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Worst tech blunders of 2012


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As the saying goes, pobody's nerfect. And that was certainly the case for the technology industry in 2012, when some otherwise dynamic companies and visionary executives suffered some inexplicable lapses in judgement, from the unwise to the just plain unlucky.

While we resolve to get 2013 started off on the right foot, let's look back at a fee technology blunders from 2012 that all involved would like to get back.

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Worst tech blunders of 2012

  1. 1. Top technology blunders of 2012As the saying goes, pobodys nerfect.That was certainly the case for thetechnology industry in 2012, when someotherwise dynamic companies andvisionary executives suffered someinexplicable lapses in judgement, fromthe unwise to the just plain unlucky.While we resolve to get 2013 started offon the right foot, lets look back at a fewtechnology blunders from 2012 that allinvolved would like to get back. Image courtesy of ddpavumba/ By Jeff Jedras
  2. 2. Apples faulty mapsMany may have wanted to see tech darlingApple get its comeuppance, particularly afterthe vendor dropped Google Maps from itsapp store and required iPhone users to use itsown new navigation service, Apple Maps.But probably not the iPhone-reliant touriststhat had to be rescued by the police from arattlesnake-infested Australian national parkafter getting faulty directions.Apple Maps proved so error prone thecompany did the unthinkable – apologized-and let Google back into its app store. Image courtesy The Amazing iOS6 Maps.
  3. 3. Instagrams license reversal All your photos belong to Instagram. That was the message many took from new terms of service the photo-sharing app that company attempted to force on its users late in 2012. After someone read the fine print – Instagram could conceivably sell your images to marketers without compensation – a predictable brouhaha ensued. The company backed down from the changes, insisting it would never do anything so nefarious. The fact remains though, someone has to pay for those servers. And theres no such thing as a free lunch.
  4. 4. South by Southwests homelesshotspotsAt some point, it must have seemed like a goodidea to someone: give temporary employmentto local homeless during the South by Southwestmusic and technology conference in Austin,Texas.However, while the organizers may haveexpected a little controversy, their initiative toturn local homeless into walking WiFi hotspotsto let conference goers update Twitter andFacebook caused instant outrage.The branding agency tried to spin it as bringingattention to the homeless problem. Sometimes,though bad publicity is just bad publicity.
  5. 5. Facebooks hyped IPO fizzlesThe most hyped IPO of 2012 was undoubtedly socialmedia giant Facebook, and it was a massive faceplantfor Zuckerberg and Co. Or, more accurately, for theinvestors that bought into the IPO, as many companyinsiders did just fine.Still, buying in at an inflated IPO price was aquestionable decision to begin with, as illustrated bythe stock dropping by 50 per cent in the monthsfollowing.Left in the rubble is millions in evaporated wealth, aseries of lawsuits, serious questions about mandatorydisclosure of insider information, and Facebooksreputation. Word is, Twitter may be next. All we cansay is, good luck.
  6. 6. Yahoo CEOs resume inflationWhile Yahoo may be known for padding its namewith an unnecessary exclamation mark, formerCEO Scott Thompson couldnt get away withpadding his resume.After it was revealed his biography included a fakecomputer science degree – padding probably nolonger necessary when one is in the running to leada company like Yahoo – Thompson was forced toresign, although health issues were also cited.It may have been for the best for Yahoo though,with Thompsons departure opening the door forformer Google executive Marissa Mayer to take thehelm.
  7. 7. Oprahs iPad oppsMicrosofts Suface tablet got a big boost when talkQueen and trendsetter Oprah Winfrey named thetablet one of her “Favourite Things” of 2012 and toldviewers she has already bought 12 to give as Christmasgifts. All good so far.But when Oprah decided to take her Surface love toTwitter, the not so fine print indicated she tweeted herSurface love from its popular tablet rival, the AppleiPad.The tweet was quickly erased, but the Internet isforever. To be fair, Surface does still lack an officialTwitter app. Microsoft may want to encourage them to Image courtesy Oprah.comget on that, soonish.