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Southbeach overview


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Overview of Southbeach Modeller 3.0, visual, innovation software

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Southbeach overview

  1. 1. Southbeach Modeller 3.0 10 Minute Overview Copyright (C) 2005-2013, Southbeach Solutions Ltd
  2. 2.  Visual modelling software For creativity, design, analysis Unique “situational improvement” approach Communication, facilitation, understanding Problem solving, root cause analysis, wicked problems Resolve human or engineering design contradictions Generate directions, align stakeholders Improvement, innovation, course correction First tool to implement Southbeach Notation User extensible, programmable rules engineWhat is Southbeach Modeller? Copyright (C) 2005-2013, Southbeach Solutions Ltd
  3. 3. Multiple models in a single file via tabs Drill down to individualelements of any Mouse over model, with no visual previewsneed to open file of all models Reuse models or elements in anyfile – simply drag to canvasScreenshot Copyright (C) 2005-2013, Southbeach Solutions Ltd
  4. 4. Personalities Sample customers Creative people  Management Consultant Problem solvers  ICT Professional Critical thinkers  Enterprise Architect Designers  Requirements Analyst Change agents  Product Designer Strategists  Consulting Engineer Futurists  TRIZ Expert Academics  Data Scientist Students  Innovation Manager  Business Process specialist  Organizational Change leader  Risk / Incident AnalystWho uses Southbeach? Copyright (C) 2005-2013, Southbeach Solutions Ltd
  5. 5. Analyze the model using views and sorts – navigate to model elementsViews and Sorts Copyright (C) 2005-2013, Southbeach Solutions Ltd
  6. 6. Keep notes Select concept „This‟ notes with each or effect to with each model and edit notes model element sub-modelNote taking Copyright (C) 2005-2013, Southbeach Solutions Ltd
  7. 7.  Free form diagrams are  Communicate across open to interpretation disciplines Mind Maps are organized ◦ Business, engineering, in a hierarchy sales, marketing, C-Suite Concept Maps mean ◦ Better understand customer requirements – anything at all internal / external UML is for systems  Drive change in, e.g. implementation ◦ Products / Services BPMN is for processes ◦ Systems Design Southbeach describes ◦ Business Process innovation in any of ◦ Enterprise Architecture these, and more ◦ Organizational Design ◦ Strategy and PlanningWhy a new approach to modelling? Copyright (C) 2005-2013, Southbeach Solutions Ltd
  8. 8. Drag tags to canvas or model elements Edit and extend the tab library as required Extensive tag library supporting many methodologiesTags and tag library Copyright (C) 2005-2013, Southbeach Solutions Ltd
  9. 9. Generates new views and sorts Quick grids provided, or specify your own axes and labels New attributes can be used in creativity rules and report generation Elements Grids, pools inherit and swim lane attributes off models the gridSWOT, 9 boxes and more Copyright (C) 2005-2013, Southbeach Solutions Ltd
  10. 10. Projects large or small Industry solutions Personal thinking Face to face consulting  Modelling, design, ◦ Stakeholder interview innovation, ◦ Expert knowledge capture improvement Workshop facilitation ◦ Business ◦ Group contributions ◦ Engineering ◦ Argument making ◦ ICT ◦ Planning ◦ Design review ◦ Public sector ◦ Course correction ◦ Global issues Driving through change ◦ Education ◦ Project Execution ◦ Science ◦ Virtual team collaboration ◦ Sharing of best practicesContexts for using Southbeach Copyright (C) 2005-2013, Southbeach Solutions Ltd
  11. 11. Show/hide Workshop Pan, Zoom and Cycle canvas, model tools – Wands, Fisheye style, colors, elements to Highlighter, navigation annotations illustrate Pen, Laser tools relationships Pointers Build sequence into the model for later presentation modeWorkshop aides Copyright (C) 2005-2013, Southbeach Solutions Ltd
  12. 12. Alternate list view Preferred of model with search engine navigation and per model element modification Select elements or effects – Web researchWeb research Copyright (C) 2005-2013, Southbeach Solutions Ltd
  13. 13.  5x5Whys  Enterprise  Root Cause 7Questions Architecture Analysis 9Boxes  Failure Analysis  SCAMPER Affinity Analysis  Force-field Analysis  Scenario Planning Argument Modelling  Futures Studies  Sign Diagrams Before & After  Goal Planning  Six Thinking Hats Business Motivation  Ideality, Trimming  Stakeholder Cause-Effect  Improvement Alignment Causal Loop  Influence Analysis  Star Bursting Change Management  Lean Six Sigma  Strategic Planning Choices and Issues  Marketing 4Ps  Structured Concept Mapping  Polarity Charts Interviews Contradiction Analysis  Process  SWOT Competitive Analysis Improvement  Theory of Course Correction  Pros and Cons Constraints Design for Six Sigma  Reality Charting  TRIZ Dialog Mapping  Requirements  Value Analysis analysis  What If?Things you might do with Southbeach Copyright (C) 2005-2013, Southbeach Solutions Ltd
  14. 14. Assist Tools for many common activities, e.g. cause-effect modelling, pros and cons ... Tools areintelligent – only add what is Inserted elements missing automatically are given a meaningful default textAssist tools Copyright (C) 2005-2013, Southbeach Solutions Ltd
  15. 15. Pinning & Auto layout & clamping continuous auto layout Spread and compact tool Control of Many styles ofgraph layouts tree supported Clamping by attributesAuto layout Copyright (C) 2005-2013, Southbeach Solutions Ltd
  16. 16.  Just as a spreadsheet lets you play what if? with numbers, Southbeach lets you play with ideas ◦ Instead of rows and columns of numbers, you use useful and harmful factors, increasing and counteracting influences, goals, risks, contradictions, issues, choices and actions ◦ Instead of entering formulae to perform calculations, you enter creativity rules in order to generate ideas ◦ Diagrams come to life, suggesting their own improvements Generate reports, single click to keep them aligned to the modelCreativity engine Copyright (C) 2005-2013, Southbeach Solutions Ltd
  17. 17.  Simple enough to be drawn by  Shared visual language – hand – table top models cross functional Rich thinking palette  Resolve human or design Communicate complex ideas contradictions Understood by non-experts  Agreement and disagreement Balance of structure and – additive modelling flexibilitySouthbeach Notation Copyright (C) 2005-2013, Southbeach Solutions Ltd
  18. 18.  Useful, harmful, neutral agents Actions, choices, issues, events, knowledge Goals and risks Sufficient, insufficient, potential, excessive, surplus, dysfunctional Historical Increases and decreases effects, plus negation Necessary, inevitable, delayed, accelerated and questionable effects Eighteen effect types, plus user defined Separation by space, time, parts, perspective, role, conditions, aspect, probabilitySouthbeach notation Copyright (C) 2005-2013, Southbeach Solutions Ltd
  19. 19. Embed as many Embed rules in rule sets in a models to model as you need bring them to creative tools life Set a scope for rule matching Click on a Build up your model element creativity rules to generate library ideas Emulate 100s of creativity toolsCreativity Comprehensive manual provided to obtain full benefit of rules engine Copyright (C) 2005-2013, Southbeach Solutions Ltd
  20. 20. Embed as many reports in the model as you need for client work Report is a mixture Rules embedded in of text and reports enjoy the full creativity rules power of the embedded creativity engine Report output is a mixture of template text and Embed report ideas/sentences templates in model derived from the –update with a model, in response to single click embedded creativity rulesReports Manual is provided describing the creativity rules language Copyright (C) 2005-2013, Southbeach Solutions Ltd
  21. 21.  "I really like your software. It is an easy to use  "Southbeach is a superb notation for tool for visualizing and applying all kinds of organizing your thoughts. There is nothing thinking methods. It has the potential to else like it. An hours Southbeach problem become my standard modelling software." -- analysis reduces time to task completion Founder, Creativity Consultancy by days." Strategy Dynamics Lead "Southbeach has an important plus - the  "The creativity manual is well written. The models are readily understood by non- rules language is wonderfully simple yet technical personnel" -- Business Change powerful. It will be interesting to see what Consultant people do with this." -- Lead IT Strategy & "A practical tool that guides where effort Transformation should be focussed as problem-solving  "Remarkable. I learnt more from my proceeds." – Mind Mapping Expert models in ten minutes than weeks of "A very neat tool for almost anything! I keep previous looking." Innovation Consultant it open in the background all the time" --  "I am very enamoured with Southbeach. I Business Improvement Manager use it in group situations. A telling indication (for me) is that most if not all of "I use it every day." -- Managing Consultant, my "project" folders now contain a ICT Southbeach sub-folder!" -- Business Analyst, ITIL and Six Sigma Black BeltTestimonials Copyright (C) 2005-2013, Southbeach Solutions Ltd
  22. 22.  General purpose High quality, professional software Easy to use, intuitive Unique – creativity and reporting engine User extensible Fast, flexible, productive Low cost „prosumer„ Team licensingSelling points Copyright (C) 2005-2013, Southbeach Solutions Ltd
  23. 23. Thank you Copyright (C) 2005-2013, Southbeach Solutions Ltd