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Mobile Trends | October 2013


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As we head into Q4, we’ve been working with a number of our partners to help them understand how mobile impacts their business, and how to keep informed as a whole. We’ve had great feedback on the work we’ve done, so we decided to package it up and share. This deck takes a quick look back at how the current mobile landscape developed and where we're headed.

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Mobile Trends | October 2013

  1. 1. @space150 ©2013 Mobile Trends October 2013
  2. 2. @space150 ©2013 Contents / A quick history / The numbers: where we are now / Who’s winning? / More sophisticated devices & demanding consumers / Where do I start?
  3. 3. @space150 ©2013 A quick history...
  4. 4. @space150 ©2013 2007 Blackberry, Microsoft and Palm dominated the smartphone market in the U.S. The U.S. significantly lagged Japan and EMEA (Europe + Middle East + Africa) in smartphone adoption.
  5. 5. @space150 ©2013 iPhone The original iPhone was released six years ago, on June 29, 2007.
  6. 6. @space150 ©2013 Android The first Android phone, the Google G1 (HTC Dream) was released five years ago.
  7. 7. @space150 ©2013 Smart These devices set the standard for smartphones: touch interface + fast connection + wifi + full browser + app stores. @space150 ©2013 Image: 9to5HDWallpapers
  8. 8. @space150 ©2013 The Numbers: Now
  9. 9. @space150 ©2013 billion people in the world 7.1 billion mobile phone subscriptions 6.8 Source: Mobithinking
  10. 10. @space150 ©2013 47% Increase in sales of smartphones from 2012 to 2013 Source:(IDC Source: Gartner
  11. 11. @space150 ©2013 2013 First year smartphones outsell feature phones worldwide Source:(IDC Source: Gartner
  12. 12. Confidential and Proprietary space150 ©2013@space150 ©2013 Feature phones are being replaced by smartphones
  13. 13. Confidential and Proprietary space150 ©2013@space150 ©2013 2000 2002 2004 2008 2010 2012 20142006 2016 WE ARE HERE 0.5B 1B 1.5B 2B 2.5B Personal Computers Smartphones Tablets Global Internet Device Sales So, if you think mobile is big now, just wait... Source: Business Insider
  14. 14. @space150 ©2013 64%of all phone users now have smartphones (Sept. 2013). we are here Source: Nielsen
  15. 15. Wide Reach Smartphones have reached critical mass among U.S. adults 25-54 Adults 25-54, M-Su 6A-Mid 85,000+ sample, 12 Month, Scarborough 2013 Adults 25-54, MobiLens, comScore, August 2013 TV Cable Radio Internet Smartphone 70% 85.1% 94.3% 82.5%85.1%
  16. 16. @space150 ©2013 notice mobile ads 90% have performed a search after seeing mobile ads 82% Source: Digital Marketing Arts Smartphone users
  17. 17. Confidential and Proprietary space150 ©2013@space150 ©2013 8% CHINA 28% UNITED STATES 9% 33% 26% 34% 13% 17% 24% 21% Share of New iOS and Android Activations % of Global Total Jan. 2011 Mar. May Jul. Sep. Nov. Jan. 2012 China outpaced U.S. smartphone adoption in 2012 Source: Flurry
  18. 18. Confidential and Proprietary space150 ©2013@space150 ©2013 70% 59%57% 25% 22% EgyptIndiaSouth Africa US Percentage of Mobile-Only Internet Users UK Smartphones are often a person’s only Internet connection Source: Mobithinking
  19. 19. @space150 ©2013 21%of all adult smartphone owners 60%of hispanic americans 50%of young adults (age 18-29) Mobile First: Many in the U.S. go online primarily with their smartphone. Source: Pew Internet
  20. 20. Always Connected A typical day is increasingly connected: mobile peaks at lunch, tablets in evening 24hr attached and engaged everyday, all day @space150 ©2013
  21. 21. @space150 ©2013 Facebook: As time spent on mobile increases, revenue follows. Source: International Business Times
  22. 22. @space150 ©2013 2.6 U.S. average hours per day spent on mobile phones and tablets Source: Flurry
  23. 23. @space150 ©2013 Apps: 80% of our time spent on Android and iOS devices is spent in apps, 20% is spent on the mobile web. web 20% apps 80% Source: Flurry
  24. 24. Games, Entertainment, Social Account for a majority of our time on our smartphones (Android & iOS) Source: Flurry @space150 ©2013
  25. 25. U.S. Smartphone Marketshare June 2013, by OS Android iOS Blackberry Microsoft Other 0.5% 3%4.3% 40.4% 51.8% Source: Comscore
  26. 26. U.S. Smartphone Marketshare Trend: Google and Apple together own over 90% of the market 0% 25.0% 50.0% 75.0% 1-Feb-11 1-May-11 1-Jun-11 1-Oct-11 1-Jan-12 1-Mar-12 1-Jun-12 1-Nov-12 1-Feb-13 1-May-13 1-Jul-13 Android Apple Blackberry Microsoft Other Source: Comscore 51.8 % 40.4 %
  27. 27. @space150 ©2013 Previous Leaders Displaced Apple iOS and Google Android Dominate
  28. 28. @space150 ©2013 So, who’s winning?
  29. 29. @space150 ©2013 or ?
  30. 30. Android leads marketshare... In the U.S. and even more worldwide Other 7.8% iOS 40.4% Android 51.8% Other 6.8% iOS 14.2% Android 79.0% US Smartphone OS, July 2013 Worldwide Smartphone OS, July 2013 Source: Comscore Gartner, @space150 ©2013
  31. 31. iPhones are used more heavily... Although there are fewer iOS devices, they are used more iOS 62.0% Android 38.0% iOS vs Android Mobile Browser Use, June 2013 Source: Chitika @space150 ©2013
  32. 32. Smartphone Profits, Worldwide Apple and Samsung own the profits, and Samsung’s share is growing -20.0% 5.0% 30.0% 55.0% 80.0% 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Apple Samsung Blackberry Nokia Source: Canaccord Genuity 69 % 34 % @space150 ©2013
  33. 33. @space150 ©2013 1,000,000+Google Play, July 2013 900,000+ Apple iOS App store, June 2013 Both Google Play and iOS App store have a ridiculous number of apps. Source: Wikipedia
  34. 34. App Download & Sales Android leads in number of downloads, iOS brings in significantly more revenue Other 9.0% iOS 40.0% Android 51.0% Other 6.0% iOS 74.0% Android 20.0% Percent of App Downloads, Q1 2013 Percent of App Revenue, Q1 2013 Source: Time @space150 ©2013
  35. 35. Both Face Similar Challenges The high-end of the market is becoming saturated, continued growth will come at scale Source: New York Times @space150 ©2013
  36. 36. Interbrand Best Global Brands Apple and Google are #1 and #2, Samsung moved up to #8 “Brands like Apple and Google and Samsung are changing our behavior: how we buy, how we communicate with each other, even whether we speak with each other,” Mr. Frampton said. “They have literally changed the way we live our lives.” Source: Interbrand, New York Times
  37. 37. @space150 ©2013 So, again, who’s winning?
  38. 38. @space150 ©2013 It’s complicated.
  39. 39. @space150 ©2013 Hard to say who’s in first, but Apple, Google and Samsung are winning big. Everyone else is fighting for what’s left.
  40. 40. @space150 ©2013 More sophisticated devices & demanding consumers
  41. 41. @space150 ©2013 Motion The Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Kinect introduced a wide new audience to motion control, preparing us for new and unique ways to interact with our digital devices. Image Sources: Microsoft, Nintendo @space150 ©2013
  42. 42. @space150 ©2013 Magic Advances in technology and software have exposed consumers and popular media to magical experiences that set increasingly high expectations. Image Sources: space150, Red Bull @space150 ©2013
  43. 43. @space150 ©2013 iOS 7 The biggest update to iOS since its launch in 2007. New visual design and experience, new features, built for the future and optimized for how we use mobile devices. Image Source: Apple @space150 ©2013
  44. 44. @space150 ©2013 Android With Android 4.0, Google focused on the experience and visuals with three guiding principles for app creators: / enchant me / simplify my life / make me amazing Image Source: Google @space150 ©2013
  45. 45. @space150 ©2013 Windows A new design and interaction language across all devices: desktop, tablet, phone, and xbox. Image Source: Microsoft @space150 ©2013
  46. 46. Evolving Visual Design Simpler and flatter visual design, less clutter and visual chrome Source: Techland iOS 6 User Interface Components iOS 7 User Interface Components Image Sources: Apple, Bryon Clark, Taps + Apps @space150 ©2013
  47. 47. Evolving Visual Design We’re moving beyond metaphors and skeuomorphism Google G1 + Android 1.x 2008 HTC One + Android 4.x + HTC Sense 2013 Image Sources: Google, HTC @space150 ©2013
  48. 48. @space150 ©2013 Touchless Samsung’s Galaxy S4 allows you to answer by waving your hand, pauses video when you look away, and tries to integrate with more of your home than ever before. Image Source: Samsung @space150 ©2013
  49. 49. @space150 ©2013 Touch ID Apple’s new iPhone 5S introduces biometric security to the masses, allowing you to unlock your phone and purchase items with a simple touch of your finger. Image Source: Apple @space150 ©2013
  50. 50. @space150 ©2013 Glass Google is working to bring the power of mobile devices to the world in a new way, and asking for help from the community to unleash it’s potential. Image Source: Google @space150 ©2013
  51. 51. @space150 ©2013 Wearable Smart Devices like the Fuelband, Fitbit Flex, Jawbone UP are poised to grow rapidly and provide us with unprecedented types of information about ourselves. Image Sources: Nike, Fitbit, Jawbone @space150 ©2013
  52. 52. @space150 ©2013 Connected The “internet of things” is a new generation of devices that are built to be connected to the Internet and our devices, paving the way for new experiences and possibilities. Image Sources: Dropcam, Tile, Nest @space150 ©2013
  53. 53. Simplifying Complexity Software and services analyze complex data and create simple, useful results Google Now Mobile App Dark Sky Weather App Image Sources: Google, Dark Sky @space150 ©2013
  54. 54. @space150 ©2013 Where do I start?
  55. 55. @space150 ©2013 FutureMobile is changing and growing quickly, build for the future. MediaMobile media outperforms desktop, and is a deal. StartIf you aren’t leveraging mobile yet, you need to. Mobile is an increasingly important part of our lives. Three takeaways:
  56. 56. @space150 ©2013 Build for the Future Image Source: Starbucks @space150 ©2013
  57. 57. @space150 ©2013 Future The mobile landscape is evolving quickly. Startups like Uber and existing brands like Starbucks have aggressively leveraged mobile and are seeing impressive results. Use what you’ve learned from the past, but don’t be weighed down by it. Image Sources: Uber, Starbucks @space150 ©2013
  58. 58. @space150 ©2013 Use Mobile Media Image Source: Apple @space150 ©2013
  59. 59. @space150 ©2013 Ads Mobile ads are a great deal right now: Low demand, good inventory, strong targeting capabilities, and cost is comparable to desktop. Image Sources: Google, Yahoo! @space150 ©2013
  60. 60. @space150 ©2013 Mobile beats desktop averages for click through, interaction, awareness and purchase intent. When mobile specific features are used, these rates are even higher. CTR (Click Through Rate)1 0.08% 0.35% Interaction Rate2 1.94% 15.6% Awareness Lift3 2.00% 5.0% Purchase Intent Lift3 1.00% 4.0% desktop mobile 1 Doubleclick, September 2013; “The State of Mobile Advertising,” Opera MediaWorks, July 2013 2 Doubleclick, September 2013; “Quarterly Benchmark Report,” Celtra, August 2013 3 Ad Effectiveness, Dynamic Logic, 2010-2012 Additional Sources: Adweek,WebProNews
  61. 61. @space150 ©2013 GoStart Now Image Source: Google @space150 ©2013
  62. 62. @space150 ©2013 Start Now 76% of consumers won’t bother with a non-mobile optimized site, or will turn to a competitor instead. Start with the basics, learn, and grow. @space150 ©2013 Image Sources: Visual Trends, Google
  63. 63. @space150 ©2013 Thank you. Marc Jensen, Managing Parter / CTO With help from our mobile, experience, engineering, media, creative and strategy teams.