Why Zachman Certification


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We keep getting a commong question "How is Zachman Certified -Enterprise Architect" is different from TOGAF or other EA framework certification programs? is there any difference? can you help us in decision making process

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Why Zachman Certification

  1. 1. Copyright  2012 iCMG
  2. 2. We keep getting common questions…Copyright  2012 iCMG
  3. 3. Let me explain in details ( see the attachment) which will give you insight to Key challenges with the prevailing enterprise architecture1 practice Overview of "Zachman Certified - Enterprise Architect"2 program Why Zachman Framework is the basis for doing Architecture3 Comparison of Zachman Framework certification with TOGAF4 (11 good reasons) 9 more reasons5 Sample : compare the number of relationship matrices defined6 by Zachman Framework Steps for certification Process7 Copyright  2012 iCMG http://www.iCMGworld.com
  4. 4. Not sure which Enterprise Architecture certification? NO YESSome methodologies (like If you understand the ontologyTOGAF) tell you to “just (Zachman), then you define yourdo this, and... Presto! own methodology, diagnose yourYou’ve got EnterpriseArchitecture.” Are you organization and implement asure? strategy for addressing your unique issues. Copyright  2012 iCMG
  5. 5. Challenges with the current practice of Enterprise Architecture FACTOR 1 FACTOR 2 Without a complete and enforced EA, agencies run The bigger challenge is that all the EA frameworks the risk of implementing strategies which are ( except Zachman Framework) focus on creating outdated, managing processes which are redundant composite models (multi variables) and call them and buying and building systems that are duplicative, as “architecture” models. It’s like referring a incompatible. Unnecessarily, adding costs to “compound” as an “element” in the periodic integration, maintenance & running the enterprise table.FACTOR 4 FACTOR 3Its like creating X-ray of human body parts and storing it for In absence of ontology several Enterprise Architecturesolving problem in the future without realizing that each body projects end up producing just pictures (irrelevantpart are evolving daily. Unfortunately, current focus is to create a composite models) and go onto shelves never to beset of pre-defined “x-rays”. The capability needed is to able to get used. The sad story is that people are not even aware“x-ray” in real time as and when needed. The focus should be to about it.define & create the “structure” so that snapshot or x-ray can becreated on the fly. Copyright  2012 iCMG
  6. 6. Zachman Certified – Enterprise Architect Programs Zachman Certified™ program was launched in 2007 by John A. Zachmans company, Zachman International.Copyright  2012 iCMG
  7. 7. Zachman Framework™ is the basis for ArchitectureLast year GAO (General Accounting Office, USA) had mentioned that over 65% of the federalprojects have used the principles of Zachman framework. The Framework IS the ontology for describing the Enterprise Zachman Framework™ IS NOT a methodology for creating the implementation (an instantiation) of the object Framework for Enterprise Architecture, the Zachman Framework™, is the determinant of survival in the Information Age Processes based on ontological structure will be predictable and produce repeatable results The Zachman Framework™ is the basis for Architecture Copyright  2012 iCMG
  8. 8. Zachman Certified™ - Enterprise Architect Programs LEVEL 1 Enterprise Architect LEVEL 1 LEVEL 2 Enterprise Architect Professional LEVEL 2 LEVEL 3 Enterprise Architect Educator LEVEL 3Copyright  2012 iCMG
  9. 9. Benefits of certification Sponsors Practicing Architects Aspiring Architects 1. Opportunity to strengthen skills 1. Reality-based learning1. Set a higher standard 2. Integrating theory with for internal and 2. Broaden work and life external performance understanding of experience assessment, industry trends 3. Opening up2. Establishing hiring 3. Use of The opportunities for career criteria, and Zachman advancement and3. Improved market enhanced marketability positioning Framework™. Certification requires taking the necessary Zachman courses and passing of the Zachman Enterprise Architecture Examination Copyright  2012 iCMG
  10. 10. Zachman Framework & Certification - comparison1.Provides ontology of Enterprise Architecture2.Focus on creating single variable primitive models3.Creating composite architecture models fromprimitives4. Ability to create the enterprise X-rays for effectivediagnosis5. Ability to create the multiple solution models quickly6. Understand the structural flaws resulting inenterprise dis-orders7. Number of possible relationship matrices which areexplicitly defined8.Rules for transformations across the models are welldefined9.Relationship between performance measurements &enterprise structure10.Certification Test – Level 1 – objective type11.Certification Test – Level 2 – iCMG Copyright  2012 case study driven.
  11. 11. 9 more reasons why Zachman Certification will matter! 3 1 2 4 6 5 8 9 7Copyright  2012 iCMG
  12. 12. Example – compare the matrices 603 plus matrices can be created from the primitive cells based on the needSuggestions for12 plus matrices Copyright  2012 iCMG
  13. 13. Finally, Enterprise Architecture course which matters Moving towards brighter ideasCopyright  2012 iCMG
  14. 14. Certification process – Level 1 & Level 2 Key points: • Registration Fee includes certification cost of AUD 900 for the Enterprise Architect Associate (Level 1) and Enterprise Architect Professional (Level 2) • Certification requires taking the necessary Zachman courses and passing of the Zachman Enterprise Architecture Examination • Zachman Certified™ status expires after three years • Each candidate in the Zachman Certified™ program, can view their individual transcripts on Zachman.com • Their listing will include their achieved Zachman Certified™ level (e, 1, 2 or 3), if their status is current, along with their unique Zachman Certified™ seal with embedded Architect ID • In case, a participant fails in the Level 1 evaluation, they are allowed for one re-exam at a cost of AUD 99. • In case, a participant fails in the Level 2 evaluation, a re- exam fee of AUD 600 has to be paid.Copyright  2012 iCMG
  15. 15. Check out some of my blogsCopyright  2012 iCMG http://www.iCMGworld.com
  16. 16. Zachman Certified – Enterprise Architect Program 1. Denver, USA Sept, 2012 2. London, UK5. Sydney, Australia Oct, 2012Nov 20124. Bangalore, India 3. Johannesburg, SouthDec 2012 Africa Oct 2012 Copyright  2012 iCMG http://www.iCMGworld.com
  17. 17. Copyright  2012 iCMG http://www.iCMGworld.com http://www.iCMGworld.com