image a contents automatically, enter again to take photo mode.2. Take photo an operation: While take photo the mod...
disk will be slightly different time, please be patient, this period is best not to press the buttonoperation, so as to av...
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(Hy900)spy button camera user guide


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(Hy900)spy button camera user guide

  1. 1. Operating instructionsShoot to be like to start operate: Press the switch press button I second, the signal indicates ayellow light bright 5 second after, the automatic conversion indicates a blue light to start shoot tobe like namely for the signal.Shoot to be like stop operation: Wait for after being1 according to the switch button, the system isplaced in busy appearance at this time, (please not many times press shoot to be like button or andcalculator conjunction), record elephant while waiting for signal indicating a blue light conversionto indicate a yellow light for the signal indicating a blue light conversion to indicate a yellow lightfor the signal stop, the system save a document to complete automatically in the meantime. Shootto be like the document size and storage to prepare time is relevant (the document is more big tostart time long).Attention: Above operation conversion switch have to be shooting position like mode1. T he mode cuts over an operation:A:Be recording image or needing the machine appearance under, stir the choice switch to takephoto mode, then enter to take photo mode.B:Stir the choice switch to record image mode while take photo the mode, then enter to recordimage mode, stand together record image namely.Attention: While cutting over from record image to take photo mode, the system will keep to
  2. 2. record image a contents automatically, enter again to take photo mode.2. Take photo an operation: While take photo the mode, it is short to press switch once, then takinga photograph, the yellow light is shining once, expressing a photograph has already take and keep,the system continues to be placed in to take photo mode.3. Continue to shoot to be like: Press the switch key once while need the machine appearance, thesignal indicates a blue light bright, yellow light pass, then start shoot to be like.Attentiona. While need the machine appearance, on having no operation after minute, the system will shut down automatically.b. Just while record image, if the electricity shortage, the system will keep first to record image a contents, then shut down automatically.c. While shooting to be like continuously, every after the operation, system auto born new video frequency document.d. T he document saves certain time of the dish demand, pleasing not in the indicator from bluely become yellow process to carry on other operations, such as: Press button, the conjunction calculator etc, The video frequency document that wills cause to record just so can not keep smoothly, may cause born document not complete, throw to lose etc. circumstance.e. Please while have the ample lighting environment, keep DV perpendicular a stability, with is shoot scenery to keep at certain distance in, so will get image of add the result most. Record image the document broadcast: Insure the calculator has already installed to correspond to broadcast software. Use to correspond of broadcast software to broadcast, doubling click to correspond to open can move disk to enter the video frequency document to clip to pick out to correspond to record image a document then.(Suggest the usage windstorm images and sounds broadcast software) Attention: While recording image to broadcast, date record image and record image time of the process to show at the video frequency picture left top Cape up, for example show to 2009-01-01 10:08:294. Continue to take photo: While take photo the mode, again short press button once, then take aphotograph again, and keep. Attention: The document saves certain time of the dish demand, taking photo continuously, theattention press button of the time partition was not proper to lead short.5. Shut down: Be shooting to be like appearance , need the machine appearance or take photomode under, grow to press button, the indicator whole passeses, the completion shut down.Attention: Be shooting to be like appearance under, grow to press button to shut down, the systemwill keep a current image document automatically.6. Link a computer: Be shutting down(the indicator whole passeses) to need the machineappearance(the yellow light is bright, blue light pass) perhaps, can link a computer, at this time,computer is will flick open can move the disk marking, record image the document conservancycatalogue is:*DishMOVIERECORD; When pull out can move disk, please click right descendthe cape mission column and can move the equipments management diagram mark, unload andshould be able to open to shoot to be like the DV and the conjunction of the computer after pullout the hardware by safety.Attention: According to the computer system configuration, or difference, to identify removable
  3. 3. disk will be slightly different time, please be patient, this period is best not to press the buttonoperation, so as to avoid the impact of the computer hardware identification. If time did notidentify to a removable disk, try to re-insert, if still unable to identify the hardware, make sure thatyour operating system, driver, USB interface cable are all normal; pull out the camera, it is best inaccordance with normal operating procedures in order to prevent the DV camera to the computeror damage.7. Charge: at shutdown or standby mode, insert the USB cable, connect the computer USBinterface, if the battery power, then the president of the bright red light, instructions are now at astate-of-charge, when the taskbar right-click the bottom right corner of the removable disk icon,uninstall the removable storage device (Do not unplug the USB line), long press the buttonshutdown and blue flashing lantern has rules, instructions are now under the charge status atshutdown. When the battery is full after a long bright yellow light, blue light customs.8. Attention: DV camera built-in high-capacity polymer lithium battery, no memory effect, can beused with rechargeable with, but the initial use of the first five, I would be grateful if batteries runout after charging to saturation, the maximum capacity of the battery to start, access to standardworking hours. Recommend users under the charge status at shutdown (blue light flashes)9. Reset: reset when you use toothpicks and other non-metallic rigid thin rod was inserted intoreset hole, then gently press the reset button press to complete the reset. Reset after the completionof the machine in a shutdown status.Attention: When the products for illegal operation or other unknown reasons for cessation of theimpact, the required reduction of the products. Reset when you maintain a moderate intensity, cannot be too hard so as not to damage other components, there is press the button felt a feeling I willexpress are successfully reset.10. DV video system time settings: video in order to correctly display the date and time of real-time video process, required the following steps to set up system time DV video.A. In the standby mode, the DV video through the USB connection of computer, DV video untilthe removable disk, double-click the removable disk, that is, to enter the root directory of DVvideo.B. in the root directory create a new text document named userconfig.txt, enter the contents for thecurrent date and time format as :2009-01-01 10:08:29C. safe disposal DV video at mobile disk after the completion of a new time settings.Attention: the date and time of entry must pay attention to the format, date accurate figure with thefigure for a space, month, day, hour, minute, second figure to use the two said in May should besuch as Writing for the 05 express , please refer to the subsidiary of the sample discsuserconfig.txt. If the DV system to set the video time, repeat the above steps.