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Axe men's fragrance camera user guide


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Axe men's fragrance camera user guide

  1. 1. AXE Men's Fragrance Camera User Guide NOTE:before using the camera ,please note this rules ,it’s important 1 you can switch the upper switcher until the camera lens shows up but do not push the cover by force out, it would harm the camera .please operate it slowly the bottle is only for switch ,not for plug out 2 if for plug out reason ,we will not responsible for 1. Introduction First thank you for using our products! The product is simple, easy to use, ideal for family security, education, life and any other areas of essential utilities, by the users of all ages. Please read before using this manual, In order to offer better service, please proper use this product, the contents of this manual may be more variable. Because the product performance and functionality changes that occur will be without notice. 2, the description of the components 1). Indicators: Status Indicator (blue and yellow light) Standby : yellow long bright Memory full when working: yellow long bright, blue light 3 seconds stop working. Memory full when start: yellow light bright, blue light flashing. Charging full: yellow bright Video Resolution: AVI 1280x720 Photo Resolution: JPG 2), Icon
  2. 2. K1, Camera on/off power button; K2, Camera Reset Key; K3. Camera Record Key; A, USB socket for connecting a computer or charger, for data transfer or charging; B, Status Indicator (blue and yellow light). C. Camera Lens D. Switcher. 3, the Quick Start
  3. 3. 1), Operation introduction 1.1 ,long press the “K1” button until the camera is on, the yellow light on means, It’s in standby mode. 1.2, Short press the “K3” button the yellow light is blinking, It means that this camera is in recording video-long 10-minute video about a video is automatically saved, saved as *. AVI format; 1.3 Short press the “K3” button to stop, file will be saved. 1.4, Long press the “K1” button to off the camera 1.5, Access your data/files with your computer with USB cable attached to you 1.6. “K2” button: Uses when the machine does not respond, carries on the machine to reposition, don’t press it during the record process (do not use it when it’s recording, date will loss); 1.7, setting the time, please checks the time set files in the memory 4, read memory 1), the use of the machine is equipped with a USB extension cable, the first link to the machine's USB port, the other side of the body machine linked to a computer link to the USB interface, wait a few seconds (depending on the computer or system configuration differences, identify the removable disk will be slightly different, please be patient, during This period best not to operate the camera, so as not to impact on the computer to recognize the hardware, if the time does not recognize, try to re-insert), the computer directly into the "Removable Disk"; 2), when the unit linked computer, the machine's memory as a removable disk computer has started to work, you can easily see through the computer, transmit, copy, delete files; 3), copy video files to play on the computer, so that even more video playback smooth. (Not recommended for direct playback on the local memory, so that the video player on the card) 4), to be sure the computer system can be safely pulled out the hardware, then unplug the machine and computer links. 5, Notes 1), the use of scenarios: Please strictly abide by relevant state laws, this product can not be used for any illegal purpose, or peril. 2), on the battery: With the increased use of time, battery life has been shortened, long unused, in fully charged before use. 3), the actual memory capacity of slightly less than the nominal capacity, is a normal phenomenon. 4), file security: This product is non-professional storage equipment, does not guarantee the complete line of internal storage files and security, real-time on the computer or other storage device to back up your important files. 5), video quality: This product is non-professional video equipment, does not guarantee the effectiveness of the video file can be up to your expectations. 6), the working temperature :-10 ~6℃ 0℃. 7), camera illumination: a well-lit environment, do not use the camera directly at the sun and other strong light sources, optical components so as not to suffer injury. 8), can not be directly immersed in water. 9), the cleaning requirements: Do not dust density is too large to use the environment to avoid dust contamination of lenses and other components, affect the camera effects. 10), Other matters: The product belongs to sophisticated electronic products, please do not subject it to strong shock and vibration, not in strong magnetic fields or strong electric field to use. 11), disposal: Please note that environmental protection, not free to discard this product is prohibited to throw in the fire of this product, they may explode. 12). if there is any error in this camera, please discharge the camera and let the battery run out and try again. full charge again. 13). charge the camera with the 5V charger only, the bottom USB port only for stand support only 14), Additional information: Do not disassemble the machine, other unknown matters, please contact your dealer.