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N:\media\coursework\research 2

  1. 1. Research Sophie Hodgkinson
  2. 2. My film <ul><li>My film is going to have the genre of thriller, it is briefly about a teenager that gets kidnapped and tortured. The films I'm going to research that link with my film are taken, twilight and doomsday. By doing this research I want to find out some methods that films use to get straight to the point in the opening, without confusing the audience. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Doomsday-credits <ul><li>This is the opening credits to doomsday, this piece of text tells us what company has produced the film. I believe by making the background dark and the text bright makes it stand out more. Also by putting the text in the middle makes it the centre of attention. I am going to use this method in my film, as makes it that the company look important and stands out to a particular crowd. Also in this shot the writing has been made blurry, this suggest movement, this would be good to use in my film when I go back into when the kidnapping happened to show a change in time. </li></ul>
  4. 4. Setting the scene- doomsday <ul><li>This shot tells the audience what year the film is set in, normally by using black and white it suggest it is set in the olden days, but as we are given the date it gives us a different perspective, that the film is grim and scary. I'm going to use this method in my film, as my film is going to be modern but I believe by not using colour at the beginning creates a mood And tension. </li></ul>
  5. 5. Twilight- title <ul><li>The title is showed two minutes into the film and when showing it they haven't just had a plain background but a piece of a clip and the title fades in then back out. I think this affect the audience as by using dark colours it makes us understand what type of film it is going to be. In my film I will use this method but with a different background that suits my film. </li></ul>
  6. 6. Twilight <ul><li>In twilight the first character we see is the main character, the audience don’t know she is the main character but by putting a close up on her face gives people the idea the film is about her. I'm going to use this method as In my film at the beginning it gets straight to the point so I want the audience not to be confused. Also in this shot the make up on Bella is very plain and her outfit choice is too, i believe this is good as it tells us a lot about her as a person, that she isn't a girly girl and is very plain. This would work well in my film but in a completely different way as i would like to show that normally the character that get kidnapped, is normally girly girl and wears pink etc before the incident takes places. Then after she is plain and has been affected not only inside but also outside by the kidnapping. </li></ul>
  7. 7. Twilight- shallow focus <ul><li>This shot is a shallow focus, focusing on outside. It gives me the impression that outside is where she wants to be, I think this by making inside dark and just shadows and outside is very bright. It also emphasises that she is moving. I'm going to use this in my film when the girl has been kidnapped and she is in the car as I believe it will have the same affect as it has in twilight. </li></ul>
  8. 8. Taken-handheld shot <ul><li>This shot is from taken and it is when one of the girls gets kidnapped. I looked at this method where a hand held shot is used. I believe it makes it more entertaining as by making it rugged and also not seeing what the two men look like, makes the audience start asking questions. Also this is a eye line view from the other girl it, as it is from outside where the kidnapping takes places it makes her seem helpless. In my film I want to create the impression the girl is helpless so this could be a good way to create this. </li></ul>