IT Excellence Awards 2010 winner - Ilford blueprint online


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Presentation on one of the winning projects from the IT Excellence Awards 2010. The project has delivered a web based marketing tool that provides 3D visualisation of development potential in Ilford. Presented to annual conference of public sector IT management organisation, Socitm, on 12 October 2010

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IT Excellence Awards 2010 winner - Ilford blueprint online

  1. 1. Ilford Blueprint Online Local Government IT Excellence Awards 2010 Supplier Excellence Category Case Study 12th October 2010 Judith Carlson – Project Manager, Regeneration, LB Redbridge a better place to live Stewart Bailey – MD, Virtual Viewing
  2. 2. Project Team Project Board Senior Users Project Executive Senior Supplier Mark Lucas – Head Chris Berry – Stewart Bailey – MD of Regeneration CPRO/Project Virtual Viewing Sponsor John Pearce – Head John Best – Director of Planning Policy Virtual Viewing Project Manager Judith Carlson Project Support Planning Comms. Dev. Property Highways T.C. Mgmt. Policy Control Services a better place to live
  3. 3. Context One of 12 Metropolitan Town Centres in London Designated Opportunity Area in London Plan Major Opportunities Major Challenges Crossrail - arrives 2017 Westfield Stratford City - opens Planning certainty – adopted 2011 planning framework Economic uncertainty Growth in population Demographic change Solution: manage the changes by promoting Ilford as a location for inward investment and development a better place to live
  4. 4. Vision Ilford Town Centre Area Action Plan (2008): ensure Ilford remains a vibrant and attractive town centre where people choose to live, work, shop and spend their leisure time by promoting: Intensification Mixed use development Growth in resident population Enhanced retail and leisure offer High quality architecture and urban design Character areas Public realm strategy Building heights strategy a better place to live
  5. 5. Aims and Objectives Aims: Promote Ilford to developers and investors Capture inward investment Secure development in line with AAP Ensure Ilford’s future health and prosperity as one of London’s leading Metropolitan Centres Objectives: Develop visualisation of AAP Demonstrate high quality development potential Build interactive digital platform a better place to live
  6. 6. Timeline Stage Completion by… Project Initiation December 2009 Commissioning and Procurement February 2010 Phase 1 - initial development March 2010 Phase 2 – ongoing development and June 2010 consultation Phase 3 - refine products and launch Autumn 2010 a better place to live
  7. 7. Phase 1 Products Details Website Architecture Design and build website ready to populate Draft 3D model and Flythrough Build 3D model Develop key sites in Western gateway to Q3 Interactive pilot: architectural model for OS5 and 6 Animated flythrough Awayday in Milton Keynes Meetings and site visits: Invest MK; the Hub; Vizion; Xscape Leisure Marketing Review Develop key messages a better place to live
  8. 8. Phase 2 Products Details Content Development Competitive advantage: reasons to invest in Ilford Market segmentation: sector specific messages Refine 3D model and Develop plate 1 to Q3 flythrough Develop plates 2 and 3 to Q1 Extend interactive elements with architectural models for OS7, OS13/15 and OS16 Acquire and drop architect models for schemes with planning permission Complete due diligence Detailed due diligence checklists prepared for priority sites Soft marketing Go live Consult stakeholders Demonstration at Property Linx 24th June 2010 a better place to live
  9. 9. Phase 2 - Consultation Soft marketing: a Organisation Type series of ten Drivers Jonas Agent Deloitte meetings with key Empire Property Developer (mixed use) players Group Property Linx: Galliard Homes Developer (residential) demonstration of Ilford Town BID Co BID Co Greater London Developer website to a wider Enterprise (workspace) audience from the CBRE Agent property industry Telford Homes Developer (residential) Consultation Frontier Estates Developer (mixed use) Report: key GMW Architects messages and Garbe Group Developer (mixed use) recommendations a better place to live
  10. 10. Phase 2 - Recommendations Key Messages Details Tackling Barriers to Promote infrastructure investment Investment especially transport and public realm Positioning Ilford Ilford’s Top 10 Planning Delivery Dedicated enquiry handling team Managed Development Pipeline and phasing Joint Ventures Public sector land register Market Intelligence Independent market studies Product Development Invest in 3D assets and make more user friendly Marketing High profile launch event, regular market engagement, E-marketing a better place to live
  11. 11. Phase 3 Products Details Website Refresh home page Development Add market intelligence and urban design reports Refine 3D Model Enhanced public realm Refine architect models Add 3D model of TUCA Refine Flythrough New gateway and route Quick flythrough and Director’s Cut Postproduction soundtrack and voiceover Launch Event In partnership with Gateway to London and New London Architecture Commercial Strategy Develop revenue streams Enquiry Handling Set up dedicated inward investment team a better place to live
  12. 12. Demonstration a better place to live
  13. 13. Outcomes and Benefits Innovative on-line presence for Ilford Visualisation of Ilford’s development potential Demonstration of design quality Interactive digital platform for presenting technical information on planning and property Valuable resource for the development industry Eight inward investment enquiries generated through soft marketing activity New momentum for delivering the Ilford Town Centre Area Action Plan a better place to live
  14. 14. Looking Ahead Service transformation: dedicated in-house Inward Investment Team Partnership working: strong interface with sub- regional inward investment agencies 24/7 global on-line presence: one-stop on line resource for developers Commercial strategy: acquire 3D assets and drop in; develop tariff for use of model by 3rd parties a better place to live
  15. 15. Thank You a better place to live